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Keenstone 120-inch Portable Projector Screen

Keenstone is famous for its incredible systems giving high-quality displays and vibrant colors. We have compiled a detailed review of Keenstone’s most demanded portable projector screen. They have an entire series of projectors having a portable and non-portable features. Keenstone is known for its reliability and affordability. It provides its user a large projector screen having a reflective material, used to extend a monitor display or relatively a smaller screen operable with smart devices including PCs and smartphones. With these high technology projectors, you can effectively transmit the signals from the electronic devices to these devices. 

Keenstone Projector Screen

Every time you want to have a comfy movie night; you expect your projector to deliver vibrant and crisp pictures delivering an HD display with a superb wrinkle-free screen. This is exactly what Keenstone is offering to its user. The team has put in a lot of effort in manufacturing a projector having almost no flaw. It is made sure that the projector delivers equal light distribution which results in a sharper and higher resolution images. 

Portable Projector Screen

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The best thing about this projector is that it is never upside down. You can barely detect the difference between the rare and front side. It is all possible because of spandex and premium polyester material. Not only that, it incredibly removes crumples during, and even before the usage. Due to fewer crumples, it is possible to fold and store the sheet easily. Just like Asus Vivobook F510UA, it has the sleep and flexible design.

Another amazing aspect of this device is its viewing angle which is up to 160 degrees allowing it to be visualized at an extensive ground range and including more viewers. This is ideal for a family movie reunion or a friend’s game night. Moreover, it completely suits all the possible movie nights or a presentation. You can adjust it anywhere you like even on your gatherings like night parties, picnics, movie nights, and on official events or a presentation in boardrooms or classrooms, etc. You can easily mount this amazing 4K resolution screen by nailing it with hooks and other adhesives. You can also use ropes or danglers in trickier areas. 


Display: 4K 1080p full HD

Size: 120 inches

View-angle: 160 degree

Image aspect ratio: 16:9

Resolution: 104.72 x 58.66

Projection side: Front and rear 

Weight: 1.65 pounds


Keenstone exhibits some prominent features offering high-quality fitting and extensions.

Portable Projector Screen

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Keenstone projectors display is what makes them prominent than most projectors. It provides a no crease factor displaying high-quality images. It lets you view your movie without any crease providing a thick and smooth surface. This portable projector screen has vibrant and sharper images giving you improved results. You can fold the sheet in any way you like without having any wrinkle featuring a double-sided video display. 

Easy Installation

This amazing projector is equipped with mounting holes with 18 non-tearable holes. You can install and remove the hooks, nails, ropes, stickers, and other things on your yard or walls. Not only that, but it is highly portable for moving the sheet from one place to another. 

The box includes ropes and 24 hooks which are only suggested to be mounted on smooth walls or tiled ones. If you use it on a rough wall, your screen will easily fall off. 

Accessible Storage

Keenstone’s 120-inch portable projector screen is highly compact with lightweight single size, offering you a folding design. These devices can be folded into the most accessible size, easy to put in a suitcase or a backpack. Keenstone has made it super easy to enjoy the best visual treat outdoors or indoors with your friends and family.


There are some incredible implications of this amazing portable projector screen by Keenstone. It can be used for a wide-angled display of movies, games, sports, music videos, photos, etc. It is a perfect option for educational speeches or lectures, conference room presentations, home theatre movies, picnics. However, it is mostly considered for public display, especially for outdoors, making your life fun.

  • Minimum storage space is required making it an authentic portable device.

  • The display is vibrant and sharp

  • Easily folded and highly accessible

  • Even when folded, there are no wrinkles

  • The device takes technicalities to assemble, which requires a long time

  • The tapes offered have a poor grip

  • The transparency ratio of the screen sometimes acts as a see-through sheet

Keenstone provides the most effective range of portable projector screen with this amazing 12-inch screen with 4K resolutions. It suits all your events and occasions providing you with the best visual experience and your theatre.

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