Best Shark Ion Robot Vacuum To Buy In 2020

Best Shark Ion Robot Vacuum To Buy in 2020

Today we will discuss about robotic vacuums such as Shark Iron Robot Vacuum and Shark IQ robot vaucum. It is the dream of a lazy person to have a robot in your house looking for all the dust and dirt and clean it off. Just remember how much technology has grown, and that is how this dream can be fulfilled. All you need is a shark ion robot vacuum cleaner in your life.

When we want something perfect for ourselves, we can’t try all of them to find the one. Buying a robot shark ion robot vacuum and regretting afterward can be hard because it costs a lot of money. This is not something we go shopping for every day. A robot vacuum can be a once in a decade purchase and that is why it needs to be done wisely.

As we already cleared up the point that you can’t buy all of them to know which one is the best, but you can do some research. Knowing about all the features that you are looking for can help a lot in choosing one perfect vacuum. For that, you must know what matters in a vacuum cleaner. To give you a know-how and tell you if the vacuum is for you or not, we have mentioned some of the best shark ion robot vacuums with all the detailed features.

Shark ION Robot Vacuum R85 

The heavy-duty Shark Ion robot vacuum with powerful suction capability can be connected to WiFi and controlled with just your voice through Google Assistant or Alexa. The high performing machine has an extra-large capacity to suck all the dirt and the technologically advanced sensors help it move just right for the daily cleaning. 

Shark ion robot vacuum r85

The main purpose of the design was to get rid of pet hair without any worries and it works best on carpets and floors. R85 comes with a large dustbin and the suction power is 3x more than the previous model. You can easily get new updates and schedule a cleanup on Shark Ion robotic vacuum. The best part is that you can just talk to Alexa or Google Assistant, and your little vacuum boy will be at work already. 

The navigation sensor 2.0 is an advanced technology with a sensitive navigation system on the Shark Ion robot vacuum. It helps it locate any objects in the way and clean while working around the obstacles. There is a self-cleaning brush inside the vacuum with a dual-edge to capture pet hair, dirt, and any allergens in your home. When the vacuum is cleaning up, there will be no interruption because of the big XL dustbin with 0.7 qt capacity.

Talking about the whole packaging of the Shark Ion Robot vacuum, you get the shark ion robot vacuum, a charger, a bot-boundary strip that is 8 ft long, Li-ion battery, side brushes, and filters of Shark robotic vacuum.

Pros and Cons of Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R85

  • Works pretty well for pet hair.
  • 3x better than the Shark Ion R75 model.
  • Suction capacity and airflow is a variable that makes the debris less flung across the floor.
  • Old boundary markers used that need to be set manually to set a limit for the robot.
  • Thick carpets can be hard to clean, especially if the debris is finer.

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum 

The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum has the most advanced features including the self-clearing basement. The device connects the WiFi and maps your house for a clear idea of all the hurdles and where to clean. It comes with a big dust bin to hold all the dirt without interruption. It can store more than 30 days of dust and dirt from your house so you can easily forget about cleaning up the Shark IQ robot vacuum vacuum for a whole month.

Shark IQ Robot™ Vacuum R101, Wi-Fi, Home Mapping & Reviews

The suction capacity of the shark IQ robot vacuum can’t be beaten by any other device in the market at the same price range. No matter if the debris is large, or very fine, it will find all the particles and clean up your house.

All the pet hair from the carpets and dirt from the floors will be cleared up. You don’t have to worry about all the pet hair wrapped around the brush because it has a self-cleaning capacity and removes all the wrap from itself. You can schedule a clean up prior to the certain areas you would like to be clean. Just up your voice and talk to Alexa or Google Assistant to tell them for cleanup and they will set the vacuum for a timely process. It will have a complete map of your house and you get an option to choose the rooms that you want to clean now and it will only work on them. 

Pros and Cons of Shark IQ Robot Vacuum

  • They automatically clear up the basement and cleans it up.

  • The suction capacity is powerful and heavy-duty of the Shark IQ robot vacuum.

  • It has home mapping features so you can choose the rooms for cleanup.

  • Comes at a reasonable price for such great features.

  • The operation of the vacuum can be loud.

  • The robot actually takes a week to get familiar with the surroundings.


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