Philips Airfryer XXL: Pleasant Ways To Fry You Tasty Chicken

Philips introduced the first Airfryer in 2010 and after that, the company has made its name in different styles of electronic equipment.  Philips airfryer XXL has a spacious interior and cooks quickly. It is also safe for washing dishes. There are a number of features that make this airfryer the best in all. Here we will be reviewing Philips airfryer XXL Some of the main features of this machine are as under

Daily meal Servings

Philip AirFryer comes with 3 pounds capability, which is more than enough to prepare a meal for up to 4-6 family members. One regular-sized whole chicken can fit in easily for slow cooking. If your family loves crispy fries, this machine can make a batch of a full family-sized bucket within a matter of minutes. However, make sure to pick the right heating temperature to cook the fries according to your liking.

Philips Kitchen Air Fryer XXL

 For slow frying stakes, make sure to grease the bottom of the fryer with a few drops of the cooking oil. The same should be done if you intend to grill or bake in the machine.  There are a number of features that make this airfryer the best in all. Some of the main features of this machine are as under ;


Fat reduction in Technology: The Philips Airfryer XXL is one of the healthiest airfryers. It allows you to fry with little or no added oil. It is not only the best but also the first airfryer with fat reduction technology. This technology helps you to reduce and capture excess fat on your body. Therefore, people use it while they are on a diet and also find it the perfect choice for themselves.

Capacity: The overall capacity of the Philips airfryer XXL is almost 3 pounds. Hence you can use it to make your favorite as well as delicious foods. It can help to make a meal for 6 people at a time. You can also use this machine for making food for daily use. It can fit a whole chicken or 2 bags of frozen French Fries as well as simple crisps too. They help you in making all the crispy foods.

Cooking Time: The cooking time of the Philips airfryer XXL is four times faster than the other electrical appliances of this type. The airfryer is instantly hot as well as ready to go in just a few seconds. It is much better than conventional cooking ovens. There is no need to preheat the oven and therefore you can start cooking just right away. This is simple as well as the fastest way to cook anything in less time.

Multi Cooking Technology: The airfryer is not only for frying of the food items instead you can use the airfryer to bake, grill, roast, reheat as well as dehydrate the food items in just one device. There are 5 one-touch programs that allow you to cook as well as bake or grill in one single device. This is very useful if you are a food lover and also love to eat too.

Easy cleaning: The cleaning process of this device is extremely easy and simple. The Philips XXL airfryer includes a dishwasher safe removable parts and a quick clean basket which helps you to clean the airfryer within no time. It is perfectly simple as well as the easiest way of cleaning the airfryer.

Recipe Book: The Philips airfryer XXL also includes other components with it. The components included in the package are recipe books and an instructional book too. That is why you don’t have to look for different videos on the internet to understand the process of using this machine. Therefore it is perfect for your household and helps you in making the delicious foods in no time.

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Philips Kitchen Air Fryer XXL

  • The quality that makes the Philips airfryer to stand out is the 4 quarter capacity of this amazing machine.
  • The design of this machine facilitates faster as well as proper cooking of all food items.
  • The machine is dishwasher safe and, the process of cleaning is very easy.
  • There is another very important feature that is the digital interface.
  • The machine comes with a warranty of one year as well as a full-color recipe book too. Therefore if you find any functional defect in the machine you can immediately change it.
  • The Con that most people complain about is the price of this product. Philips XXL airfryer is much more expensive than other products of the same kind.
  • There are no other accessories with this product.
  • Some of the clients complain that smoking may occur if you use too much oil in cooking or baking foods. Therefore you should always be very careful about the amount of oil that you are using in cooking food in this airfryer.


Overall this is one of the best airfryers available in the market if you have it in your budget but, if you are looking for a good airfryer with a low price than Philips XXL airfryer is not a good choice for you. There are other alternatives that you can use instead of the expensive airfryer. Some of these are mentioned below 

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