BenQ HT3550

BenQ HT3550 : Advanced DLP Chip Design Projector Review

BenQ HT3550 is a low price UHD projector. It has a smaller zoom range as well as a smaller vertical lens shift. HT3550  also includes perfect video processing and color management capabilities that are necessary for good pictures. It is an upgraded version with a difference in several features from other versions.

Why BenQ HT3550 Projector

DLP is one of the leading technologies that is used in mostly 90% of the world’s Cinemas and 100% in digital IMAX theaters. Therefore it is the leading technology and this BenQ HT3550 projector also has this technology in it. The DLP technology produces long-lasting as well as sharper images in the BenQ projector.

BenQ HT3550

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4K Projector: It has a true 4K projector with 3840 x2160 individual pixels that give incredible picture quality as well as full details. One thing is to be mentioned here that it doesn’t have double HD like other manufacturers.

HDR-PRO Tone Mapping HT3550 is specifically designed to provide a greater contrast to give you Cinematic experience without actually going to the cinema. Therefore it makes sure that the 4K content is professionally a bit detailed. So you can enjoy the cinema in your own home easily without compromising the picture quality.

10 Elements Lens Array: The lens is specially designed and made up of all glass and hence it provides the right level of light penetration producing best color, quality, and sharpness of images. It is one of the finest projectors available in the market.

Flexible Installation: The vertical lens shift is 5% and the big zoom lens enables 100” at 8.2ft in order to set up limited space on this BenQ HT3550 Projector.

A projector that won the Hometheater Award: This projector is highly recommended as it is not only a good quality projector but it also won the best of awards called the HometheaterHifi award in 2019. Therefore people recommend this projector.

Design: BenQ HT3550 has a slim design that perfectly fits anywhere.

Modes: The projector has four color modes, one SDR mode, and one mode for 3D.

DLP Chip: BenQ HT3550 includes a 47-inch DLP chip which gives perfect images. The images are much clear and sharp.

Silence Mode: The silence mode automatically turns off pixels shifting and therefore offers quieter operations.

Brightness Control: It has 5 positions HDR Brightness control levels that are useful in the management of brightness of the images and hence produce good quality picture brightness.

Color Management: It offers the settings for RGB CMY hue as well as the saturation of colors too. It has the best color management technology.

Sound System: There is an Onboard stereo sound system with two built-in speakers too. The speakers are almost 5 Watt.

Cinematic Color Technology: It is equipped with one of the latest forms of technology that has a color-accurate projector with DCI-p3 color space. It not only includes a number of color varieties but also gives you a larger visible spectrum too. Hence it provides clear pictures to the customers.

Remote: The package also includes a backlit remote. It allows having access to picture adjustments.

Warranty: The product comes with 3 years limited warranty for parts as well as for labor coverage too. The Company’s US-based customer service is always available for the customers to guide you every time. Though the warranty does matter the most important part is making the selection, a buying guide to a projector could be a great help to you in analyzing what to look for in the device.

  • 4k UHD resolution
  • It supports HDR10 as well as HLG
  • It is less expensive with all the important features.
  • 7-inch DLP chip design reduces the dark frame that is present around the image to almost one quarter which is a very good way.
  • Best Color accuracy that is less than 3 Delta E for recording.
  • Slim design
  • The lightweight product, therefore, you can carry it anywhere with you.
  • It is very easy to use and it gives you good performance.
  • Good blacks and contrast. Dark letterboxing.
  • No grey border
  • Auto HDR10 mode
  • It handles 3D very well
  • Fan noise is much improved
  • Low light leakage and hence the brightness is quite leveled.
  • Quick responsiveness as well as the power-on mode.
  • BenQ’s default setting for optimal viewing results in quite a smaller gamut. Although the color volume measurement is in control and reaches 105% Rec.
  • Some people complain that the input lag is very high for serious gamers.
  • Outdated user interface.
  • The sample unit has slight focus uniformity and some aberration issues too. Therefore it is sometimes difficult to deal with it.


HT3550 is a low-cost projector and it is a single mid-tier model that is available in the market. The things that contribute to the low cost of this product include a smaller vertical lens shift and no horizontal lens shift, therefore, it is not that expensive like other projectors.

It somehow offers a lower claimed picture coverage that is almost 95% only. However, the video processor and color management have made it perfect for several uses. It offers a good image not only for 1080p but also for HDR too.

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