No More Dust When Cannister Vacuum Is There

Canister Vacuum: Removes Dust, Dirt and Pet Hair

A canister vacuum can serve in many ways and that is the reason why it is currently in high demand. This type of vacuum is great for stairs, upholstery cleaning, curtains, and auto interiors. They have far better maneuverability, and since a hose is present, they’re more practical to wash stairs and other places that are hard to access for an upright vacuum.

Eureka NEN110A Canister Vacuum Cleaner

This Eureka NEN110A Canister vacuum weighs just over eight-pounds, which is extremely light for a vacuum.  Alongside that, it’s a smaller and more compact design.

This aids in creating a versatile and mobile experience, making it very easy for you to vacuum from hard to reach spaces.

It’s easy to move the vacuum around, by picking it up or you can use your foot to push it across the surfaces that you’re vacuuming.

It comes with an extended hose where you can attach all the different cleaning tools and accessories that Eureka Canister Vacuum has provided. They include a ground head and a crevice tool, alongside various brushes and other accessories.

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Eureka NEN110A

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  • The multiple cleaning tools that come with the canister vacuum allow deep cleaning on different surfaces. There is an airflow control that allows you to control the flow with the help of the switch on the handle.
  • This canister vacuum comes with three different surface settings including hard floors, carpet, and upholstery. 
  • The lightweight vacuum can be maneuvered easily so you can vacuum anywhere in the house. Let it be under the sofa or on the stairs, your vacuum will work in all places.
  • The bagless dust container has a capacity of 3L. It’s used with washable filters so you don’t have to spend any extra money on your canister vacuum.
  • You can easily convert between a hose and a crevice tool, depending on the surface you want to clean.
  • This vacuum will surely save your time because now you don’t have to struggle with it.


  • Snap-fit accessories
  • Washable components
  • Cyclone filtration system
  • Multi-surface cleaning
  • Automatic cord rewind
  • Very lightweight
  • Long cord
  • Affordable
  • Firstly, the light in weight Vacuum for Pet Hair lets you vacuum your home with ease.
  • Airflow setting can be done with your fingertips! Set it to the appropriate choice as per your need.
  • Washable filters help with maintaining the filters for a longer time. Making it a durable choice.
  • The Automatic Cord-Rewind saves a lot of your time!
  • Lastly, Eureka lets you empty the dust cup with just a push-button.
  • Limited warranty
  • Not the best for carpets

Easy to Clean

To empty out the dustbin, you’ll just take it over to the ashcan and press the release button, all of the dirt, dust, and debris that you’ve vacuumed up will be shifted easily. Make sure it’s right above your dustbin to avoid any spill.

Eureka Clean Up

Brush Tool

This Vacuum is a multipurpose tool that’s attached permanently to the handle and suction hose. By detaching the tube and floor head, you’ll have access to spot-clean all the surfaces in your home and even in your vehicle. The brush of this Canister vacuum is amazing to use for daily cleaning.

The dirt cup features a bottom emptying system, enabling the user to empty the dirt cup directly into the ashcan. It is transparent, so allows you to ascertain the amount of vacuumed dirt. The dirt cup capacity is around 2.6 liters, allowing the user to vacuum even heavily soiled floors without the necessity to empty the dirt cup before the task is completed.

The tool itself works pretty well and is made of durable material to make sure the vacuum lasts long.

Cleaning Filters

It has a basic filter that works well at trapping large particles and pet hair. It tends to be clogged easily, but a fast rinse under running water will make the filter good as new. A big drop by suction power will alert the user that the filter needs to be cleaned out.

Hand Floor Mode

This extended bristles of this vacuum cleaner catch up all the pet hair, dirt, and fibers from the surface. The suction power is also very strong to make sure your surface is deeply cleaned.

Canister Vacuum

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Carpet Mode

The carpet mode does a distinguishable job, but since it lacks motorized brush roll, its ability to pick up pet and human hair, lint and fibers from medium- and high-pile carpets and thick rugs is restricted. The main cleaner head features a swivel mechanism, allowing it to simply maneuver around the floor objects and obstacles. Also, it’s very low profile and is in a position to wash under beds, sofas, and furniture, etc.

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