Best Over The Range Microwave To Buy In 2020

Best Over the Range Microwave To Buy in 2020

GE JNM3163DJBB over the range microwave

GE has been working for years to provide the best electrical appliances for your kitchen. These appliances perform well and are long-lasting. This microwave will save your counter space and it is very easy to install it. Let’s discuss the features of this over the range microwave along with pros and cons.

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Size: This is not an enormous microwave, it is approximately 29 7/8″ w x 16 7/16″ h x 15 7/8″ d in size. It is designed to fit in a 30′ cabinet of the cooking range.

Capacity:  Moreover, Its interior capacity is 1.6 cubic feet. It can easily accommodate large dishes..

Power: It has a 950-watt high power setting which is best for cooking and baking.

Auto on/off Turntable: Turntables will shut off automatically when you are done for even heating. So, it controls the turntable operation itself.

Customized cooking control: Additionally, this model of over the range microwave the customizable control over a number of cooking options for the convenience of the customer.

Auto and time defrosting: It has an excellent feature of auto defrosting. You can also do it manually too.

Timer function: This feature is useful to increase or decrease the length of your cooking time manually. People are very happy with the features of this machine as most of the people use it for baking and defrosting the food items.

Venting system:  Furthermore, It has two-speed fans that are removable to reduce smoke and odor of food.

Automatic exhaust fan: The automatic exhaust will detect the heat beneath the stove.

  • Durable
  • Programmable unique features
  • Double speed ventilation system
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect size
  • This microwave is without any sensor.
  • I would be honest and tell you that this microwave is a bit noisy.

Avanti MOTR13D3S 24″ Over the Range Microwave

If you are looking for a strong over the range microwave then Avanti is the perfect microwave oven for you.Then check the ones from Avanti, for example, Avanti Motr13d3s is available in two colors and it will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. This over the range microwave has one too many great features that will make you adore it and trust it as your best cooking companion. You might also like to read our in-depth write up on Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

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Material: The design consists of stainless steel and it looks really nice because of the perfect finish.

Capacity: The total capacity of this microwave oven is 1.3 CF.

Power: It uses 1000 watts of cooking power and it provides the user 10 power levels to cook the food conveniently.

Venting System: Moreover, This over the range microwave has two-speed ventilation fans. Ventilation fans are very important for the proper functioning of the microwave. Whenever the microwave gets heated up the ventilation fans will help to cool it down.

Rotating turntable: The rotating turntable is a very important feature of this microwave as it ensures that the food heats up nicely from all the sides. In short,  a rotating turntable is very important if you are baking a cake as all the sides will heat up moderately from the edges as well as on the top.

Child safety lock: Everyone wants to protect their children from electrical appliances. This over the range oven provides the customers with a child safety lock that is a very important feature for the safety of the children under the age of 5.

  • Durable as Avanti over the range microwave made up of stainless steel.
  • Perfect finishing which will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.
  • Safety locks for children allow you to work with ease.
  • Ten power levels are very efficient for the proper cooking of different food items.
  • It provides a large cooking space.
  • This over the range microwave is liked by many people but some of the customers complain about the voltage issues. People say that these issues arise after a few months of using this microwave.

Frigidaire FGMV176NTF 30″ Gallery Series Over the Range Microwave

Frigidaire has been providing household electrical appliances for many years. They deliver excellent quality electrical appliances. They have introduced a new over the range microwave that is exceptionally stylish in design. It provides you with the best qualities that are not available anywhere in the market. The features of this incredible over the range microwave are mentioned below.

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Material: Firigdaire Over the range microwave is made up of stainless steel. Its sturdy design makes it the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Adjustable power levels: This microwave allows you to adjust the power to 9 different levels automatically.

Cooking Power: The approximate cooking power of this microwave is 1000 watt.

Cooking Sensor: Frigidaire over the range microwave has a built-in cooking sensor that allows you to alternate the cooking time and speed at the same time. A number of over the range microwave does not have this feature. Therefore this is one of the best features of this machine.

Ventilation fans: It has 2 ventilation fans that help to keep the smoke and food odors away.

Size: It is approximately 30×16.4×15 inches.

Capacity: The total capacity of Frigidaire over the range microwave is 1.7 cubic feet.

LED lights: Inside this microwave are LED lights that light up the cooking area which makes it easy for the user to see the dishes while cooking.

Reheat button:  The reheat button will allow you to reheat your food instantly before serving.

Adjustable settings: There are 30 setting options that will allow you to cook everything ranging from the easiest snacks to the whole chicken meal. Most of the customers buy it because of this feature as it helps them to cook everything.

  • Strong stainless steel design.
  • Powerful interior LED lighting.
  • The smooth interior surface makes it very easy to clean
  • Different cooking options
  • Specially designed space-wise rack
  • Automatic adjusting power levels.
  • The advanced design of this microwave makes it difficult to install. People complain about the hardware components and the things needed to make holes were not properly available to few customers. Otherwise, the people who have been using these products found it very easy to install.


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