Best GPS Speedometer For Car in 2020 – [Buying Guide]

The speedometer is basically a device that is used for measuring the speed of your vehicle. It can also be used for boats, motorcycles, bikes, etc and also keeps displaying the speed. These days all motor vehicles use a speedometer.

The new invention on the market is the GPS speedometer which uses GPS software to measure a distance from one location to another. These speedometers are usually very accurate as compared to the normal speedometer.

One of the main reasons why most people would rather use a GPS speedometer over a regular one is its accuracy. The speedometer in your car is not going to always be accurate due to many different factors. These factors include your tire, tread, and even the temperature. All these things will make your speedometer give an inaccurate reading at times.

But don’t worry, in this article we have done our research and list some of the best GPS speedometer for car on the market.

Best GPS Speedometer For Car

GPS Speedometer NameRatingsPrice
SEI GPS Head-Up Display SpeedometerEditor's ChoiceCheck Price
LeaningTech Original Digital GPS SpeedometerRunner UpCheck Price
MOSKC8060A GPS SpeedometerHigh QualityCheck Price
AndyTach ATACH DIGITAL GPS SpeedometerBest Value For The MoneyCheck Price

1. SEI GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer – Editor’s Choice

best gps speedometer for car
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When it comes to choosing one of the best GPS speedometers on the market for your car, I highly recommend going with the SEI GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer. It’s a very advanced speedometer that is capable of projecting the speed of the vehicle on the windshield.

The package comes with a display film, power adapter, the main unit, and many other things that are essential. It even has an adjustable mounting bracket that will give you the ability to project the speed at any desired angle you please.

What I really like about this device is the fact that there is no assembling and installation required, all you have to do is simply plug it in the car’s cigarette lighter port and you are good to go. Another superb feature is that it’s suitable for both day and night. The brightness automatically adjusts to suit the exterior light level.

With this, you also have the option to set the over-speed warning which is very useful if you want to avoid getting a speeding ticket. If you are looking for one of the best GPS speedometers on the market, then this one with a year warranty may be the best choice for you.


  • There is no installation required
  • Comes with an adjustable mounting bracket
  • Brightness is automatically adjusted
  • Over-speed warning


2. LeaningTech Original Digital GPS Speedometer – Runner Up

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Another high-quality GPS speedometer on the market that is certainly worth the investment is the LeaningTech Original Digital GPS speedometer. This complete GPS set comes with a green light backlight display as well as a high-speed recall which is great for boats, cars, and motorcycles.

With this superb quality speedometer, you don’t have to worry about wiring. It has the ability to display the speed in miles/hour as well as km/hour and the driving time and mileage are both calculated very quickly.

What most people appreciate about this GPS speedometer is how functional it is. It has some amazing features which enable the brightness of the display to be adjusted automatically as it as sensors for both day and night. And there is a 3-second alarm beep for over-speed warning.

If you looking for a GPS speedometer that offers plenty of versatility and options, then this is the device for you. It’s also affordable for a wide range of people, so if you are on a tight budget it’s best to check this GPS speedometer out today.


  • It displays the speed in MPH or in KM per hour
  • 2% of driving data deviation
  • 3-second beep over-speed warning
  • Greenlight display
  • No wiring needed


3. MOSKC8060A GPS Speedometer – High Quality

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Here is a high-quality GPS speedometer that is compatible with all moving vehicles you can think of including cars, golf cars, electric scooters, trucks and more. It is a simple plug and plays USB powered vehicle cigarette outlet adapter based device.

There is no wiring required so you don’t have to worry about hiring a professional to get the job done and it displays the speed at mph and km/hour. It even has a clear green color light on the speedometer which does not strain the eyes.

This is designed to keep you safe from the law, it’s a compact yet useful device that will provide you with accurate speed ratings. It’s quite easy to function, and the features are pretty simple to use making it a great buy for the money.

We really like the fact that you can lie it down so that it projects the speed on the windshield or you can simply sit it upright to show the readings on the screen. This is a very useful product and if you are looking for a GPS speedometer that is only made of high-quality materials and has impressive features, then this is the way to go.


  • There is no wiring required
  • It comes with a clear green light on the speedometer
  • Displays speed at MPH and KM/hour
  • Compatible with all vehicles


4. AndyTach ATACH DIGITAL GPS Speedometer – Best Value For The Money

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Our next highly effective GPS comes from AndyTach. This is known to be one of the best selling GPS speedometers you can find on the market. It has a high-speed recall memory which has a digital display.

Instead of simply installing a GPS speedometer that takes up lots of space on your windshield, why not just install one correctly that fits in well as if it has always been there? It can display the speed in miles, knots, or kilometers and its memory recall system will give you the option to find out what speed you’ve reached previously.

The digital display also offers an improved flat glass on it where there will be less sun glare during the day and will also allow you to view without encountering any problem. It’s suitable for all vehicles, all you have to do is connect it to your alternator or battery and you are good to go.

The GPS speedometer can be easily turned on by the touch of a button and it also features a re-settable trip meter, Odometer as well as a compass that is both numeric and visual. If you are searching for one of the best selling digital display GPS speedometers on the market, then luckily you’ve found the one.


  • Easy installation
  • Re-settable Odometer, and a trip meter
  • Easy to read display
  • Speed recall memory


5. Eling Universal MPH GPS Speedometer – Cheap and Simple

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Scooping the 5th position on our list is this high-end Eling Universal MPH GPS speedometer which is extremely easy to install. This model features a unique design that makes it preferable to many customers.

This superb quality speedometer is very accurate and comes with an odometer with a range of 0 to 160 MPH and is compatible with all different types of vehicles such as tractors, trucks, and bikes. It is even compatible with boats and other off-road vehicles as well.

Aside from its convenient placement, you will certainly benefit from how packed with features it is. It has a very effective anti-fogging protection feature with the installation dimension being 85mm.

It even has a stepper motor and a curved glass which are two extraordinary features of this high-end GPS speedometer. It also comes with an IP67 dustproof and waterproof grade. Whether you’re driving during the day or night you will find this GPS speedometer becomes your best friend.


  • Has low power consumption
  • Anti-fogging protection
  • IP67 dustproof and waterproof
  • Odometer with a range of 0 to 160 MPH


Important Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best GPS Speedometer

Accuracy: This is considered to be the most important factor when it comes to choosing the best GPS speedometer on the market. You should definitely invest in a speedometer that gives accurate results and provides precise reading. It should even have a display that you can see clearly both during the day and night.

Appearance: You should pay close attention to look of the of the GPS and the way you think it would look in your car. There are many GPS speedometer that looks appealing and classy, these are the ones you should go for.

Quality: You will need to check various customer’s reviews online on different types of GPS speedometer in order for you to choose the best one and the one that will last for a very long time without breaking. GPS speedometer with the best quality should be very durable, dustproof as well as waterproof.

Price: Another important factor is the price of the product. You should check the price to ensure that it fits in your budget.


There you go, the list consists of the best GPS speedometer for car. The main reason for using a speedometer is to know the vehicle information such as voltage, speed, trip distance, time/date and more. With these, you can even set an alarm when a particular speed limit is crossed. These are great for a safe and smooth ride.

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