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Streamlight 66608 250 Best Edc Flashlight

This Streamlight 66608 250 best EDC flashlight provides extremely bright, efficient, and long-lasting illumination once you need it.

The brilliant and powerful light bulb will offer you a high-performance output and increased brightness, while tough, impact-resistant exterior material complete with virtually unbreakable lens makes it immune to dirt and moisture.

Streamlight 66608 250 best EDC flashlights are Perfect for tackling a spread of tasks and built to last, the flashlight will provide you a great many years of reliable, trouble-free lighting in dark situations.


  • Lumens: Streamlight 66608 250 best EDC flashlights  is 250 Lumens (high)
  • Time: Runs 3. 5 hours (low)/includes USB cord and lanyard
  • Beam distance: 68 meters/max candela: 1,150
  • Length: 3.87 inches (9.83 centimeters)/Weight: 1.20 ounces (34. 02 grams)
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion cell pack; Battery Quantity: 1

Streamlight 66608 250

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  • Streamlight 66608 250 best Edc torch lighter has High and low modes (double bump the tail switch to change modes)
  • Multi-function push-button tail switch with charge indicator: Red – charging, Green – fully charged
  • Durable, anodized machined aluminum construction; scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • The metal sleeve of Stream light 66608 250 best Edc torch lighter protects the charge port; slide the sleeve forward to reveal the charge port
  • The removable pocket clip also clips onto the brim of the hat for hands-free use
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • 1m impact resistance tested
  • Ultra-compact design fits in the palm of your hand, comfortably fits in your pocket
  • Limited lifetime warranty of Streamlight 66608 250 best Edc torch lighter
  • Supremely reliable and efficient source of light
  • Works perfectly for illuminating dark environments
  • The ideal solution for making repairs in hard-to-reach- and-see areas
  • Provides intensely bright, focused beam of light for increased vision
  • Made to deliver consistent, hassle-free operation
  • Constructed from durable, impact-resistant materials to last for years

Streamlight 66608 250 Image 4



  • Fit and Finish: The anodized aluminum body features a very tactile grip, which helps with its smaller size.
  • Tail Switch: The Micro stream doesn’t accidentally engage in your pocket, which is rare with a tail switch that stands proud this far.
  • Comfort: The Stream light Micro stream may be a very comfortable light that takes up little or no room in your pocket
  • Battery: I actually enjoy the rechargeable aspect for everyday carry, since I always dock my gear on my nightstand in the dark.
  • Price: The Streamlight Microstream USB is costlier. However, the fit & finish warrant the additional price, in my opinion.
  • Switching between high & low modes: Switching between the 2 brightness modes on the Microstream is usually a touch tricky. you’ve got to momentarily push the tail switch then immediately push again to travel to ‘low’. this is often common among these sorts of lights…But the timing is pretty hard to urge right and it doesn’t offer much of a buffer (oftentimes leaving you pressing “high” 2 times during a row).

General Dimensions and Construction:

Whatever its other faults, the Streamlight 66608 250 best EDC single aa flashlight is just about the perfect size, for me, for EDC.

Streamlight lists the load with the battery as 1.04 oz., although by my scale is used to be getting 1.3 oz. approximately – not a world-shattering difference by any means. It takes one AAA battery.

The Microstream features a by-the-books Type II anodization job. Streamlight 66608 250 best EDC single aa flashlight clean and consistent out of the box, but within the testing period for my Microstream it began to show wear quickly.

Nothing egregious, just a scratch here and there, but quicker than my Peak Eiger began to point outwear. Less conventional is that the Microstream’s clip.

The clip itself is formed of a reasonably thin leaf of spring steel, folded twice over to make an S shape, in order that you’ll clip it either to your pocket as you’d a knife, or to the brim of a hat or something for hands-free operation.

You can also get anket soundscore for the best music.

Streamlight 66608 250

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Output, Runtime, and UI

The Streamlight 66608 250 best EDC single aa flashlight has an out-the-front output of 28 lumens. The Foursevens Preon 2 can throw out 84, the Olight i3 gives you 80, the L3 Illumination L10C; the recently-released Olight S1 Baton goes all the high to 500 lumens.

The Streamlight 66608 250 best EDC single aa flashlight is completely obliterated by its competition in terms of output, but beyond that, it also doesn’t have different modes like most lights today: it’s either on at 28 or it’s off. Runtime is equally underwhelming at 2.25 hours.

The Microstream’s clicky features a fairly tough plunger, and takes a touch more force than you’d expect to modify on, but this is often mitigated by a momentary-on feature that turns the Streamlight 66608 250 best EDC single aa flashlight on temporarily, for however long you retain the clicky semi-depressed.

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Ergonomics and Carry:

The ergonomics of the Streamlight 66608 250 best EDC single aa flashlight, like the light generally, are pleasingly adequate. Not totally stellar: the anodizing doesn’t afford quite the maximum amount traction as is might like, but it works.

The ‘cigar grip’ puts your thumb comfortable over the clicky, and the Microstream’s length is such holding it in your fist doesn’t occlude the sunshine at all. The Streamlight 66608 250 best EDC single aa flashlight carries quite well.

The Microstream is easily accessible, doesn’t mess with my pocket knife, and doesn’t impede my hand when I go into my pocket for something else. The Microstream, with as small and slim because it is, carries almost perfectly clipped to my pocket.

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