17 Best Brands of Oolong Tea and Its Benefits

Every tea lover has enjoyed green tea and black tea. Oolong tea stands at the mid of black and green tea. It is dependent upon the tea maker that what amount the tea leaves is processed. When drinking oolong tea somebody can feel that the flavors close to green tea or black tea depending on the procedure of oxidation. Although this Tea comprises only 2% of the world’s tea, its health benefits are abundant. You can be new to this tea or have tasted it before; you aren’t alone, many people don’t even have an idea of that excellent kind of tea. To help you in choosing tea; we’ve collected 17 best brands of oolong tea, all different from one another. It guides you about the choice and understanding of the best oolong tea.

Oolong tea is made up of the Camellia Sinensis leaves and is a Chinese Traditional Tea. The making of black or green tea also uses the same leaf. The process of its preparation makes it a distinctive tea. Many tea brands exist that can be served as cold or hot tea too.

This ancient tea has surprising benefits:

  • The cholesterol levels get lowered as this tea has middle oxidation levels. This tea is rich in antioxidants and a normal cup of the tea is useful in removing free radicals.
  • Drinking this tea every day not only prevents tooth decay but bones also get strong.
  • It includes an amino acid that stops glutamate receptors and leads to lower stress levels and has a soothing effect.
  • Our digestive tract gets improved. It has a stronger flavor as it is more oxidized than green tea.
  • Here we present some of the best brands of Oolong Tea:

17 Best Brands of Oolong Tea

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1. Prince Of Peace Organic Oolong Tea-100 Tea Bags

Organic Oolong Tea-100 Tea Bags

100% Organic Leaves are present in this tea. These leaves come from the Anxi District of Fujian in China.

The tea is half-fermented that has mutual qualities of black teas and green teas.

These leaves smell great as they are purely hand-picked.

It has a mild taste and a bright golden color.

Each tea bag is wrapped separately which ensures


2. Cha4TEA 36 Oolong Tea K Cups for Keurig K-Cup

Cha4TEA 36 Oolong Tea K Cups for Keurig K-Cup

100 percent organic tea leaves are used in its production and Green / Black Hybrid Tea is its ingredients.

It’s a package of 36 single-serving pods that may be used for Keurig K-Cups and you may use any Keurig brewers.

This tea is filled with antioxidants.

It’s a small sweet which has a roasted character.


3. High Mountain Oolong Tea Leaves from the Himalayas

High Mountain Oolong Tea Leaves from the Himalayas

This tea is massively grown in the magical plantations of Darjeeling, in India.

Its popular name is ‘Champagne of Teas’.  This is an excellent detox cleanse tea.  It has a delicious taste and astounding aroma.

It is a great help in losing weight.

It’s a 100 percent natural tea and no flavors are added to it


4. Full-Flavored Oolong Tea Bags 150 Pack

Full-Flavored Oolong Tea Bags 150 Pack

This tea contains precisely the same full-bodied and smooth flavors that are present in the conventional oolong tea and you might have cherished at Chinese restaurants.

It’s prepared by using conventional procedures, where the leaves are dried under the sun, and after shuddering into baskets and then dried.

Then those leaves are heated in the woks to prevent the process of fermenting.  It’s a package of 150 tea bags.


5. Super Organics Metabolism Oolong Tea Pods with Superfoods

Super Organics Metabolism Oolong Tea Pods with Superfoods

This tea is biological, tasty and Non-GMO.

This tea has the perfect formulation for your health and wellness including Superfoods along with Probiotics that not only fulfill your flavor needs but also keep you powered up for your day.

This tea can be infused with different tummy-taming superfoods such as Yerba Mate, Garcinia Cambogia, Orange, Rose Hip and Moringa Leaf also.


6. Teamonk Darjeeling Organic Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Teamonk Darjeeling Organic Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

The leaves of the tea are taken from selected areas from the estates in Darjeeling.

The leaves are enfolded gently and these will also permit partial oxidation so that you have the oolong tea with the best balance of green and black tea.

It’s 100 percent pure tea that doesn’t contain any oils, it does not contain extra odor, free from any added flavors and it does not have artificial essences.

It’s a standard Chinese oolong tea and helps with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or stroke.


7. Positively Tea Company Organic Hibiscus Tisane

Positively Tea Company Organic Hibiscus Tisane

This organic hibiscus tisane herbal tea is made by using some of the gorgeous and perfumed calyces of a hibiscus blossom.

