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What No One Tell you About Cooler Master MM710 RGB Mouse

Cooler Master MM710 is a newly invented mouse that shows more performance at the cost of very little effort. It is equipped with professional features that make it suitable to beat any other competitor. A good-looking new design is developed which is extremely durable. Its cable is ultra- interlaced and has a lightweight of fewer than 53 grams. Due to these features, the mouse shows quicker movements, the gaming sessions become longer and users get less tired in moving the mouse. There is no risk of repetitive strain injury, so the wrist does not get tired.

General Requirements

Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse

This mouse has a light-weight shell having a honey-comb design. Its cable is ultra-light and ultra-wearable. It has a sensor that is optical and is Pixart 3389 16000 DPI.

Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse


  • The mouse is designed to have perforations that make it easy to handle. This makes it easier for users to play with it for longer without getting tired.
  • The ultra-weave cable is lightweight and does not pull while using the mouse. This is useful in struggling with enemies, not with the cable.
  • The feet of the mouse are made up of PTFE Material which provides less friction and allows easy glide.
  • It’s Optical Sensor is capable to adjust 16 thousand DPI. Due to this feature, the mouse provides better control over the game, adds precision and proofing for the future.
  • The mouse is ergonomically designed and is provided with two extra buttons for performing efficiently.
  • The mouse has Omron Switches that allow 20 million presses of left and right buttons. The mouse gives accurate and true results all the time.
  • For the ease of users, an extra set of feet is also provided with the mouse.
  • It produces the sound of a wheel rattle.
  • The creeks and side play cause plague.


Cooler Master MM710 has a lightweight, its scroll wheel is smooth and its clicks are crisp, so it is very easy to use.

Cooler Master MM711 RGB-LED

This mouse has an RGB LED light system. It has a lightweight of only 60 grams. This is a wired mouse that has a 16 thousand DPI sensor. It has Omron Switches that allow 20 million clicks. Its PTFE feet allow a smooth movement. It has a Matte Black color and has a perforated honeycomb shell. It has an optical sensor of 16000 DPI PixArt PMW3389  which is provided with seven settings for sensitivity and provides minimum delay, minimum smug, and provides superior tracking (400 IPS, 1000 Hz, <2 mm Lift Off, 50 g Acceleration).

Cooler Master MM711 RGB-LED Lightweight 60g Wired Gaming Mouse


  • It is a very stylish mouse that has a lightweight. It shows RGB illumination in the mouse wheel and logo also.
  • This RGB illumination can be personalized to get the ultimate gaming experience.
  • It also provides real-time sensitivity.
  • The casing of MM711’s mouse is perforated and breathable and is made up of dustproof PTFE casing which resists water as well.
  • During extensive use, this design reduces hands sweating.
  • Wrists do not get tired as the mouse is designed ergonomically.
  • The mouse is designed to show better performance for a longer period of time.
  • The Omron switches allow 20 million right and left mouse clicks.
  • Two side buttons are available for optimizing the mouse to be used for the right hand. Therefore the mouse is suitable for both left-handed as well as right-handed people.
  • The wire of the cable is not flexible and provides a nearly zero drag.
  • The cable is a USB one and is made up of ultra-weave material.
  • The cable is compatible with Windows or MAC Operating Systems.
  • The mouse is very costly.
  • Good for small hands, not big ones.


It is a very high-quality mouse that is robust and durable and is easy to use. The Logitech G430 Gaming Headset should also be tried for a complete gaming experience.

Cooler Master MM711 White

It is a beautiful white mouse which has a weight of only 60 grams. Its honeycomb shell has a very lightweight. Its cable is also extremely light and is ultra-wearable. It has an optical sensor of Pixart 3389 16000 DPI.

Cooler Master MM711 White 60G RGB Gaming Mouse


  • Its honey-combed shell is perforated, so it provides lightweight. This makes it easy to use without getting tired.
  • The cable is ultra-weaved and has a lightweight. This allows for easier movements without a pull.
  • The scroll wheel and logo’s coloring can be personalized using the help of software that can be easily downloaded.
  • The optical sensor is of gaming quality and provides 16 thousand DPI which helps in better control, provides accuracy and proofing for the future.
  • One user commented that his mouse has a weaker right button as compared to the left one.


This amazing mouse is designed ergonomically, its PTFE feet allow more slide and offer less friction. This mouse is durable and is easy to use due to its additional side buttons.



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