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7 Best Foot Massagers Everyone Should Own

If you are someone who works constantly and has a lot of walking and standing involved, you should also do something for recovery to relax your feet. In that case, a foot massager can really help in getting back to the routine. It will relax your feet and relieve your ache. 

After a long day at work, your feet need some pampering because they have been doing a lot during the day. Not just the daily relaxation, consistent use of foot massagers can also offer some great health benefits

If you are looking for a massager for yourself, we suggest you do some research before choosing one. For your ease, we have done all the research for you and all you have to do is check out the best foot massagers list to know which one will work best for you.

It will be too much hassle for you to find online reviews and compare each of them to know which one is the best. We have done the hard part so you can easily choose the one. There are also some great rebounder options that you can see. 

Here is the list of the best foot massagers of 2020 that you must have.

RENPHO Heating Foot Massager 

Foot Massager

Most of the online reviews for this product gave it five stars. People say that this feels so good that they can’t differentiate between this massager and human hands. Any discomfort that you had in your feet is just flawlessly taken away so you get sore-free relaxed feet. If you are facing some severe foot ache, this machine is made for you, after using it twice, you will feel a great difference. You can adjust the settings according to your condition and preferences. It can perfectly fit your feet inside with some more space. So even if you wear size 11, you will have a lot of space left so enjoy the experience without worrying about your feet fitting into the machine. You get three options of high, medium, and low. The foot massage session can be for 15 minutes or 30 minutes that you can choose according to your situation. 


  • Removable foot inserts 
  • Different heating options 
  • Plenty of foot space

MedMassager Speed Foot Massager MMF06 

Foot Massager

If you have some heavy-duty work hours or your foot ache is due to some disease, you need a high power foot massager and this massager is the most powerful in the market. But don’t worry if you don’t need much power, it has 11-speed settings from low to high and you can select the intensity for your feet depending upon your needs. If you just want to relax, a low-speed setting will work for you, but if you have a severe ache and you want to keep the blood flowing, you can go for a higher setting. The highest speed setting of the machine is 3,700 rpm and that is very high intensity. It is not recommended for normal use. 

The other great thing about this massager is the durability factor. It will last longer so when you spend your money on this device, it is actually worth it. The construction of this device is also helpful in many ways, tight looks like a regular massager, but you can actually tilt the device to massage your calves and ankles too. 


  • 37,000 RPM maximum speed
  • 11-speed settings 
  • Durable and high quality 

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

71VKbU7kQL. AC SL1500

This home foot massager machine has the capacity to get into the list of best foot massagers in the market due to the high-end quality. It is not an ordinary machine and that is why the price factor is also not ordinary. If you want a high brand product and you don’t have a problem with spending much, we think this is the best thing you can get for your feet. People who have used this product say that each penny pays off with the quality of massage that is provided. 

You get so many options and a variety of features that it gives you a customized massage just like you want it. Your feet will thank you if you get this product to pamper your feet. From all other options in the market, it has the most high-technology options that will make your massage easier and better. The control panel on the machine can operate all the functions or if you don’t want to bend over, just use the remote control that comes with the device. 

The cloth in the separate foot chambers can be removed and washed. The contraction and relaxation of the foot chamber cause pressing sensations that make you feel like you are getting a massage from a professional. Miko Shiatsu foot massager can be set on soothing vibrations or deep kneading. 


  • Comes with remote control 
  • Works best for foot size up to 12
  • Washable cloth foot inserts
  • Reduce soreness from feet

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

81e2A4MhGqL. AC SL1500

In case your budget is a little tight and you are looking for some low price foot massager, we suggest this simple but effective foot massager roller. It might not look fancy because of being manual, but the reviews show that it has been very helpful in relieving foot pain. The sore feet will be reduced and the tension will be released if you massage your foot on these rollers.

This is a simple wooden machine with impressive results. Some people are out there who don’t care about the looks but want the results to be effective and we promise those with this roller massager. It comes with four rollers and one is nubbed. The arch of these rollers mimics the actual shape of your feet and the ridges on these rollers are designed in such a way that they will press on the trigger points and help in pain relief. Also, the non-slippery strips on the bottom of these rollers stop it from moving when in use. 

This inexpensive, but effective foot massager roller has some great reviews from all the buyers so we suggest you buy it because it can be a smart investment. 


  • Anti-slip strip to reduce movement while in use
  • Simple and effective design 
  • Not just for feet, can also be used for other body parts

Naipo Heat Foot Massager

Foot Massager

This is a ‘not so expensive’ foot massager that looks just as fancy as an expensive one but still costs a lot less. At this price, you can’t get such electric massages or with these features in the market. It is great to be used for your feet as well as your legs. You can get a head massage and without heat as well. This is an intense massager that will hit the trigger points just right and make you feel better and relaxed. The key spots of your feet will be pressed in such a way that you won’t regret the purchase. 

The negative point is the lack of settings, but you can’t complain about that at the price you are paying. There is only a one-speed setting and you can’t change it, but we think that speed option is great for a normal person looking for a relaxing foot massage. You get used to the speed setting and it works well, the sensations make your feet really comfortable. 


  • Electric massager in affordable price
  • Only one-speed settings
  • Intense massager
  • Hits the trigger spots

MaxKare Foot Bath Massager

7176cMii1zL. SL1500

If you want to reduce your spa expenses and want an at-home foot massage and spa, this is the best device for you. It has a warming effect and the massage makes your feet very relaxed and comfortable. The users didn’t expect strong bubbles, but they did their job well with a powerful massage. This is way better than using a heating pad and it takes less time to make you way more relaxed. Just use it for 30 minutes and the results will be better than an hour of use of a heating pad. It’s way better than a pedicure at the saloon and costs less so you can easily get a foot spa in the comfort of your home. 


  • Has powerful bubbles
  • Strong massager
  • Also has a warming effect 

MARNUR Shiatsu Foot Massager

Foot Massager

You can easily control the options or air compression and kneading, heating, air, and shiatsu massage. You can easily turn the heat on and off accordingly. The inserts for your feet can be taken out and washed. The sturdy design of this machine allows you to keep it in use for a long time. The heat and intensity of the device can be easily set according to the needs of the user. The 15-minute session with this massager will allow you to have a comfortable sleep. It feels like someone is softly caressing your feet with their own hands. You can enjoy this device for a warm and comfortable massage session. 


  • 3 different speed settings 
  • Comes with a heat function 
  • Great for better sleep

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