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ZTE Blade Z Max: Best Performing Budgeted Smart Phone In 2020

You might have seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone featured with a dual-lens camera. Now recently ZTE’s new Blade Z Max also comes up with a similar camera feature along with a fingerprint sensor, 6-inches of the display, USB-C port, headset jack, and Android 7.1 installed in it.

There is no comparison between Galaxy Note 8 and ZTE Blade Z Max especially when we dig into its technical specifications like display resolution and image processing. But you will take it as how much this budgeted Android phone gives you flagship-level features at low cost.

What about ZTE Blade Z Max Cameras


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ZTE Blade Z Max comes up with a dual-lens camera – not new for the ZTE series – and also supports two camera functionality. Its other family member Blade V8 Pro, released earlier this year that also has dual camera support in $230 and runs Android Marshmallow.

This ZTE Blade Z Max featured with 16 megapixel and 2-megapixel rear lens sit that allows you to control portrait mode. To control this, ZTE installed this effect in the camera app under the dual setting. You can simply go to dual settings and select one from Portrait, mono-color, or bouquet there.

Image Processing

When I was testing image processing, I found almost uneven results. Portrait mode allows you to have a depth effect that and sharply focus the main object and blur the rest. I tried taking camera shots of flowers, but unexpectedly the camera lens brought into focus the side person. You just need to make sure when taking camera shots there are no other moving objects.

You can choose the aperture size for shooting and still, you can edit your photos later. You can adjust the focus later and also change its aperture to have a required blur. Mono color camera shoot was neat but still gimmicky. This effect option works best for green foliage in the park or women with a red dress.

Display Quality and Screen Size


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ZTE gives Blade Z Max 6 inches of full HD 1920 x 1080 LCD display. I found it great as I tested it by streaming high-quality videos and games. The screen was as bright and vivid as you expect from a big-screen phone.

We have tested its peak brightness using Light-meter. We found that its brightness level can go up as high as 510 nits. That’s where it beats the Blade V8 Pro and Huawei’s Honor 6X. but it still lags behind the Motorola G5 Plus in brightness. ZTE Blade Z Max has the best color accuracy with a delta E rating of 0.7. The only smartphone that competes ZTE Blade Z Max in the same budget is Blu R1 plus that lacks in display quality.

This ZTE Blade Z Max features with high pixel rating of 367PPI. You will feel that hues are very precise and vibrant. Looking at its display, you will have first look as dark shades being dominating over its display. The front screen is featured with 2.5D scratch less glass cover.

What Hardware ZTE Blade Z Max Comes up with


The Blade Z Max comes up with 32 GB of memory that can be extended – you can install a microSD card up to 128GB. Its sole speaker back terminating position is not ideal and you will find average sound quality with it.

It also comes up with an accurate and unique finger impression scanner. This scanner is definitely beating many other high functioning smartphones. Besides, the scanner is superbly fast and precise to start the phone. The sensor you will get with this budgeted smartphone is the indication, that biometric sensor innovation has gone upward very well.

Display6 inches display size – 1920 x 1080 IPS LCD
  • 16-MP f/2.2 (Primary)
  • 2-MP
  • 8-megapixel Selfie Camera
Battery4080 mAh, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
Weight & Dimensions174 grams –  84.6 x 166.1 x 8.4 mm
  • Proximity
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Fingerprint
  • GPS
  • A-GPS
Modem FeaturesUMTS – EDGE – GPRS – HSPA + LTE
Main Processor Frequency (GHz)1.4 GHz – 8 Cores
RAM2GB RAM – 32GB Internal storage


The Good
  • Accurate and best-performing fingerprint scanner.
  • Excellent battery life and good timing with the camera shooting
  • Have relatively low price and installed with the latest Android version
  • The main camera is best performing in its budget category.
The Bad
  • You can feel some ill effect with its dual focal point camera
  • Uneven photograph handling and locked to Metro PCS
  • Definitely require better speakers and better position on the phone body


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