Acer R240HY

Acer R240HY Review:Top-notch Gaming Accessory

Whenever you are shopping for gaming parts on a budget, you will see items that have to sacrifice one thing or another to keep that price tag low. Most things lack a few features that you won’t even need, but that’s not the case with the Acer R240HY. Acer has tried to give you everything a gamer would need at a reasonable price. 

At this price tag, there are several budget monitors you can find, but it’s pleasant to have a brand such as Acer trying to give its customers what they want. 


  • Screen Size 23.8-inch
  • Resolution 1920×1080 (WQHD)
  • Panel Type IPS
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9 (Widescreen)
  • Refresh Rate 60Hz
  • Response Time 4ms (GtG)
  • Ports HDMI 1.4, VGA, DVI
  • Other Ports Headphone Jack
  • Brightness 250 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio 1000:1 (static)
  • Colors 16.7 million (6-bit + FRC)

Acer R240HY

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When you take a first look at the Acer R240HY, you will see that it got looks and will be a great addition to your desktop. Most of these looks are because of how the Acer R240HY sports a bezel-free display. The Acer R240HY is also relatively thin compared to other displays as when you look at its thinnest point; it’s only 0.5 inches thick. The ring-shaped base compliments the looks of the Acer R240HY and allows for the monitor to be tilt-adjusted with freedom of 20 degrees. 

However, you will see that the Acer R240HY offers no height adjustment. It’s also missing swivel and pivot adjustment. There are also no VESA-mounting capabilities provided. The actual display is a non-reflective IPS panel and has a resolution of 1920×1080. The maximum brightness you will get out of the Acer R240HY is about 250 nits.   

Image Quality

The Acer R240HY will not disappoint you in terms of display quality. The display shows rich colors and since it has a resolution of 1920×1080, the display looks stunning. 

If you are someone who has been gaming on a TN monitor, you will instantly see how much better an IPS panel looks. You will see how the colors are accurate and consistent, giving you a pleasant viewing experience every time you turn on the monitor.  

The colors are so good that if you are someone who is entering the world of photography or graphic designing, the Acer R240HY will fulfill your needs at an affordable price tag. Moreover, the viewing angles are also not bad as you get wide 178-degree viewing angles. This means that when you look at the screen from an angle, you will notice that the image will stay the same without any differences in contrast and color. 

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In terms of connectivity, you get the following ports: 

  • HDMI port
  • DVI
  • VGA port
  • Headphone jack port

Acer R240HY

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There is an important port that is still missing from the monitor. You get no DisplayPort, and you will also be missing AMD FreeSync features. But it seems fair in this price tag since these features are advanced and are only found on high-end gaming monitors.  

If you are deciding to use the monitor as a TV, keep in mind that it comes with no built-in speakers and you will have to use the audio pass-through output which is located on the backside. If you want sound, you will need to connect your speakers. 

Value For Money

Talking about value for money, the Acer R240HY shines here. You will see how the monitor is a quality budget-gaming option and when compared to similar monitors around the same price point, you’ll see how it’ll come out on top in terms of performance. If you want to get a better monitor with more advanced features such as AMD FreeSync, then you will need to spend much more. So if you decide to get a high-end gaming monitor that is available for a higher price tag, it might be better than the Acer R240HY. But if you are looking around the price range of the Acer R240HY, it might be your best option. 


In terms of software, you don’t get very much. The Acer R240HY offers the most basic of functions when it comes to software, and all of them are related to the on-screen display. The software is operated through the small buttons that are on the downside of the display panel, and through those buttons, you can adjust things like brightness, saturation, and contrast.  

Gaming Performance

Although the Acer R240HY might not be a high-end gaming monitor, it still offers a relatively fast response time of 4ms. All other options you will get on the market revolving around the same price tag have the response time of 5ms.   

The Good
  • Affordable price tag
  • Energy and Eco-friendly
  • Nice Color combination
The Bad
  • No AMD FreeSync
  • Missing DisplayPort input


Simply said, in the price point the Acer R240HY is offered in, it’s probably the best you can have. It has a 1080p IPS LED display that will not only be ideal for gaming but also perfect for designers and photographers to whom colors matter a lot. 

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