Scott Archery Backspin Release Detailed Review

Scott Archery Backspin Release Detailed Review

Apparently, if you are an archer, you would already know about the back tension. Basically, the time when you fully draw the bow and aim at your target, you are in a back tension and at this moment you have to release the arrow. So, this tension actually occurs when your back muscles contract, that are located between your shoulder blades. That is why you have to use a bow tension release.  

You can easily look at a list of the best bow releases on market, but finding the perfect one is hard. To help with that, you can need a back tension release and if you are already looking for one, we have picked the best bow release in 2020 for you. There are many features that make this particular device the best back tension release and we have compared many to find the perfect one. 

So, the product that we are talking about is the Scott Back Tension Release and we will be getting into the details to know if this will work for you or not. 

What Scott Back Tension Release Offers?

Talking about the features, it has something that will work with every archer, no matter what your style is. It totally competes with all other products in the market by delivering high quality and great performance. The finger hole is for your index finger and it rotates 360 degrees, which will surely up your shooting game. In case you are in pressure and the target is precise, you are recommended not to rotate the release, but instead, just pull with your index finger.  

The pressure of the fire will totally depend on the force you applied while pulling. This rotation feature really reduces the hang-up effects and improves the shooting experience. Not just this, the optimized pivot point is unmatchable. Unlike the other options in the market, the Scott Archery Backspin Release is an actual back tension release with safety. 

If we compare all the back tension release products, we can surely say that Scott Archery Backspin Release provides really smooth and consistent execution of the shot. 

Technical Specifications

  • Available in 2 colors
  • Interchangeable thumb pegs available
  • 0.7 lbs weight
  • Comes with Simple Workmanship & Manufacturer Guarantee

Scott BackSpin Release Levi Morgan Edition

Description of the Scott Archery Backspin Release

Talking about the features, one of the amazing features is that it has a needle bearing inside the finger hole so you can easily control the 360 degrees rotation. It is great for situations where you get nervous because you can just lock it up in the first place so when you shoot, it fires instead of rotating. No matter if you are shooting at the start of the tournament or it is the end, you will find this one very most helpful.

So, this problem had been irritating many and this neat innovation of Scott Back Tension release has helped getting rid of it. It makes all of your shooting experience super convenient and consistent as well. When you are loading the arrow, it is self-centered and that can be helpful. When you are in the full draw position and remove your thumb, the position of the anchor will not change and your shooting will be better.

If you are convenient with shooting by just a click, there you are. And if not, just roll over the moon and the settings will be changed to not shooting with the moon handles. This way the product seems very convenient and easy for archery. Not just this, you can easily switch to a 2, 3, or 4 finger mode. That even comes with a sweptback feature because of the stainless steel extension that is interchangeable. 

The rotation feature along with the pivot point optimization makes sure that any archer can step up their shooting. In case you are worried about the geometry of the device, we have good news for you that the rotating finger was added into the device from the ground as if it has not messed up with the release geometry. 

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Key Features of Scott Archery Backspin Release

  • You get 360 degrees rotation with the index finger hole for rotating
  • You will not face any release hang up effects while using this product
  • Total control is in your hand and you can feel everything because of the minimum finger separation
  • An optimized pivot point feature comes with it
  • Shot execution is very smooth and consistent every time because of the 360 degrees rotation
  • The design is engineered in a way that finger is ergonomic to provide ultimate comfort
  • The handle is tapered to provide full radius
  • You even get a thumb peg that is interchangeable and can be used in different positions
  • The red finish looks attractive

Final Words

We totally recommend Scott Archery Backspin Release as this has always produced swimmers in big tournaments and many stars use it. You can surely buy it to improve your game.









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