Best Tai Chi Shoes in 2020 – Top Rated Shoes on the Market

Choosing the best tai chi is very important when it comes to training because using the wrong shoes while practicing can lead to injury.

Tai chi is a martial art practice that helps in self-defense and health benefits. These exercises are designed to reduce stress, improve blood circulation, build strength, improve energy flow and help to relax your mind.

Choosing the right tai chi for your needs can be a bit challenging because there are many different tai chi shoes to choose from and many of them seem to be of no use. This is why we have put together a list of the best tai chi shoes on the market to help you make a precise decision.

Best Tai Chi Shoes

Tai Chi Shoes NameRatingsPrice
Tiger Claw Martial Art ShoesEditor's ChoiceCheck Price
Adidas Taekwondo Adilux ShoesPopular BrandCheck Price
UNOW Chinese Traditional Cloth Kung Fu ShoesHigh QualityCheck Price
Ace Martial Arts SupplyGreat For BeginnersCheck Price

1. Tiger Claw Martial Art Shoes – Editor’s Choice

best Tai Chi Shoes
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This is one of the best tai chi or martial arts shoes you can find on the market for the money. If you are serious about practicing tai chi why not wear something close to what the original masters wore? Investing in a pair of Tiger Claw Martial Art Shoes is the closest you will get.

It’s made of soft and durable leather that makes the shoes very comfortable to wear. It also has a rubber sole that will provide you with a better grip on the floor. These shoes will make things much easier for you, allowing you to easily slide from one position to the next and complete all your forms in training with ease.

Not only is these Tiger Claw Martial Art Shoes great for tai chi practicing, but also good for some other martial arts purposes like Kung Fu. These will certainly leave a good impression, you will also get a carrying case for moving around with them easily.

When it comes to tai chi shoes it’s a bit hard to get the right fit, but some consumers have reported accurate sizing from this producer, which is one of the most important factors when you are shopping for anything wearable online.

We love the fact that there are many monks and masters that have approved these shoes and also wear them regularly during tai chi activities. If you are looking for tai chi shoes for an affordable price then this high-quality pair can be your best bet.


2. Adidas Taekwondo Adilux Shoes – Popular Brand

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This is one of the best selling shoes for tai chi and has been manufactured by one of the most popular shoe brands on the market. If you are serious about practicing this Adidas Taekwondo Adilux is a great pick.

We really like the fact that these shoes are lightweight, well designed with a great grip and a torsion aspect of the sole that’s composed of three parts in order to support the middle area of the foot.

Also, these shoes look a lot better than typical tai chi shoes that make it more versatile. However, there is a downside that may prevent people from purchasing these shoes. While Adidas is one of the biggest brands in the world that usually fits comfortably, the sizing of these shoes is unreliable. So you would have to look closely at the size chart when purchasing these high-quality shoes.

These are ideal for practicing indoors, but they can also be used outdoors on non-abrasive surfaces like grass or dirt. The Adidas Taekwondo Adilux is totally worth the investment even though they are a bit costly compared to other brands.


3. UNOW Chinese Traditional Kung Fu Shoes – High Quality

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This is a high-quality tai chi shoes that come with a cloth upper, along with a cotton lining and a rubber sole that prevents slipping which is great for training and everyday activities.

It is extremely lightweight and comfortable as well as inexpensive which makes it a great fit for those on a tight budget yet looking for a shoe that’s made of high-quality materials.

These shoes are more geared towards people who want to stick with traditional roots. The UNOW Chinese Traditional Kung Fu Shoes can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities, this style of shoes has been in use by those who practice traditional Chinese and Japanese sports for 3000+ years.

It is also breathable and with these, you should have an easy time cleaning it as it can be machine washed. It is known to be one of the bestselling shoes available because it does get the job done.


4. Ace Martial Arts Supply – Great For Beginners

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Last on our list is this Ace Martial Arts Supply. It is very soft and breathable ensuring comfort at all times. The upper is black canvas material with a non-slip design and it has a reinforced cotton sole that makes it suitable for only indoor training. All these features will help you to perform better at tai chi.

What makes these shoes stand out from the rest is the variety of sizes and prices that you can choose between when making a purchase. It is made to be very easy to wear and you can have it on and off easily.

You shouldn’t experience any difficulty cleaning these shoes as it can be easily machine washed. The ability to easily throw your shoes in the washing machine after extended use and have them come out fresh and ready to use again is extremely useful when related to a sport that can be quite competitive.

With these, I strongly believe you will get your money’s worth as it is very durable and comfortable at the same time. We can guarantee that this is what you really need for your tai chi training.



We really hope you find this article helpful. If you are serious about practicing tai chi, then getting shoes is very important. As you can see Tai chi is a very inexpensive hobby which doesn’t take much to get started. The list above consists of our top recommendation of the best tai chi shoes on the market. Even if you are on a tight budget, you should still be able to invest because most of the shoes are very affordable.

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