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The Ultimate Guide For Best and Worst Dog Food

You might think about how different dog food can be. Well, it totally depends on the manufacturing company, because not all of them produce the best food for your loyal best friend. When you get into the grocery store, you can’t be sure which manufacturer has the best dog food, even after you try them. The market is full of not just high-quality products, but also some cheap products that you need to keep away from your dog. The artificial fillers and additives in such foods can be even harmful. 

Just like human foods, dog food also has some quality measures that all of the companies don’t follow. To find the one that suits your dog best, you will have to do some research just like you do for your own food and other stuff. Even the level of regulation for dog foods is not that much, but still, we have to dig in to find the best one. All we have to do is avoid the companies that cut corners to concentrate the products with low-quality material.

As you know the food that your dog eats will have a direct effect on his health. That is why you can’t settle for less. Do you want your furry friend to suffer just because you can’t do some simple research? The optimum nutrition that your dog needs to grow is the base of your research, you just have to evaluate if the product that you are choosing will meet those nutritional needs or not. 

In order to get some know-how of your dog’s nutritional needs, you can just make sure you know the needs and how to evaluate the pet food label. It might take you a lot of time, but you don’t have to worry about that as we have already done the research for you. Our research was based on the comparison of almost all the products in the market to find the best ones and also the worst ones. 

There is also a report released by FDA that has named some famous brands for using harmful material for dogs that may lead to heart diseases. The investigation is still in process, but we think it’s always safe to stay away from such risk. We suggest you read the detailed report published in the New York Times and try to keep your four-legged friend away from any harm.

Best Dog Foods You Can Get in 2020

So let’s get into the list of the best ones first. All of the dog foods mentioned below will be the finest choices for your dog, but we suggest you choose one after reading the description and features of all.

Taste of The Wild

taste of the wild

This product is rich in a variety of animal-based proteins that your dog is going to love. This product has an impressive nutrient profile that makes it the best choice for the dog. Lamb, chicken, salmon, peas, and sweet potatoes being the top ingredients will surely feed your doggies from different breeds with all the essential nutrients that they need. The grain-free formula has some other more nutritional and digestible sources of carbohydrates like legumes and fruits. 

This Taste of the Wild product is great if your dog is already sensitive to the basic protein source like beef. Not just this, they provide a variety of dry and wet formulas that you can choose from according to your preferences. 


  • Incorporates real roasted meat
  • Variety of protein sources featured in the recipe
  • Vitamins and antioxidants added to improve the dog’s immunity power
  • Grain-free highly nutritional carbohydrates
  • Extraordinary fat to protein ratio



Blue Life Protection

Blue Life Protection dog food

This brand is great for large breed dogs as they require around 25 to 30 calories for each pound of their weight. As one of the top dog food manufacturer, Blue life protection makes sure that the protein needs of your dog are fulfilled without too much fat. To prevent the orthopedic diseases in large breed dogs, they require a certain amount of calcium and phosphorus that this product is rich in. 

There are three flavors that you can choose from to get a protein-rich diet for your big dog. These recipes incorporate the right amount of animal proteins, vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain to support the nutritional needs of large breed dogs. The chelated mineral and probiotics help the dog’s immunity and the product doesn’t have any artificial additives. 


  • Consists of healthy carbs
  • No meat by-product or artificial additives are incorporated
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants 
  • A wide variety of products to choose from



I and Love and You Nude Super Food

I and love and you

If you want your dog to be fed on some wholesome goodness, we suggest you choose any product from I and Love and You. The nutritional needs of your dog will be fulfilled along with a strong immune system. The high-quality protein content is extracted from deboned meat and the mixture of fruits and vegetables includes the real goodness of vitamins and minerals. Peas, pork, chickpeas, herring meal, and beef meal are the top ingredients that make it stand out of all other dog foods. This product is not just for the inside health but is also great for a shiny coat and healthy skin of your dog because of the omega 3 fatty acids incorporated in the recipe. This brand has hired some holistic veterinarians to evaluate the recipes and create them to make sure that the health of your doggy is their first priority. 


  • Consists of prebiotics and probiotics 
  • Omega fatty acids for shiny fur
  • Grain-free 



Purina Beyond Simply 9

Purina beyond simply 9 dog food

In terms of the price, this product has the best one as it provides you all the goodness in an affordable price tag. The animal-based protein doesn’t come from a variety of sources as the chicken is only such an ingredient. Other than that, we can find whole barley, rice, and canola meals to provide the amazingness to your dog. The Beyond Simply 9 product delivers 

This product is a hit among other manufacturers as it provides the best value for your money and delivers all the essential nutrients. To make sure that the protein content is higher, this product focuses on only white meat of the chicken. This way, the product provides all the essentials for dogs in growing age. Also, the elderly hounds who have to fight with kidney problems can use this product.


