Aukey Dash Cam Review DR02

Aukey Dash Cam Review DR02- High Quality, Low Price

When it comes to getting a good quality camera for your dashboard and you need something reasonable, we can’t think of any option better than the Aukey Dash Cam DR02. From the vast range of cameras available in the market, this one would be the top recommendation because of the features and performance that it delivers. Basically it will deliver you all the important features that one can ask for in a dash camera. It has a wide-angle view, along with high-quality HD video, a classic interface to control the functions, and a big screen to watch everything.

The only problem that we had to face in this camera is the lack of WiFi. This camera does not come with a built-in camera network. So we can’t convert the recorded videos wirelessly. It needs a cable to send the clips on your phone. Another way to export the clips is by using the microSD card. Just pop it in your computer and get all of your data. To get the crisp video quality in this price range, we don’t mind getting this little sacrifice. This Aukey dash cam review has all the details you need to know about DR02. If you want something a little more on the cheaper side, the Aukey Mini Dah Cam can also be your choice. 

Performance Analysis 

Anyone who needs complete footage of everything that happens in front of the vehicle, we think this Aukey Dash Cam is the best choice. It comes with almost all of the ticks that are needed in a dashcam. 

Aukey Dash Cam DR02 Video Quality 

This is the best feature of this camera as it captures a crisp and clear video of anything happening in front of it. The video quality is worthy enough to be shared in your social media. You can easily read the license plates of other cars. This feature gives it an edge over all other dash cams in the market. It also gives 1080p video quality like the Wyze Cam Pan AUKEY Dash Cam FHD 1080p Car Camera Supercapacitor 170 Degree 6-Lane Wide Angle Lens Dashboard Camera Recorder with G-Sensor, WDR and Motion Dection

Wide Field View Angle 

You get a very wide view angle with the Aukey Dash Cam DR02. It has a 170˚ field view so it covers all the required areas along with your car. There are some cameras that have a very wide angle but the video gets distorted. Contrary to those, the Aukey dash cam gives high-quality video along with a wide-angle. The depth of the field image is also not narrowed. Everything looks pretty clear, even if you look at the edges of the image, you’ll not find much distortion. The Garmin 55 dashcam has a 106˚ field view and it does provide a clear image of the distant objects. But, if you can accept a wide-angle over clarity, the Aukey dash cam is the one for you. 

Captured Video Quality 

As you don’t get a built-in WiFi, this lack takes it down a few points but what actually keeps its position on too is the quality of the captured video. The video recording starts automatically as you start your car. This way you get to keep all of the recordings. The G-sensors are also great in identifying a crash or some incident on the road. 

Aukey Dash Camera review dr02

Time Lapse 

The Aukey dash cam review is incomplete without discussing its time-lapse feature. When it is turned on, a picture is taken every second and played at 30 frames a second to create a fast track of the whole event. So if you are going on a long drive and need a crux of the whole thing, this feature can be really helpful. The only problem is that if you turn on the timelapse function, it will stop the video recording so in case you come across an incident you’ll only get the pictures and timelapse of the event. 

Aukey Dash Cam DR-02

  • Great video quality in day and night time

  • Automatically initiates recording when the car starts

  • Timelapse feature for fast videos 

  • Built-in WiFi is not available 

Should You Buy the Aukey Dash Cam?

The features offered by the Aukey dash cam totally justifies its $71.99 price. The value for such high quality is great and we love how reasonable the price tag is. Besides the wifi problem, we can’t find any low point of this Aukey dashcam. The best performance and low price make it the first recommendation because this way your dashcam budget will be well utilized. If you can compromise on the WiFi feature then this is for you. This Aukey dash cam review has enough details to let you know if it will work for you or not. We can call it a cheaper alternative for the expensive options out there like the cheap Sonos alternative. 

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