Why Is My Trampoline So Noisy? Cheapest Solution Ever!

I’m a huge fan of trampolines and so are my kids, I strongly believe trampoline is one of the biggest investments you could ever make for your own enjoyment and your young ones.

The only problem I face with trampoline after overtime is that it tends to make some very annoying noise. While my kids may not be aware of the noise coming from the trampoline because all they want to do is a bounce, for me, it’s quite disturbing.

Sometimes the squeaking is so loud it causes my neighbors to complain. So what we did to avoid further altercation was to find a way to stop the noise once and for all.

If you are facing this similar problem then I recommend that you continue reading so that you can take the right measures to eliminate the noise.

Why is My Trampoline so Noisy?

One of the main reasons behind the unwanted noise is rust on the springs and hinges. When a trampoline is stored away for a very long period of time it begins to rust which may lead to unwanted squeaking noise.

Another reason may be due to the metal parts of your trampoline coming into contact with another metal part, thus rubbing against it. So whenever you or your kids start to bounce, the parts will rub then the noise will begin.

Why is My Trampoline so Noisy

How Do I Stop Trampoline Noise From Happening?

If you want to stop the annoying noise coming from your trampoline once and for all, then you should follow these steps carefully:

  1. The first thing you should do is search for all the rusty springs and hinges in your trampoline.
  2. Once you have found all the rusty springs, what you should do is spray some rust remover or you can use this WD40 and spray a generous amount on the springs or joints that have rust on them and let it stay for a few hours.
  3. If you don’t have the patience to wait, then the best idea would be to use a brush to make the rust go away easier. Then rinse away the rust with some water and use a towel to make it dry quicker.
  4. Once finished you should have a kid or jump on the trampoline yourself, then continue to spray it using the WD40 spray. This will expand the coils so that the lubricant can get in between the coils.
  5. I recommend continuing this step until the noise is gone completely.

I really hope this method works so you and your kids can have a quiet bounce.

Method 2

If you follow the steps above carefully and it still didn’t work, then you have to go with plan b “greasing the trampoline”. Even though the magic of the WD40 should be able to eliminate the noise completely, it may not work for everyone. Besides, it has somewhat temporary results and some people have reported hearing the squeaky noise after a period of time.

However, you don’t have to worry because this method is a lot more effective. To provide you with a more lasting solution, I recommend that you try the power of grease for your trampoline. One of my favorites is the Valvoline VV614 Multi-Purpose Grease, you can check this one on Amazon for a very affordable price.

Greasing the springs and the metal joints of your trampoline should eliminate the unwanted noise in a matter of minutes. The only downside is that you will have to probably unscrew some screws and some joints in order to allow the grease to go everywhere its meant to be.

You should also make your little ones jump up and down on the trampoline for a short period of time after you’ve applied the grease. This will allow it to penetrate even better on all the springs and joints.

Keep in mind that you will need to take proper precautions before using the grease, meaning you will need to protect your hands by wearing heavy-duty gloves and safety glasses.

Test the Trampoline

Now, that you have finished applying all the grease on the trampoline and letting it sit for a period of time, you can now test it to see if the noise resume. You can do this yourself or let your kids bounce up and down for a short while as you listen to hear if the trampoline is squeaking.

If it’s completely quiet then your job here is done and you should be able to bounce in peace and quiet without being annoyed or disturbing your neighbors.

If you want to learn more about how to fix and what causes trampoline noise, then you can check this video out:

How Do I Prevent My Trampoline From Squeaking in the Future?

Even if you have just bought a new trampoline, I still advise that you follow the steps above to prevent it from ever squeaking in the future. All you have to do is apply the grease during the assembly process of your new trampoline and your set to go.


If you are like many others asking the same question over and over again “why is my trampoline so noisy” then luckily this post is for you and you should be able to get rid of the noise in a matter of hours. We have provided you with two ways to eliminate this annoying sound and restore peace in your backyard.

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