  • Consists of white chicken meat
  • Contain wholesome grains
  • The perfect fat to protein ratio
  • Has natural vitamins and minerals



IAMS Proactive Health Minichunks

IAMS proactive health minichunks dog food

What will be better for your dogs than the protein from farm-raised chicken? These mini chunks have the perfect balance of iI-carnitine that will help in maintaining a healthy weight of your dog. This brand cares about your pets so make sure that the perfect ingredients are selected and incorporated in such a way that the chewing and eating process goes smoothly for your little friend. 

Just like his inside health is important, the coat and skin of your dog also need to be healthy. IAMS proactive mini chunks provide the complete nutrients for that by the veggies, fresh fruits, and wholesome grains incorporated in the formula. The nutrition helps your dog in maintaining the neuromuscular and cardiovascular functions while supporting the immunity power. 


  • I-carnitine enriched
  • No meat by-products or artificial ingredients
  • Protein content from farm-raised chickens



Worst Dog Foods To Avoid in 2020

Just like finding out the best products, it is equally important to know the worst products of that category that you need to avoid. Especially, when it comes to the health of your pup, you need to be super careful because a simple wrong purchase can end up in his suffering that you would never want. As you know, not all manufacturers and brands create dog food equally and you already know which are the best ones to choose from. You also need to know the worst brands that you should surely avoid so that you are completely aware of what you are feeding to your dog and what the market has to offer. 

So after highlighting some of the best dog foods, we are here with the list of the worst dog food brands that you should stay away from so that the furry friends get all the good nutrition that they deserve.

The basis of this list is the combination of ingredients and their percentage, in fact, all the factual data. The features that make these products the worst are the usage of low-quality and less nutritious ingredients. 

Cesar Filets in Sauce

Cesar filets in sauce

The high sodium level is the main feature that takes this product to the top of the worst dog food list. The ingredients make it below-average dog food and even the protein to fat ratio is questionable. 44% protein is more than required and 22% fat is just touching the average level. Also, the 25% carbohydrate level is below average as compared to other dog foods available in the market. The added food color is a useless ingredient that is not preferred to be in food for dogs.


  • High salt level
  • Questionable protein-fat ratio
  • Useless added food color




81PsuQVNKfL. AC SL1500

Unlike their marketing, the pet food brands that come under Alpo are full of low-quality artificial additives. They claim to create meat-rich dog foods while the truth is way different from that. They say they cook the wet dog food in savory meat juice while the ingredient list shows that only meat by-products are added with artificial fillers. Some of their products were even recalled for melamine contamination. All these features make Alpo a low-quality brand for dog food and we recommend avoiding it. 


  • Contains corn gluten and soybean meal
  • Contains ground yellow corn
  • Low-quality artificial fillers 
  • Meat by-products
  • Artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors added 



Sportmix Wholesomes

Sportmix wholesomes dog food

Not just the low-quality leftovers that are used in this product make it disgusting, but also the harmful preservatives. The fats included in the Sportmix Wholesomes gourmet biscuits are above average and even harmful for the furry fellows. The overall quality of this dog food id not good and we recommend you keep your dog away from this brand. 


  • They use dry leftovers
  • Artificial fillers



Kal Kan Complete Adult

Kal kan complete adult

The ingredient list of this product isn’t nutritious for a dog, in fact, some of the ingredients can be harmful to the furry fellow. They use corn that is a low-quality cereal as with low nutrition for pets, no matter how high the energy content is. Due to these reasons, corn is not preferred to be used in pet food. Other than that, the dry bone meal is not considered to be the perfect ingredient for dogs because of the low digestibility factor and higher ash content.

The meat is derived from different sources including sheep, pork, beef, and mutton that can even cause many allergies due to the weird combination. Bone meals might be high in protein, but they are not a healthy ingredient for the dog food formula. Also, soybean meal is unhealthy for dogs and Kal Kan has a huge content of them


  • Contains Corn and wheat cereal as grain
  • Contains By-product soybean oil
  • Has Bone meal
  • Different meat combinations can cause allergies
  • Cheap plant-based ingredients




Pedigree dog food

This brand offers a wide range of wet and dry dog food options and the marketing shows that these might be the best products, but the truth is different from that. The ingredient list shows that the quality of their products is not good. They use corn as the whole-grain cereal and that is considered the most low-quality grain for dogs, in fact, it is not preferred. The energy content might be high, but this doesn’t work well for dogs. Low-quality artificial fillers are added with high carbohydrate content in the overall formula. 


  • Corn grain cereal that is a common dog allergen
  • Heavy carb content
  • Low nutritional value

I hope this dog food guide was helpful in your hunt for the best food for your furry buddy. If you have pets, you will also find this vacuum for pet hair guide helpful.

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