The Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak Review

The Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak review: Design for Ultimate Fishability

This is a review of Bonafide SS127 Kayak. This premium Kayak was designed after years of research and craftsmanship at Bonafide’s development lab and center. The company is well acquainted with the requirements and needs of Kayak fishing lovers. The season for fishing is soon going to be here. You must understand that there is a big advantage of picking a great design of Kayak compared to a powerboat.

Bonafide SS127

Why Kayak fishing is better than Powerboats?

Choosing a kayak is the best choice for fishing compared to powerboats in terms of fuel consumption, shallow water penetration, storage capacity, and of course insurance. You always get a gearbox in Kayak for storing your fishing essentials and gears such as rods, additional paddles, metal wallets, fishing hooks. Additionally, you need not bring a bag full of accessories that you might need. You’ll need a headlamp, signaling whistle, batteries, campus, GPS, towline, personal floating device, paddle or pocket knife, and float bags.


Features of Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak

Hybrid hull: The shape and design of the hull impact the performance of Kayak over river, ocean, and lake. Therefore, you should never compromise on this one feature when you buy a kayak. The Bonafide SS127 comes with a very unique shaped hull on the top. It will speed up your kneeling Kayak as you do fishing.

This hybrid hull also offers stability, balance, and more paddle efficiently. As you would need to turn your craft on the water more often during the trip, the Kayak’s hull will surely maneuver it. It promises to offer exceptional glide through the water as well as waves.

Stability on water: No matter how many hours you intend to spend on the water. The Bonafide SS127 will keep you busy with your hobby by maintaining stability without losing the ability to glide through the water. Moreover, the shape of this Kayal furthermore plays a part in cutting through the water during the kayaking.  You’ll be able to fish even though the rough water without failing.

Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak

Ultra-high seat: As you are well-aware of the fact that there are two types of Kayak designs. Sit in seat kayaks are not the best choices as the water enters the craft, making it heavier.

In sit on tops kayaks, the water can stay inside until emptied. So, it puts the Kayak at the risk of flipping on the water, which could be difficult to recover from. Whereas a sit on top kayaks are the most suitable options just like the Bonafide SS127, they come with the scupper holes to drain the water.

The Bonafide SS127 makes the Kayak fishing easier and fun. The ultra-high seat lets you do fishing on the top for hours and hours without interrupting your experience. The water waves are sure to get in, but there won’t be any built up since the craft has drainers to clean it.

Storage: This is an ultimate kayak boat with so many features to love. One of many is under the seat junk drawer in which you can store anything from fishing rods to pulleys to food and sprayer.  You need not put a load on the Kayak by bringing heavily loaded bags, just use the drawers. Even if there is one, it is wide enough to hold many accessories that you’d need.

Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak

Moreover, deck traction pads, doubleheader hinges, side carry handle with side storage, and retractable stern handle with easy insert make this fishing Kayak a feasible fishing craft altogether.

Multi-rod management: There is the option for fishing road attachment that would keep you focused on fishing. The rods would never tangle with each other making a mess for your brain. Additionally,  the FatGip Bow Handle would make the fishing a non-stop and less tiresome process for you. Not even for a second, you’d feel uncomfortable after doing fishing for several hours.

Paddling area:  There is enough paddling space for you in which you can bend your knees. There won’t be any pressure on your back as you will feel comfortable driving the craft on the water.

After doing paddling you will be marveled at how smoothly, this 12 foot seven inches long Kayak runs on water, without giving you any hard time. It’s like a swan! On average a Kayak should be at least 30 inches wide, the wider the better they would perform on the water in terms of speed. The Bonafide SS127 is much wider than this, it is 33.5 inches in width, comfortable enough for anybody. It also has some room for those who intend to stand during fishing

Bonafide SS127 1

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  1. The hull is made of Rotomolded Polyethylene to make the craft sturdy.
  2. Lightweight like weather weighs around 75 lbs
  3. The hull’s material makes the Kayak lightweight for a fishing trip.
  4. Drypod to hold all the fishing gears and accessories onboard.
  5. Stern on board to allow you access to the hull.
  6. High seating enables you to sit on the top during a fishing trip.
  7. Not only does the hull glide through the water but also stores your gears without compromising.
  8. Designed for ultimately fishability.
  9. Foldable seat to convert the High rise seat into a Kayak.
  10. Doubleheader hinges


  1. It could have more storage drawers, there is only one.

Bonafide SS127 2

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The Bonafide SS127 is the best of all Kayaks which are available on the market today. It has storage, hybrid dull, rod management system, and a high rise seat. These are the features that most powerboats lack, they are fairly expensive as well. You will never regret investing in this boat because it is designed with passion and precision for ultimate fishability. Besides, the design is perfectly aligned for Kayak fishing of all sorts.

You might need some accessories such as long-range walkies talkies and two-way radios to communicate with your friends. It’d be great to keep in touch with them as you’re doing kayak fishing alone or with a friend.


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