Thrust Master T150

ThrustMaster t150- The Most Affordable Race Wheel for Gaming

If you are a gamer, you would love to have a gaming race wheel because it will just elevate your gaming experience. The Thrustmaster t150 is one of the best race wheel options for PS4, and the best part is its handsome price tag. It is the most affordable one out of all and yet has all the premium features that you would look for in such a device. This will give you the taste of a proper gaming wheel without spending much so what is the harm there?

We all know that gaming gear is really expensive because it must provide premium performance. But what if one can’t afford to buy just a gaming wheel over £300? You have a great choice that will give you what you need but won’t take much of your money. 

For those who have already used some high-quality pedals and wheels, it might feel a little cheap to you. It doesn’t match the quality of a high-end wheel but it does provide the best in this price tag. As compared to the big brother, this Thrustmaster t150 pro wheel costs almost half price so if you think your obsession with racing games is going to end after a few weeks, we think this is the best choice for you. 

Thrustmaster T150 Design and Features 

If you have never used a force feedback wheel, you need to know that it gives a realistic push like you’re actually driving a real car so the racing experience can be elevated. No matter what kind of bargain-basement you have, you can easily turn, use the accelerator and brakes with high power. Any gamepad or keyboard will work perfectly for this purpose. What we love about this experience is that the feelings are just like driving a real car. Well, you can crash into anything but don’t get killed so make sure you don’t repeat all of this when in a real car. After all, real life is not a Mario kart where you can revive yourself with an extra life. Just like the Sonos Cheap alternatives, this product is also a cheap alternative for all of the high-end options in the market. The Thrustmaster t150 drivers are available on their official website.

Thrustmaster T150 RS Racing Wheel

  • A great choice for an entry-level wheel
  • Works great with all pedals
  • Rotates 1080 degrees
  • Compatible with PS3, PS4, and PS5
  • A very low price point
  • Great performance and force feedback
  • A lot of buttons available at the right places
  • The rim is small and half plastic
  • Not the best pedals but good for entry-level experience

Flashy Specs at Lower Rate

What makes this Thrustmaster t150 wheel so special is the lower price point while the quality of the wheel is the same as any high-end wheel. You get all the features, and sometimes even get some flashier ones. Where the price shows is the pedals. It comes with a set of two pedals that make it look basic. But, you need not worry about this because it is compatible with all of the pedals available in the market. 

You don’t get progressive brakes or clutch action like the Logitech G920. You will also feel that there is a bit of tension while using the brakes but none in acceleration. The pedals look more of a plastic toy and we don’t actually recommend that but the price range makes it a great purchase. The pedals look cheap and plasticky and feel very flimsy. 

Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

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Performance and Force Feedback 

The force feedback of this device is great in most of the aspects. The power and speed of this one are as good as that of a high-end gaming wheel like Logitech G29 or T300RS. Another great thing about it is that not just the feedback itself but the fidelity is also impressive. The pedals might be naff and the design might not be the perfect one, still, it has that force feedback that takes Thrustmaster t150 pro to the list of best race wheels. The only disappointment is that you can always think that there are better options out there, but keep in mind that those options have similar price tags. The Thrustmaster T150 drivers can also be very helpful. 

Final Verdict

Despite the fact that the pedals are cheap quality and more toy-like than some real gaming pedals, but still we recommend this. The reason is the smooth feel and force feedback feature of the Thrustmaster t150 pro racing wheel.

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