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Wyze Cam Pan: Get to Know Best Features

Wyze Cam Pan is the highest technology innovation by an international brand working for years in the field of security and normal cameras, making your home more secure than ever. These are remarkably designed to work without contradicting with wires even on the areas where wires can’t or are too risky to reach. It has a focal length of 3.5 mm with a lens covering 120º wide-angle and F2.3 aperture.

Moreover, It also has enhanced 1/2.7″ CMOS  sensors meeting the needs of the digital world outcoming 1080p HD images with dramatic clarity.  Not only that, but it also offers digital zoom up to 8 times more than a human eye.

Wyze Cam Pan 1080

One of the biggest quality of Wyze Cam Pan is that it tracks the actions within its surroundings. It locates, and tags movement within its domain of covering, coping up with the expectations of real-life making everything easier than ever.

Another great feature of this amazing device is that it makes use of search engine assistants including Google Assistant & Alexa. You just have to make use of the voice to stream live coverage by Wyze cam with your smart device. You can ask the assistant to show particular spots like, “Ok Google, show me the kitchen” or “Alexa, show me the backyard” and you’ll be able to see everything sitting in your office.

WYZE Cam Pan With Camera 1080 Review

Wyze Pan Cam Storage

The best thing about the software indulged in it is it provides the user with half a month cloud storage. You can easily save the videos on your Amazon Web Server cloud making use of end-to-end encryption which can be accessed by you within 14 days without any monthly charges or subscriptions.

Like every other next-generation device, Wyze Cam Pan also has its basic flaws and benefits.

  • Amazing image quality
  • Easy setup
  • Smooth operation
  • Sleek design
  • Two-way communication
  • Microphone & Speaker access
  • Easy mounting
  • User-friendly app
  • Keeping updated with family’s activity, especially children’s
  • Slight motor noise


Live Streaming

One of the main features of Wyze Cam Pan setup is you can view the live streaming of your home while outside with your friends, family, or really busy in an office meeting. You can leave your children and your pets at home without worrying about someone breaking in or they getting out of the house.

After installation, your Wyze Cam directly gets connected with the Wyze app as long as your internet connection is strong. By tapping the camera stream on that app, you can easily view the current happening of your house.

Wyze Pan Cam Way Points In Home


The live stream captured by Wyze Cam Pam 1080p is encrypted with the help of a combination of both symmetric and asymmetric AES 128-bit encryption. It constantly hashes to make sure your live stream is carrying out more securely than ever.

Streaming Quality

One of the biggest features of Wyze Cam Pan is you can view the stream in SD, HD, or even 360p as per your choice tapping on the quality you want to avail. Even if somehow you’re having bad internet you can adjust the bandwidth as per your ease. This is just one of the best wireless indoor security camera that you can have.

Night Vision 

The Wyze Cam Pan has the filter allowing to deliver infrared light so that even in the night you can see the footage as clear as day. There are also LED lights mounted within the system to establish a night vision and clearer image.

Sound & Record

You can listen to every odd happening in your house or even your children crying with the help of a built-in microphone within the system. You just have to tap to the sound icon on the main app to ensure the voice. Similarly, you can command your device to record whenever you like to make sure you’re not taking extra cloud space and just recording what you want.


You can ever talk within the camera if you want. This is the most surprising yet fascinating feature of Wyze Cam Pan allowing the user to talk to the people at home unable to operate a device sending an important message or sending an alert about something important. Also, you can hear their response through the built-in speaker.

WYZE Cam Pan With Camera Review Pros Cons

Smoke Detection

Another handy benefit of this amazing device is it can easily detect any odd smoke or fume within the 20-meter radius of this device. It is also a motion detector IP camera to use for home security. Alarming the people living in the house by a buzzer set by the user and according to the camera sensitivity.


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