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Zamp Solar Panel Review: 140 Watt Solar Kit with Charger and Cables for RV

Zamp solar panels are the best solar kits for those wanting to spend a week or two outdoors. It is for those who love dry camping trips or wish to live off-grid for a couple of days. So, just to live away from the hustle and bustle of life and near the serene lake or green landscapes.

RV Camps and Bus

If you have planned to do camping with your family this year, you’d need to think of the power supply.  Most people rely on gas generators which could be quite handy to speak of. However, they require constant maintenance and gas supply. What if you have to spend a day or two near a lake, staying in your RV throughout the time?

What if you run out of gas in the middle of the trip? Would you run to the gas station to get the refilled with the gas or would you prefer to have a backup? Zamp solar panel is the right answer, it is not noisy as a gas generator. Moreover, it can charge your battery and keep the trailer or RV well-illuminated. Most RV designs have at least one Zamp port to connect the solar kit with the system.  But if you have your own RV that lacks this feature you can still connect the solar kit with the vehicle.

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Features of The 140 Watt Zamp Solar panel

Easy to install:

The Zamp solar panel is compact, easy to use, and quick to set up. There is nothing too complex about its installation. It comes in a thick nylon zipper bag that also makes the storage of the solar kit easy for you. To store the Zamp solar kit, unfold it, put it in the bag, and close the zipper. There’s also one attached handle for carrying the bag.

The 140 Watt Zamp solar panel is not light-weight though but it is still ultra-portable.  To install it, you need to take it out of the bag and open its legs, put it anywhere under the sun. Direct it towards the sunlight so it can charge itself. That’s it. That’s all you need to do is set it up.

Easy To Install

Solar Charge Controller:

The 140 Watt Zamp solar panel and kit comes with a 10 AMP-5 stage solar charger controller. Thanks to this tiny device with the LCD for showing all the voltage that is coming off the batteries. In addition, it also displays how many amps are being used or are going into the battery along with the total amp-hours of all time.

The solar charger controller also gives you an insight into the total amp-hours consumed since the battery has been connected with it.  The best feature of the charger is that it allows you to connect with types of batteries to be compatible. You can use and charge any type of battery with it without having to face any technical glitch at any point.

Charge Controller

Setting up the Zamp Solar Panel:

Whether you go for a 200-watt Zamp solar panel or a 140-watt Zamp kit, the setup process is almost the same.  The kit is packed in the bag after folding so you can carry it around easily. You need to unfold the solar kit first and extend the legs to put it on the ground near the camping site or outside your RV.

The only technicality for you to connect the alligator clip correctly with the battery. If you have ever used a battery you might have a clear idea that the design carries two terminals. So, you need to attach the red alligator clip with the positive one of your battery bank. Likewise, the black alligator clip should be connected with the negative terminal of the battery or the battery bank whatever you are using.  That’s really easy to do.

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Flexibility and performance:

Understandably, any solar panel has to face directly to the sun to charge, perform, and work properly. Impressively, Zamp solar panels feature modern engineering and design so they are much more flexible than normal portable solar panels.

The flexibility of the Zamp 140 watt solar panel allows you to rotate it to the direction of the sun. The legs are not very short or long to do the rotate of the panel itself. You can rotate it to 30, 60, and 45 degrees with ease without face much difficulty.

The panel works fine for the batteries when they are more accessible. If there’s already a port in the RV to connect the panel with the batteries inside the RV there should not be any problems.  It’s because amps can go easily to the batteries or battery banks without obstruction.  However, if you have batteries underground in the locked box somewhere, the panel may not work that significantly. In other words, the accessibility of the batteries matters a lot on how the solar panel works on the camping site.

Zamp Solar

  • Engineered with precision considering the requirements of campers.
  • The 140-watt Zamp solar power easily generates 30-40 amp-hours throughout the day.
  • Impressive output and performance.
  • Moreover, Suitable for any type of camping bus and RV.
  • Charges almost all types of 12-volt batteries and battery banks including lithium.
  • Comes with Solar ready RV ports, installation is quick and easy.
  • Alligator clips along with the SAE plug for connection.
  • 10-amp solar charger control LCD display for monitoring.
  • Foldable panels with a thick padded nylon storage bag.
  • 15-foot cable for additional settings.
  • Great legs for easy rotation of the solar panel.
  • Zamp solar panel is easy to tilt as well
  • A little bit bulky in size.

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