The fantastic thing about this is; you can serve it warm or cold as you like.  Its taste is bright and sour like cranberry.

It’s free from caffeine and comprises 100% Organic Hibiscus.

One pound of the Organic Hibiscus Tea will offer you someplace from 150 to 240 cups of the pleasant tea.

It’s many advantages since it’s high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants naturally.

It’s free of additives or preservers.


8. REPUBLIC OF TEA Peach Blossom Oolong

REPUBLIC OF TEA Peach Blossom Oolong

It’s a semi-oxidized tea that’s grown along twisting mountain streams in Fujian province of China.

It’s every cup presents a bright flavor along with an attractive floral finish.

The oolong tea has less than a quarter quantity of caffeine per cup instead of a cup of coffee with equal size.

It’s free of Gluten, sugar-free, zero-calorie, carb-free.  It’s Non-GMO Project Verified also.

Instructions to Drink: Take six ounces of water and use one oolong tea bag with it.   If you would like iced tea, then you must double the amount of tea and put some ice.

Actual Oolong Loose Leaf Tea


9. Pure Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

Pure Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

This oolong tea is leaf loose tea and it’s created from Taiwan.

It’s diverse health benefits for digestion, skin and immune system.

It’s also stated to be helpful for the total body.

Usually, it’s described as in the mid of green tea and black tea.

It isn’t any of these teas yet it provides less bitter and bitter experience.

Instructions to Drink: To appreciate this tea you may take 1/2 tsp or more in six-ounce water.  Only boil water and then chill it for 3 minutes and then pour the water over the oolong tea and steep for two to three minutes and enjoy.


10. Stash Tea White Peach Wuyi Oolong Tea 18 Count Tea Bags

Stash Tea White Peach Wuyi Oolong Tea 18 Count Tea Bags

This oolong tea is mixed with peach with a hot and ripe taste to give you sweet and mildly sweet tea.

This tea may be appreciated as hot or cold depending on your requirements.

And you may make it even more delightful by adding some honey or sugar.


11. Ten Ren King’s Oolong Tea Loose Chinese/Taiwan Tea

Ten Ren King’s Oolong Tea Loose Chinese/Taiwan Tea

This tea is mixed with a touch of ginseng to produce a great aftertaste.

It’s the mild green-yellow hue.

It’s fresh first flavor in addition to a sweet floral aftertaste.

Instructions to Drink: Take 2 teaspoons or 3 g of tea leaves with 5 oz or 150 ml water.   With soaking of 3 to 5 minutes it would be prepared to enjoy.


12. Organic GABA Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

Organic GABA Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

This oolong tea supplies you with great comfort while enjoying this tea, so you don’t need any medicines anymore.

It’s a stimulating tea that you may enjoy it many times daily.

Not only that, but it aids in weight loss and relieves anxiety too.

It’s 100 percent organic tea and it’s free from pesticides.

It comprises 100 percent Camellia Sinensis tea leaves and does not contain any other ingredients and additives.


13. Bigelow Oolong Tea Bags bags

Bigelow Oolong Tea Bags bags

This tea has a fresh and charming flavor that you may enjoy on any event.  It does not matter you make it hot or iced tea, it’s great both ways.

Since this tea is wrapped individually in foil pouches, the taste remains fresh alongside its pleasant aroma so that you can enjoy it everywhere.

This tea is free from Gluten, free from calories and Kosher certified; it’s useful for health.


14. Coffee Bean Direct Sechung Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

Coffee Bean Direct Sechung Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

This tea is made from loose tea leaves of great quality and it includes whole tea leaves.

It comprises 100 percent Sec hung Oolong tea.

The tea leaves are packed for an ideal freshness.


15. ONE ORGANIC Instant Tea Powder (Oolong)

It’s 100 percent organic tea and it is pure and does not contain sweeteners or sugar.

It’s free of artificial elements or any additives.

This tea is certified organic, all-natural and also Non-GMO.

It’s rich in antioxidants.  The fantastic thing about this tea is; you don’t even need to wait for soaking or preparing.

It instantly dissolves when you add it to hot or cold water.


16. Wild Reserve Mountain Oolong Loose Leaf Chinese Tea

Wild Reserve Mountain Oolong Loose Leaf Chinese Tea

This tea is a high-altitude Indian green tea that has a creamy aroma and taste.

