Best Electric Shaver For Close Shave in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

It’s always best to invest in an electric shaver that has the ability to give you the closest shave ever. It’s no surprise that we all just want a close and smooth shave.

This is why I always recommend using an electric shaver to get the job done. The only challenge you’ll face is that there are plenty of options to choose from on the market, few are good when it comes to close shaving while few are good at comfortable shaving.

It’s always a personal decision when it comes to choosing the best electric shaver that suits your needs. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best electric shaver for close shaving. So you can have a look at the best and choose the one which suits your skin type and facial hairs.

Let’s get started.

Best Electric Shaver For Close Shave


1. Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Razor – Best For Close Shave

Best Electric Shaver For Close Shave
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Top our list for the best electric razor for a close shave is the Braun Series 9 9290cc. This is a superb quality shaver impressive benefits that match its asking price.

The Series 9 has tons of features, as you might expect and all of them contribute to the kind of close shave men desire. It is made from chrome finished plastic so it looks pretty sleek, yet it’s solid and obviously extremely well- built.

It works magic by sending out 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. It provides a bit more close shave than the Braun 790cc, the difference is not that much. The pop-up trimmer is also there.

The Series 9 was designed to offer the closest shave than any foil electric razor you’ve used before, while at the same time remaining extremely comfortable and gentle to the skin.

The Braun has a four-way shear system, which is a combination of floating grills, four cutting elements, two Optifoil foils, to come very close to a manual shave. I also find the Wet&Dry feature interesting since you can use this electric shaver either on dry skin or with shaving gel or foam for sensitive skin.

For the battery life. Don’t expect anything out of the ordinary here. You’re getting the typical 50 minutes/1 hours of charging. Even though 50 minutes should be more than enough.

The two cutting elements are the main reason behind the Series 9 outstanding performance. One is called “direct and cut” and another is designated “hyper-lift and cut”. The only downside with this shaver is that the price is relatively expensive and it is made from plastic.


  • Provides a very close shave
  • Wet-dry and washable
  • Long lasting battery
  • The grip is extremely comfortable
  • Waterproof for up to 5 meters


  • It has a hard plastic body


2. Panasonic ES-LV9D Arc 5 – Beginner Friendly and Close Shaving Provider

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When it comes to the best electric shavers, Panasonic has made a well-known name for itself by providing some of the most astonishing electric shaver available on the market. Even though the Panasonic ES-LV9D Arc 5 is considered to be on the expensive side, they make up for the price by offering great performance and value for the money.

The ES-LV9D Arc 5 was specifically made for those who preferred an extremely clean and close shave. I know a lot of men who claimed manual shaving is much better, but I can guarantee this electric shaver right here is a game-changer.

The massive head with its 5 cutting elements has the ability to shave close to the skin even the coarsest facial hair. This shaver has a high power of 14,000 CPM motor and a great 360 degrees blades.

I really love the “Active Sensor” as the blades move on your face, this technology helps the blade to accelerate where the facial hair is and the sensor also allows it to slow down where it needs to be handled with care. So you don’t have to worry about harming yourself.

Another feature that makes Panasonic Arc5 one of my favorite electric shaver to use is the Multi-flex pivoting head. Then, you have the multi-fit outer foil as well. The ES-LV9D also comes with a cleaning and charging station – which is pretty awesome.

The only problem most people find with this Arc 5 razor is the price; being a new model, it is rather high. If you don’t mind spending

I highly recommend that you check out this high-end electric razor on Amazon.


  • The motor is one of a kind
  • You can enjoy both corded and cordless
  • 30 degree angled blades
  • The display is excellent
  • The cleaning station is a great addition


  • The operation noise can be disturbing in the beginning
  • A bit pricey


3. Philips Norelco 9700 – Best Value For the Money

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I’m sure a lot of people would agree that Philips Norelco is the perfect rival for Braun shavers. No matter what features Braun comes with, Norelco tries to do a better job.

There are lots of reason why I love the Philips Norelco’s shaver. It has an 8 shaving direction which is the highest you’ll see in any rotary tool. This contouring grace is paired up with the V-Track precision blade system to deliver accurate and skin-friendly shaving results.

If you want another statistic, these blades are capable of taking care of hairs that are three to five days old. This will guarantee that you’ll get shave 30% closer to your skins than if you were to use a normal shaving system.

It also has a smart display system that you can use to monitor the battery status, travel lock and blade conditions. The display is quite easy to interpret and take action accordingly.

When you’re finished shaving, it’s now time to remove the hair and shaving cream from your shaver. This is where the SmartClean PLUS system does this for you to press the power button.

If you are planning on buying the best Philips Norelco 9700, it’s reasonable to expect it to look good. Norelco series has an award-winning futuristic design. The Philips travel case looks professional and stylish as well.


  • The handle is ergonomically designed
  • The shaving head moves freely and detects contours
  • The razor cleans and lubricates the blades on its own
  • Personalized speed settings
  • Impressive looking cordless design


  • The cleaning brush isn’t up to scratch
  • The trimmer doesn’t “Pop Up” rather it “Clicks” into place


Electric Shaver Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the best electric shaver that best suits your needs either from the list above or somewhere else, I strongly recommend that you still read our Buyer’s Guide so you can have a better understanding of the technology that goes with these modern electric razors.

Corded or Cordless: Only a few electric shavers on the market allow you to shave while it’s plugged in while some don’t. The Braun Series 9 doesn’t allow corded shave while its older model which is Series 7 does allow it.

Easy to Use and Clean: When purchasing an electric shaver make sure you buy one that is easy to use and clean. In our list above, I can guarantee that all of the electric shavers are easy to use and clean. By reading the review you’ll notice that most of them come with a Cleaning dock, so all you have to do is to put the shaver inside that dock and press the button, this will allow the dock to clean the shaver.

Wet&Dry Technology: This is a pretty important feature that allows you to use your electric shaver under the shower while you take a bath. If somehow you have sensitive skin, you might prefer shaving with gel or foam. That’s where this technology comes into play.

Pop-up Trimmer: Most electric shaver these days comes with an integrated trimmer that can be popped up. This trimmer is the best option for grooming, mustache, and sideburn.

LED Indicator: Having a charger with an LED indicator is essential because it will keep you updated with the current battery level. It will help to notify you when the charger is plugged in and also warn you when the battery is low.


These are the best available shavers and they all will provide excellent shaving results. With this review guide above any man who is looking for a high-end electric shaver that offers the highest quality, comfort and closeness can utilize this information and make a great decision that suits their needs.

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