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Redragon K522 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Compact Makeover

Redragon K522 is a tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard. It is based on a fairly minimal design theme. The keyboard is compact, as well as the borders surrounding the keyboard, are small too. The keyboard meets all the standard stuff which is important for the proper functioning of the keyboards. It does not have extra function keys or designs like all other keyboards. This keyboard contains all the good RGB features as well as the blue switches too. It is one of the best keyboards available at this cheap price which has all the features as other keyboards with much higher prices.

Redragon K522

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Keyboard Design:

The Redragon K522 keyboard is not only very slim but also spill-resistant. The keyboard is waterproof and it works really well. Although it is a waterproof keyboard it is safe to keep liquids and other stuff away from electronic devices. The keyboard has an ergonomic steel series design. The keyboard has high-quality durable metal abs construction with plate-mounted mechanical keys as well as the switches. The switches keep standing even during the most testing marathon races.


The Redragon K522 has a cherry MX blue clone switch. The switch has the same function as the blue switch. It produces an audible click whenever you press it. Blue switches are the first choice for gamers and Redragon is a serviceable type gaming keyboard with all the important spec you need. The blue switches are loud and you should be very careful while using them at night.

19 backlight modes:

The RGB version of the Redragon mechanical keyboard has 19 backlight modes. This includes a steady on, breathing, sneaking, wave, winding, sprinting, glittering, rippling, tracing, galloping, six palaces, bustling, roc flying, raining, raising waves, twinkling, wavelet, swiftly flying, horse racing.

Game modes and color modes:

The mechanical keyboard has 2 different gaming modes and 6 color modes. The color modes vary in brightness level offering crystal clear uniform backlighting.

Anti-ghosting keys:

All the 87 keys are conflict-free and key rollover features make it the perfect keyboard. 12 multimedia keyboard keys are also present on the keyboard. The keys are not only gold plated but also corrosion-free. Hence they provide a reliable connection for USBs.


The mechanical keyboard is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista. It also works well with the Mac support devices and gaming PCs. Therefore it is a safe choice for all people.


The keyboard comes with a warranty of 18 months. Hence you can have plenty of time to replace the keys if any key gets damaged during the warranty period. If you play carefully the keyboard keys will last for a longer period. You must need to know how to choose the right mechanical keyboard for an ultimate smooth experience with your HD displays or computer system.

Technical Specs


The length of this keyboard is 35.5cm. This length is smaller than the normal keyboards and therefore it is a good choice for players who are interested in long-term online playing of games.


The width of the mechanical keyboard is 12.0cm.


The height of the keyboard is 3.5cm.


As this is a small keyboard and therefore it weighs only 980 grams which is much less than other keyboards of the same type.


The color of the case is either white or black. Most of the people prefer the black keyboard.

Number of keys:

The total number of keys on the keyboard is 87.

Length of Cable:

The overall length of the cable is almost equal to 1.8 meters. The cable is long as well as non-detachable.

  • The Redragon K522 keyboard is very cheap.
  • Very good built-in qualities
  • 12 function keys
  • Several RGB versions
  • Splash or waterproof
  • 18-month long warranty
  • Good quality as well as the implementation of the blue switches.
  • Not only small but also light in weight
  • The aluminum backplate is also an amazing advantage.
  • Standard bottom row
  • Easily available
  • One of the main problems faced by people is that the keyboard has only the blue switch as an option.
  • The USB cable is not detachable therefore it sometimes becomes difficult for people to transfer the games from their PCs.
  • Some people have a complaint regarding the thin keycaps as well as the mediocre feet. The mediocre feet are a bit slippery that is why you sometimes miss the chance while playing a game.
  • The aesthetics are not very good. Therefore people have to be a bit careful while using the keys.


The Redragon K522 is a perfect entry into the mechanical keyboards. It has a perfect design as well as a good build quality. It performs really well. The blue switches somehow are not a good idea for gaming keyboards but if you can get along with blue switches then you will love this Redragon keyboard as it is one of the cheapest keyboards available in the market. Therefore the people recommend this keyboard for gaming as it costs much lower than the other products of the same type.

You can enhance your gaming experience by pairing up the Redragon keyboard with a Redragon gaming mouse! The right gaming devices would make your gameplay fun and adventurous.

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If you are still wondering what type of features to look for in a mechanical gaming keyboard, you must go through a well-detailed gaming mouse buying guide to make your research a breeze.

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