It’s the Wild Oolong tea that has anti-aging properties.

It contains a number of vitamins and is enriched with Carotene, Manganese, Potassium, and Folate


17. Harney & Sons Pomegranate Oolong

Harney & Sons Pomegranate Oolong

This oolong tea tastes lovely.  It’s light and stimulating together with powerful pomegranate flavors.

It’s a full-bodied mixture that brews a cup of tea with a pleasantly fragrant together with a silky surface.

Because it’s flavored with pomegranate, many tea lovers will like liking it.


Comparison with Other Tea Types:

As we discussed oolong tea benefits, but have you ever wondered how it differs from other tea kinds?  Here are some of the tea types as equaled to freshwater tea:

Oolong Tea vs Green Tea

One of the primary differences is the tint.  Green tea has usually dark or light green color, even though it is possible to discover oolong tea in light brown.  In health benefits judgment; green tea contains more antioxidants than oolong tea, this way the green tea not only endorses mental focus but also helps heart health.  However, some studies have learned that this tea helps with fat burning and weight loss better.

Oolong Tea vs Black Tea

Some of the commonly known facts about both tea types are: Oolong tea is semi-oxidized while black tea is fully oxidized till it turns black.  Another simple fact is because black tea has is black tea tastes much bitter when compared to oolong tea.

Listed below are some of the benefits of the two tea types:

Because catechins from the oolong tea create fat energy quicker, it helps in losing weight efficiently.  While, very low sodium content and calories in black tea manage weight gain.  This tea contains polyphenols that prevent free radicals and assist with dark places related to skin issues.  While, Vitamin B2, E and C and distinct minerals such as potassium and zinc are useful for skin care.  Another tea kind is a white tea with has generally less odor than black and green teas.

Is it Feasible to Drop Weight with Oolong Tea?

Well there are far too many products and nutritional supplements that claim to have weight loss properties.  I don’t say these don’t work, but you know, going for medicines and nutritional supplements would be to welcome side effects together with the benefits.  However, it is not smart to give up what you eat, well it would not work either, it may make you sick, and you might get dehydrated by doing this, or get other serious difficulties.

However, many studies suggest adding green tea into your diet will help you lose weight without starving yourself or punishing by performing heavy exercises.  One reason for its effectiveness is; it’s a natural and conventional Chinese tea, and these are popular for weight loss properties.  It’s even more helpful than green tea once we talk about antioxidants.  The reason is; this tea goes through fractional oxidization because it’s dried under the sun before other procedures.  So, the antioxidants in the oolong tea aid in fighting free radicals.  Free radicals cause many harmful damages to the body together with gaining weight.  Apart from that, if you’re searching for caffeine-free tea for losing weight, rooibos tea is one of them.

Are there any Side Effects of the Tea?

It’s a pure tea or you could call it true tea that usually does not have any side effects.  But, people should watch for drinking limits in different situations, for example:

If You’re Sensitive to Caffeine

though it does not contain enough caffeine, if you’re sensitive to the caffeine it may not be your cup of tea.  In this instance you should avoid drinking it.  If you see some adjustments after taking the oolong cup, then you should stop using it.

Pregnancy Situation

If a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, also much oolong ought to be avoided.  Not more than two cups per day.  If you notice shakiness, sickness or any associated feeling you need to reduce to one cup or completely avoid it.  Although it’s not about oolong tea but the caffeine content teas have.  Many experts suggest 200mg caffeine is ok for pregnant women, not more than that.

Appreciating Oolong Tea with Unique Things:

The oolong tea has its great flavor, but in the event, you need to mix it up with unique things; here are a few of these that you should or shouldn’t increase the oolong tea.

Adding Milk to Oolong Tea

Oolong tea has its taste that might not taste that great with milk.  So, it’s far better to serve the tea as it is.  If you don’t like the flavor of this tea, the odds are that you might haven’t prepared it the ideal way.  In that way, the quality of the tea you’ve might be reduced

Oolong Tea with Honey

Adding lemon, honey merged with ginger into your cup of oolong tea not only provides you a terrific flavor but also gives a boost to your immune system.  It can be done by simply adding sliced ginger, 1/4 teaspoon of raw honey, a teabag of oolong to 300 to 500 ml of boiling water, here is the recipe.

Not just that but you may enjoy oolong tea with many distinct items such as cinnamon and lemon.

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