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Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer To Get Accurate Temperature Readings

You must know what the weather is because it is very crucial information just like the news. People who live in extreme weather conditions really need to have an indoor-outdoor thermometer that will give them a great reading of the temperature inside and outside of the house. It will allow you to have a reliable source. There are different options in the market that you can choose from but finding one that really falls into expectations can be hard. Some of such devices can be broken down easily even though they give accurate readings. 

The Best Outdoor Indoor Thermometers

To help you find the best indoor outdoor thermometer, we have selected the top products for you. Before buying any product you need to have some research but that needs time. 

Here are some reviews of the best products that have ideal features, performance, and a great price. You should get a home weather station that will provide you all of the essential information and bring on impressive details. Some options that even measure the humidity and temperature of the house are considerable. After getting to know about a top-quality weather station, you can never get back to the old fashion ones. 

ThermoPro TP65A Indoor Outdoor Thermometer 

This digital hygrometer to measure temperature is wireless so you can keep it in even your backpack depending on your convenience. It has a backlit gauge and measures humidity in the air. We think this is the top recommendation for you because it is a really affordable option that actually gives many features that only expensive devices can have. This affordable digital thermometer is very budget-friendly, accurate, and reliable. 

71RRUCTicPL. AC SL1000

TouchScreen with Great Display

It has a 4” large touchscreen so you can easily see the readings and use the screen. There is a convenient factor about this device that you won’t have to remove your thermometer from the wall or the fridge. The ThermoPro device also has a backlit feature to make you see the readings even in dark. You can easily look at the humidity and temperature before sleeping. 

24/7 Recordings

You will get the display of the temperature and humidity on the screen 24 hours a day so you. There will be icons along humidity and temperature to give you a complete idea. The trends of the temperature will be shown and it will let you know in case your house is too humid or too dry. 

Outdoor Sensor

There is a 200ft range in the thermometer set on the outside. You can sync it with 2 other sensors present on different locations that can be monitored from this device. It comes with an extended 3-year warranty that is a very impressive feature of this product. You can hang it anywhere, just like you put your mini trampoline there.

ThermoPro TP65A Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Digital Wireless Hygrometer Temperature with Jumbo Touchscreen and Backlight Humidity Gauge

  • Simple and clear backlit display for easy reading.

  • Pays value to your money.

  • Give accurate measurements of temperature and humidity.

  • You can sync it to 3 other sensors.

  • It comes with an extended 3-year warranty.

  • You can’t get a forecast of the weather.

  • It only measures humidity and temperature.

  • You can’t customize an alert. 

La Crosse Technology C85845-1 Forecast Station

This indoor outdoor thermometer is a reliable device with an attractive design. The bright color display helps you read the measurements easily. You can see the forecast information with a clear date and time. The best part about this device is that it will deliver accurate readings of temperature and humidity. It will also forecast both of these factors to give you an idea of the future. Even though you get for cars you still don’t get the barometric pressure measurements. 

Bright Display Base Unit

The base unit has an adjustable brightness that allows you to easily read the measurements. You can customize different alarms depending on the temperature and humidity. This way you will get an alert every time the temperature or humidity exceeds a certain limit. The limit for maximum and minimum values can be set easily in the settings


This is an AC powered device with three AA batteries that are used as a backup. You will also have to attach batteries with the outdoor sensor. 

La Crosse Technology C85845-1 Color Wireless Forecast Station

  • You can easily read the colored display.

  • Setting up the device is very simple.

  • There is a dynamic forecasting available.

  • You can rely on the measurements of this indoor outdoor thermometer.

  • You can add a radiation shield.

  • It doesn’t provide a barometric pressure reading.

  • Rain or wind measurements are not available.

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