Thrustmaster T300 Responsive Wheel For Racing Games

Thrustmaster T300: Responsive Wheel for Racing Games

If you love racing games then you must be aware of one of the most renowned gadgets popular since arena-age, Gran Turismo. This device is known to be the best addition among the gaming franchises, however, the delay in the latest revelations are the main cause that people frown upon it. The release date of the GTs was postponed that much so that its licensed accessories were in stores before the actual device. 

One of these Gran Turismo is the best product by Thrustmaster, T300RS GT Edition. It is a steering wheel designed to become the exact match for thousands of Gran Turismo games out there starting from mid to high-end range. This is one of the most tested gadgets of all time, connecting the wheel for Assettto Corsa to Dirt rally, to observe the beauty of these games more vigorously. 

Thrustmaster T300RS

Thrustmaster is considered as one of the highly reliable brands, having quality as their top priorities. All of its products give an automatic positive vibe, proving the actual reason why Sony has trusted it with the manufacturing of its Gran Turismo accessories and most importantly the officially licensed PlayStation. Thrustmaster T300RS comes fully documented and packaged with proper diagrams and easy to understand instructions.  


The major element that affects most of the features of Thrustmaster T300RS is its thick and bulky design. You will be required to assemble it with the proper instructions given in the manual. These wheels aren’t meant for your laps as placing it on them will result in major injury. Thrustmaster T300RS is specifically designed for a desk or a table due to its heavy structure. 

It is one of those gadgets that need its home where it can be placed permanently until the time of replacement. You can not mount and remove it every time you’re done playing as it will be quite daunting. The structure of this device needs to stand and the height of the surface is crucial for the perfect gameplay. It is highly advised by the manufacturers to keep it away from the console at the height where your hands can easily grasp it.



Features Of Thrustmaster T300 RS

One of the most essential features to consider in the Thrustmaster T300RS is the responsive force by the wheel. It gives you the ultimate racing experience making you feel all the parts by radically enhancing your involvement. It sometimes makes you forget that you’re driving a virtual car by building the hyped aura. Thrustmaster is undoubtedly the brand to consider in terms of Gran Turismo and its accessories if you’re a true racing game fan. If you are a fan of the Logitech G930 game shifter then this another keypad is something you will love to combine with the gaming gears. The duo will deliver a realistic game experience without your having to spend a lot of money on additional gaming gadgets. 

Although, according to the price we expect the pedal to be more advanced or of a firm built, so you can’t consider it as a perfect racing gadget. If you have a force response model from consoles’ earlier generations and want to install it with the latest gadget then Thrustmaster T300 RS is manufactured for you.  

Everyone highly admired the GTs and wheels having force feedback features. However, they’re very difficult to deal with. You will find them on a relatively pricier side and bulky too. It has to be placed vertically and is more likely to have compatibility issues which make it difficult to run on other platforms. But, in terms of fun, they’re totally worth it.

If you are looking to add a nice keyboard to make your gameplay more fun, check out The Razer Orbweaver. It is the best gaming keypad having tons of programmable keys to offer more control to the gamers.


People often ask if the performance capability of Thrustmaster T300RS is the same as they claim. The initial aspect that can reflect the capability is that the company is among the manufacturers of the PS range. However, if you want to dig deeper then you can check the limited library of the games compatible for T300 and available on the PS4.

This wheel was tested for both PS3 and PS4 games to experience the difference in performance. It was achieved that, on PS3 the T300 almost struggles to slip out of the hand in sharp cuts or terrain areas. While, in PS4, it was observed that the force feedback was exceptional when played across the surface of the game. However, it was discovered later that the experience got better after each play which decided that you need proper wrist movement to drive when using T300RS. So, if you think you’re having a problem with the grip, then you must be improperly using the wheel.  Here is a simple tutorial on how to set up a Thrustmaster racing wheel easily without having prior experience in this domain.

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  • Clears the mappings for PS4
  • Offer rotation feature up to 108 degrees
  • Robust responsive force
  • Three pedals included
  • Pedals often seem flimsy
  • There is no use of clutch without the gear stick.

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