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The Boss Audio Systems open a new chapter in the book of audio systems.  The Boss Audio Systems have a thirty plus years tradition of producing high quality products. Boss Audio Systems are offering platforms like the DIY video series and the signature insider of Boss which is a program for reviews. These platforms are offering information, novelty as well as excellent customer service to the customers as well as partners. Boss welcomes all who join their family of Audio Systems.

Boss Audio Systems MCBK470B

Boss Audio Systems MCBK470B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System


The Boss Audio Systems MCBK470B contain a Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker System, a Compact Amplifier of Class D and water-proof speakers that have a thickness of three inches and also have a control for volume. They are an excellent choice to be used with ATV bikes and vehicles that are of 12 Volts. It is available in 2 Speaker Black, 2 Speaker chrome, 4 Speaker Black, 4 Speakers with a built in amplifier, 4 Speakers Chrome and 4 Speakers with built in amplifier models. The device should be installed using a professional help to keep it working at its best.


  • Blue tooth is available that allows the user to use his mobile or MP 3 device to play a variety of songs.
  • Songs can also be played by connecting wirelessly to devices like Spotify and Pandora.
  • An amplifier in included with the setup which is compact in size, is blue tooth enabled and is a weather proof Class D device.
  • MCBK470B uses latest techniques to protect the device from harmful effects of weather.
  • Four speakers are included with MCBK470B, which have a size of three inches; they are black in color and are of a full range.
  •  Adjustable brackets are available that can fit into the handle bar ranging from 0.75 inches to 1.25 inches.
  • An auxiliary input of the size of 3.5 mm is available that can adjust with the sounds of the smart phones and mp3 speakers.A volume control can be installed at the location of user’s choice so that volume can be adjusted whenever the need arises.An online platinum warranty of three years is provided as long as the device is purchased from amazon.

  • The amplifier is of 600 Watts. The Remote control for volume is wired.

  • The device is not made for UTVs.

  • The length of the speaker’s wire is too short.

  • The system is unable to fix on UTV roller bars.

  • It will drain the battery if it is not installed on the ignition line or not attached to the toggle switch.


These speakers produce excellent quality sound even after exposure to heavy rain and mud, and then getting exposed to power wash. Overall, it shows an excellent performance.

BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Mono block Car Amplifier

BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Monoblock Car Amplifier

This sub woofer is black in color and weighs almost 4.4 pounds. It needs to be connected for Power/Ground to the nearest chassis point of the vehicle. The ground wire should be kept less than 39 inches or 100 cm in length. An 8 gauges or heavier wire is required for this system. For proper safety and installation, it is recommended to call a Mobile Electronics Certified Professional.


  • It gives a maximum output power of 1100 Watts with 2 Ohms are given into one channel.
  • Maximum output power of 550 Watts is given when 4 Ohms are given into one channel.
  • The amplifier is designed such that it gives the required power to the speakers.
  • Speaker level input is provided to those radios that do not have low level inputs like aftermarket radios or factory radios. These speaker level inputs are basically high level inputs.
  • RCA inter-connect cables are required for low level inputs. Most of the radios of after markets have multiple pairs of RCAs to connect to multiple amplifiers.
  • A low pass filter is connected to remove all nodes that are below the frequency of filter’s settings. Due to this filter, high notes are output from the speakers.

  • Variable bass boost is used to keep the low bass within the limits of the boost.

  • Its dimensions are Dimensions: 9.1” x 0.4” x 2.3” and it weighs only 4.43 Lbs. Its slim and compact design allows it to be fixed at a variety of places.

  • It only outputs 110 Watts when used with 2 Ohms option.

  • It does not give out power of 1100 Watts.


This is an excellent device which is worth its price. The boss logo lights up when the speaker is in use and it looks really amazing.

BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Apple Car play Android Auto Car Multimedia Player

BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Apple Carplay Android Auto Car Multimedia Player

It is a Double Din stereo for cars. The LED Touch Screen monitor is of 6.75 Inches. It is blue tooth enabled and can be used with MP3 players.


  • Drive can be made more interesting by accessing the icons of the iPhone using Siri voice controls on the touch screen.
  • Messages can be sent and received using Siri while you can concentrate on your drive.
  • The car Play will guide you about the directions on the map.

  • On android, Google assistant will be your real time help for the whole day.

  • Google maps and Waze will help you in finding ways while concentrating on drive.

  • The screen is dim.

  • It does not have physical buttons or dials.


This amazing device can perform all functions from making a call to using music, whats app, Amazon and lots of other functionalities.

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