Best Tactical Tomahawk For Survival And Personal Protection In Woods

The Best Tactical Tomahawks for Survival and Personal Protection in the woods

Tactical knives and fixed blades have been all the rage these days, but most people don’t realize how effective a Tomahawk can be when faced with a survival situation. Apart from how good a person looks with a Tomahawk, it has a lot of functional uses too. Tactical Tomahawks have far greater reach than a tactical knife, and they are also great at clearing the wreckage when you might need to rescue someone. 

They are also effective when you need to work on your hunted game, cutting off limbs of your prey. Moreover, many Tomahawks feature a design that makes them helpful in many other situations. These situations may include breaching required by law enforcement or as rescue tools.    

Some people claim that Tactical Tomahawks are great tools for skinning. It’s true that you can skin using tomahawks, but you would also need a good skinning knife with you for it to be effective. However, since Tomahawks are not designed to skin your game, you should use a tool that fits the situation far better. Regardless, Tomahawks are a necessary tool to be added in your survival arsenal so here’s a list of the best gathered by us. 

Cold Steel Trench Hawk

Cold Steel Trench Hawk

Having a first look at the Cold Steel Trench Hawk, you will notice how it looks like something Vikings of this era might have. The Cold Steel Trench Hawk measures 19 inches and has a head which is 1095 steel finished with black, and apart from the blade on one end, it has a pick on the other. This tomahawk features shock-absorption and durability, thanks to its polypropylene handle. You also get a patented sheath with the Cold Steel Trench Hawk which allows the tomahawk to be easily carried and stored. 

Just like Tactical watches, these tactical tomahawks are must-have accessories just in case you want to step outside for camping, hunting, and off-grid vacations.

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SOG FastHawk F06TN-CP 12.5-inch Tactical Tomahawk


The SOG FastHawk F06TN-CP works great in every outdoor situation you can imagine. Be it exploring in the wild or working in the military; the SOG FastHawk F06TN-CP can handle it. This tomahawk is agile and light and is much more comfortable to carry than other tomahawks. Although the SOG FastHawk F06TN-CP is compact and light, measuring only 12-5 inches, it can cut through wood and break glass, but that’s not all it can also pierce, dig, pry, shave, and is best used for throwing. The blunt edge on the other side of the head can also be used to pound and hammer.  

However, there’s one thing you should keep in mind when pounding on metal or wood you would require placement done with precision. The head features a scratch-resistant oxide body which makes sure reflectivity doesn’t bother you. Moreover, the head is durable, made from stainless steel, and measures about 2 inches.  

To ensure that splitting doesn’t take place, the SOG FastHawk F06TN-CP features heavy-duty bolts which makes sure the handle stays secured to the head. With this tomahawk, you also get a nylon sheath which makes it easy to transport as it can be mounted to your backpack or belt.  

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Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

If you want a tool that is perfect for breaching, then the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is a solid choice. When it comes to tactical breaching, the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk uses a three-tiered approach to make sure your task is successful. The head is larger than most tomahawks, and 420 HC stainless steel has been used in its construction. You will also face no issues when cutting through drywall or doors, thanks to its tough Cerakote finish. 

The blade measures about 2.75 inches while the overall length of the tomahawk is about 19.275 inches.  

On one side the head has a blade, and on the other side, you will find a hammerhead which makes sure no doorknobs, hinges, or lock stand in your way. The Gerber Downrange Tomahawk also shows no issues in staying in your hands regardless of the weather conditions, thanks to its desert tan G-10 handle scales. At the end of the handle, which measures 19.27 inches, you will also find a pry bar. All in all, The Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is a great tool for both military personnel and those working in the rescue team for intense breaching situations.    

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SOG Survival Hawk SK1001-CP


Of course, there is another tomahawk from the SOG brand on our best tomahawks list, which was expected considering the dominance the SOG brand has on the market and the performance their products offer. Most survival enthusiasts and rescue personnel might be carrying this tomahawk which is due to the level of functionality it offers. Check a great tomahawk tutorial to see how it works.

The SOG Survival Hawk SK1001-CP’s head can be used to hammer, pull nails, and at the same time intense cutting. You also get a reflective paracord with the SOG Survival Hawk SK1001-CP keeping the handle firmly in your hands when you are swinging with full force. The handle also feels comfortable to hold, and there is also a ferrocerium Firestarter rod included in the handle which can come pretty handy when starting a fire. Put, if you want a tomahawk that delivers performance and functionality, then you cannot go wrong with the SOG Survival Hawk SK1001-CP. 

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