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Logitech G305: What More You Can Expect From Wireless Gaming Mouse

When Logitech stopped G Pro support almost 2 years ago. The only drawback it got was cable. It got a stiff, braided cable. The previous models missed RGB light and this becomes the design consideration for Logitech G305. You will find it a lightweight and responsive gaming mouse with RGB lighting that gives it a fantastic look.

It’s a pretty small mouse with 6.1 cm as its widest side. It weighs only 96 grams that are convenient for gameplay. Previous models lack these features and were heavy and got wire for connection. Logitech G305 made things simple and allow you to play games conveniently.

Premium Features

Logitech 305 Lightspeed


Mouse DimensionMouse WeightItem coating color
4.59 x 2.45 x 1.50 inches3.49 ouncesBlack

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  • Hero Gaming Sensor: HERO gaming sensor allow you to have quick responses up to 10 times faster than previous versions. Logitech G305 uses 400IPS precision tech feature up to 12000 DPI sensitivity levels for better control.
  • Light speed Wireless Mouse: you can have a lag-free gaming experience with its ultra-fast wireless tech. Logitech G305 allows you to enhance your competition level as it can deliver quick responses and reliability with a super-fast response rate of 1ms.
  • Longer Battery Life: Logitech G305 high-quality battery and power management allow you to have 250 hours of gameplay on a single AA battery. This feature will not break your performance at peak without worrying about running out of battery.
  • Portability: Logitech G305 is not only compatible with PCs but also give a full performance with laptops. With its built-in Nano receiver storage and compact design, you can maximize your gaming experience.

Design & Considerations

Logitech G305 is designed to allow both lefty and righty people. Looking at its shape you will find a very slight difference between Logitech G203, G Pro, and G305. It’s a relatively small mouse and fits perfectly in your grip. You might not like using Logitech G305 if you got bigger hands.

It’s a wireless mouse with the beautiful RGB lighting that will make your gaming experience great. As we have tested and given it a critical trial, it passed most of the demanded tests. What I like about it is, it can handle sweat and don’t disturb while playing the game.

You will find the DPI mouse button on the top side that stays out of the way while playing the game. It is also featured with two conveniently placed side buttons. When you turn over the mouse you will find the ON/OFF switch along with 5 small mouse feet for fast glide.

Performance and Sensors

Logitech 305 Lightspeed


Logitech G305 come up with HERO Sensors and delivers performance 10 times more than previous models. It’s a unique design with the best responsive gaming sensors – what more we can expect from the wireless mouse. We have tested its sensor in all possible ways, we did not find any lag with the Logitech G305 HERO sensor. HERO sensor is the next generation of the 3366 sensors.

What you can’t do with the HERO sensor is, you can’t change lift Off Distance nor you can do surface tuning with it. Yes, there are some other response-related benefits of a wired gaming mouse, but a wireless gaming mouse gives you freedom of movement. A Wireless mouse with a good response to the action is an ideal choice for gaming. Logitech G305 gives you all the required performance related features a gamer needs.

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Yes, there is the best-wired gaming mouse available that you might have used already. But let me tell something when I went back to a wired mouse after the wireless mouse, I felt restricted while gameplay. Yes, now I can say that a wireless mouse with quality features like perfectly placed buttons, HERO sensors, and grip design might enhance your gaming ability.

Logitech 305 Lightspeed



  • Featured with HERO sensor for better performance
  • Installed with high-quality main buttons and a nice crispy scroll wheel
  • An affordable way to excellent wireless gaming
  • Super build quality
  • 250 hours of gaming time might not feel enough for some
  • Switches are rated for 10 million clicks
  • No Bluetooth



What more you can expect from a wireless mouse than quick responsiveness, 250 hours of continuous gameplay, super lightweight, and handy design. With our critical analysis, we have tested Logitech G305 and will love to recommend this wireless gaming mouse to you.

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