4 Crossbow Nocks Types in 2020 – Top Rated Guide

A nock is a very important part of a crossbow bolt. The nock you use can make or break your hunt; a wrong selection of nock for your crossbow can cause a catastrophe.

A nock is a small piece of plastic or aluminium that is attached to the end of a crossbow arrow.

As small as it seems, the nock acts like the Launchpad of the arrow surprisingly, it is that “small nock” that ensures and determines the accuracy of your shot, the consistency of your shot and most importantly, the safety of your shot, which is why it is important to pair the right nocks with their specified crossbow types. Crossbow nocks come in 4 different types:

4 Crossbow Nocks Types

The Flat Nock

This nock is the oldest as far as crossbow nock is concerned. Just as the name implies, it comes with a flat rear design. This nock has been used with the old conventional types of crossbows and is still currently recommended by some crossbow manufacturers.

With a flat nock, you never have to bother about which vane is down while loading a bolt but these nocks have a problem of shooting over or shooting under. Just as other nocks, it is very important to load a nock accurately by placing it perfectly on the string to avoid any form of catastrophe.

The Moon Nock

Otherwise referred to as the half-moon nock comes in a totally different design from the flat nock. This nock comes with a crescent shape design at the rear. The moon nock has been in existence for quite a while, shortly after the flat nocks but archers seem to still prefer the flat nocks to the moon nock.

The moon nock comes with an indexing problem; you always have to index and load the nock the same way all the time. Failure to do this can cause serious damage and might lead to partial dry fires. This is why it is important to use the specified nock for your crossbow type.

Crossbow Nocks Types

The Capture Nock

This nock has all the features that come with a moon nock the only difference is in the depth of the groove.

The groove is wider and was designed in such a way as to accommodate the extra thickness of a crossbow string. One would think that this crossbow nock got its name from its ability to “capture” the extra thickness of a crossbow string. Nonetheless, if this nock is combined with the right crossbow, it mostly never disappoints.

The Omni Nock

The Omni nock is multifaceted. Irrespective of the kind of arrow you select for your crossbow, you no longer have to choose which nock to use.

This nock comes with six small grooves. These grooves form 3 bowstring channels. This design kicks the indexing problem often faced with the moon and capture nocks to the curbs. This nock has also helped in solving the shoot over or shoot under problem often associated with the flat nocks.

In recent times, crossbow manufacturers introduced the Omni-brite nock; this nock comes with LED units attached in the nock. This helps with hunting in the night. The nocks are either made of aluminium or plastic and both have been good for crossbows but due to the recent manufacturing of hyper velocity crossbows, it is both necessary and safe to use the aluminium nocks.

Having listed the types of nocks, it is important to note that not every nock can be used interchangeably between the different kinds of crossbows.

Before the creation of the omni nocks, the different kinds of nocks were recommended because not every nock sits perfectly on the string of every type of crossbow and using the wrong nock for your crossbow will lead to different kinds of catastrophes such as causing partial dry fire which is why it is very important that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed ardently.


In summary, no nock is better than the other, to get the full benefits of your crossbow, you must use the right nock as recommended by your crossbow manufacturer, you must load your arrow properly on your crossbow and the nock must be placed perfectly on the crossbow string.

Nocks are a very important part of your crossbow bolt and the knowledge of the types of nocks for your crossbows only 10x your archery experience.

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