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Best Alexa Smart Speakers: Which One To Choose?

Talking about voice assistants, we can’t deny the fact that technology has been upgraded to another level. Big companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google are backing some great voice assistant speakers that are more of a smart-talking robot than a speaker. Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker has made its way into the top speakers by launching a large number of smart devices.

This versatility of Alexa Smart Speakers has made it one of the best options for voice assistance at home. If you want to control different devices in your home by just speaking, these echo dot 3rd gen speakers will be the best for you. 

There are plenty of Alexa Smart speakers that you can choose from, but how would you select the right one? Echo dot 3rd gen, echo, echo plus, and even echo studios have so many devices that picking up the right one can be a tough task. 

You might not be aware of the surprising features each of the devices comes with so let us run you through the best picks of Alexa Smart Speakers from the echo dot 3rd gen. This smart system will be a kick start with built-in features to do the job for you. 

Echo Dot 3rd Gen– Smart speaker with clock and Alexa – Sandstone

This Echo Dot 3rd Gen Alexa Smart Speaker is the most popular one because of some great features. It comes with an LED display for time and temperature. You can easily set your alarm by just telling the Alexa Smart Speaker. You can snooze the alarm by tapping at the top of the speaker.

There is a light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the display according to the outer lighting. Just tell the speaker to play your music and you are good to go. You can stream different songs from Spotify, Amazon Music, XM, and many others. 

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) Smart Speaker with Clock ...


  • This Alexa Smart Speaker reads the news, answers questions, and even controls devices that are compatible. 
  • The Dot 3rd Gen Speaker protects the privacy of the owner.
  • Deliver stereo sound if played with full echo dot 3rd gen feature. 
  • Alexa smart speaker comes with over 10s of 1000 skills. 
  • Has a microphone off button that turns the mic off electronically. 

Echo 3rd Gen – Smart speaker with Alexa – Heather Gray

This Echo 3rd Gen Speaker comes with premium Alexa smart speakers that have dynamic bass and crisp vocals as the audio experience feels 360 degrees. These premium speakers are powered by Dolby. You have control over the equalizer settings where you can easily manage the sound and pair your device with any echo 2nd gen or echo 3rd gen device for louder results and stereo sound.

Ask Alexa for the songs you want to listen to and your voice will control everything that is played on the Alexa Smart Speakers. It also controls other compatible devices around your home, like turning your lights on and off, setting your thermostat temperature and so on. 

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker with Alexa Heather Gray ...


  • Alexa smart speakers in each room can help you talk with your family in the other rooms. 
  • The echo 3rd gen Speaker can lock doors, read the news, track your fitness, and even play games.
  • With already 10,000s skills, the Alexa Smart Speaker is still getting smarter with time. 
  • You can improve the base of your speaker with an Echo sub or by syncing it to any echo 3rd gen or echo 2nd gen Speaker. 

Echo Dot 3rd Gen – Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal

This Echo Dot 3rd Gen is popular among other speakers because of the fabric design and small appearance. You can fit it anywhere and the sound quality is far better than the previous Alexa Smart Speakers. If we compare this echo dot 3rd gen with echo gen 2, we can see a big sound quality difference.

You can easily control the Alexa Smart Speaker with your voice and listen to your favorite music from Spotify, apple music, amazon music or Sirius. 

Amazon Echo Dot - 3rd Generation, Grey | Amazon echo, Echo dot ...


  • Ask Alexa smart speaker will play music, read the news for you, tell you the weather, set your alarm, and control all the devices at your home with just your voice. 
  • You can call anyone without using your hands.
  • Any compatible echo dot 3rd gen device can be controlled with this speaker.
  • Alexa smart speaker will protect your privacy. 

Echo 3rd Gen– Smart speaker with Alexa- Charcoal

This Echo Dot 3rd Gen comes with Alexa smart speakers that are powered by Dolby and they deliver crisp voice and high base sound. You can control your music with just your voice. The sound quality of this Echo Dot 3rd gen is far better than the Echo 2nd gen speakers so you enjoy premium sound quality with this one. Just ask Alexa to play your favorite song and she will do the rest.

Not just that, you can set your alarm, kick the doors, turn the lights on, manage your thermostat temperature, and even talk to Alexa as she answers your questions. Her skills are already a lot and adding up day by day. 

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker With Alexa - Charcoal Fabric ...


  • The slim design of Alexa Smart Speaker
  • High-quality sound with Echo Dot 3rd Gen
  • Voice control of the music and other compatible devices.
  • Protects privacy.

Echo Studio – High-fidelity smart speaker with 3D audio and Alexa

The High Fidelity Alexa Smart Speaker has 5 speakers that not just produce crisp vocals, but the high bass and dynamic midrange sound are impressive. The Dolby Atmos technology of this device makes the voice clearer, deep, and crisp. Alexa is always ready to help, just ask Alexa to play music, or read the news, check the weather, or even answer your questions.

The main feature of this Echo Dot 3rd Gen is the space sensors that will automatically sense your space and play accordingly, fine-tuning the vocals depending on the area to make the vocals optimum. 

Amazon Echo Studio - High-fidelity smart speaker with 3D ...


  • The Echo Dot 3rd Gen delivers immersive sound with 5 speakers 
  • Space sensors with Alexa Smart Speaker so it adapts to any room
  • Built in-home hub to control other compatible devices
  • This echo dot 3rd gen comes with Dolby Atmos technology. 
  • It allows you to play Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, and many others. 

Echo Dot 3rd Gen bundle with Amazon Smart Plug – Charcoal

This Alexa Smart speaker includes Echo Dot 3rd gen and has everything you need in your home. The improved sound quality and new unique design are making this echo dot 3rd gen speakers popular in the market. You can easily control any outlet with your voice with the Amazon Smart Plug and Echo Dot.

Alexa will answer your questions and play songs for you. You can easily set up your schedule with the Alexa App and then it will set reminders. 

Echo Dot with Amazon Smart Plug, Charcoal: Amazon Devices


  • 4 far-field microphones allow the Alexa Smart Speaker to hear you across the room.
  • This popular speaker comes with high-quality sound and unique design. 
  • The indoor Amazon Smart Plug uses 2.5 GHz Wifi.
  • It doesn’t require a home hub, you still can set up your schedule with the Echo Dot 3rd gen. 


These are the top Alexa Smart Speakers that you can choose from. You can also check out the Sonos Connect Alternatives if you are looking for a different experience. 


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