Black and Decker BV6600 – Best Leaf Blower Review

The autumn season is near which means you will be seeing a lot of different color leaves on the trees which is a sign that they are all about to fall to the ground soon. When that happens, you must clear them out before they become too hard to blow.

That’s where having a high-quality leaf blower and mulcher comes into play. This Black & Decker BV6600 Leaf Blower is a high performance three in one tool that has the ability to maintain your yard in the autumn months. Maintaining your yard should be a lot easier since this machine is capable of mulching, vacuum and blowing your leaves with ease.

Black and Decker BV6600

Black and Decker BV6600
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This is widely known to be one of the most trusted companies in the world which were founded by two young entrepreneurs around 100 years ago. I can guarantee that if you are familiar with power tools or garden you must have seen this brand already.

The Black & Decker BV6600 is a impressive equipment as we all expected from this popular brand and does a pretty decent job as well. The Black & Decker BV6600 also provides you with flexibility and one of them is being cordless which means you can actually move it around with ease.

As mentioned above with this machine you will be able to blow, vacuum and mulch. This highly powerful machine is not only capable of gathering fallen leaves and debris in the yard, but also vacuum it with ease, shred it into many pieces and collect it in a reusable bag which can be easily emptied once everything is finished.

It doesn’t matter how many trees you have in your yard. This machine will surely work without any interruption.

We really like the design of this machine, it is a compact machine with an ergonomically designed handle making it easy to use with both single handed or double-handed use. The machine comes at a weight of 8.1 lbs which is a bit lightweight compared to other models out there on the market.

Because of how lightweight this machine is, you can easily hang it to your shoulder with the strap that comes with it and actually carried it around for long working hours. It proves to be an easily maneuvered equipment, putting as little strain on the user as possible.

The Black and Decker BV6600 has a powerful 250 amp motor that is capable of generating an air blow with a speed of 140 to 250mph with two-speed cruise control. The leaf vacuum also has a capacity of churning up 400 cubic feet of air per minute which is impressive.

Usually, these machines are very loud when operating but this Black Decker BV6600 is about 50% quieter than most other machines available in the market.


Important Features

  • 12 amp 3-in-1 blower, vacuum, and mulcher
  • A maximum speed of 250 mph with two speed cruise control
  • It’s both cordless and electric
  • Capable of mulching 16 bags of debris down to 1
  • Can be easily switched from blower to vacuum/mulched
  • Noise: 68 dBA
  • Weight: 8.1 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years

Disadvantages: Black and Decker BV6600

Even though this machine comes with a shoulder strap a lot of people still complain that it is heavy. Depending on how long you will be using the machine it may get a bit heavy overtime forcing you to take some breaks.

Some people even complain that the metal fan for mulching should have been a bit bigger. They said that because of its size it tends to make the leaves clog up more than they should, which leads to constant stopping to unclog it.

Why You Should Definitely Invest in a Black and Decker BV6600

In these modern days, no one likes to walk around picking up leaves by their hands and fill dozens of bag for disposal, because it takes lots of time and energy. This is why you will need to purchase a Black and Decker BV6600 so that all your problems will be solved in a matter of minutes.

Another thing we find interesting is the fact that this machine is a three in one which makes it very useful. This equipment is convenient to clean the lawn, garden or home/office/school.


  • Powerful 3 in 1 leaf blower
  • Low noise level model
  • Multiple attachments
  • Easy conversion switch
  • Cord retainer


  • Only two years of limited warranty


This Black and Decker BV6600 is a very powerful machine that is capable of vacuuming and mulching the leaves and debris effectively. This machine also comes at a very affordable price so even if you are on a tight budget, you should still be able to afford it.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Space marine leafblower list possible?

I think the closest thing you are going to see is actually an Imperial Fists army with everything carrying Stalker or Heavy bolters. Autocannons and Assault Cannons are also pretty dope, but they miss a little synergy with Bolter Drill. It just fires so many bullets it's stupid. Downside is you must paint everything yellow, the hardest color, and the huge heavy bags of dice you must now haul with you.

Insanely loud leafblower operator at my neighbor's house what do i do?

Have you followed the steps outlined in your link to report violations of the statue? Because that would be my next step if I were you.

Is it a smart idea to use leafblower to clean dust off fans or stupid?

You should be good aslong as the power isnt that high. Just high enough to get the dust off... not like hurricane wind level

Any ways to protect from leafblowers?

Eh, sucks...HOAs. Used to live in one. Not allowed to fence my veg garden, deer helped themselves. To your problem, I think a windbreak of some sort is a good idea. A short section of a really dense fence like a picket fence or a bamboo screen. You could even use the fence as support for the beans if pole beans or runner. Unfortunately, you will have to work within what’s allowed by the HOA. Of course this all depends on how how the area is located with respect to the sun. Don’t want to shade your beans with a windbreak

Anyone else use a leafblower to clear the snow this morning?

No...much like the [expletives galore deleted] snowblower, it won't run reliably either.

I certainly huffed and puffed enough to be one from the damnable shoveling.

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