Avoid Car Accidents With AUKEY Mini Dash Camera In A Smart Way

Avoid Car Accidents With AUKEY Mini Dash Camera In A Smart Way

The AUKEY mini dash camera features a 170° field of view to capture the entire road you’re driving on. This wide lens angle will provide it a touch of a fisheye look, such as you might find on the GoPro action camera. As a rule of thumb, GPS add-ons are an honest idea to urge for any camera. There are some useful features you should look for in the dash cameras. They’re usually relatively cheap and provides you extra info to use just in case of an accident.

There are only a few actual buttons that permit an easy menu with easy controls for a user-friendly interface.

Video quality is what you expect for an excellent cheap dashcam and any quite visibility in the dark is nonexistent.


  • Compact Design: This AUKEY Mini Dash Camera small, low-profile dash camera for cars sits unnoticed behind your rearview mirror, ready to back you up in the event of any incident on the road
  • Sharp Video: CMOS image sensor with 1080p recording & wide dynamic range (WDR) captures clear high-definition video even at night
  • Full Six-Lane View: Wider coverage with a 170° field of view means greater protection. The wide-angle lens of this car dashboard covers more, capturing crucial peripheral action
  • Emergency Recording & Loop Recording: Emergency Recording automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and protects the recordings. Loop Recording allows continuous use by writing over old, unneeded footage
  • Package Contents: AUKEY DRA5 Mini Car recorder, Car Charger with 4m/13ft USB Mini-B Cable, Sticker Mount, Two 3M Stickers, Two Electrostatic Stickers, Six Cable Clips, User Manual


  • 1.5 inch LCD screen
  • Field of view of 170°
  • Can capture video at 1080p
  • USB connectivity
  • The low light recording is possible
  • Can support a memory card of 128 GB

AUKEY Mini Dash Cam

  • Simple design makes it easy to use and set up
  • Long power cable for straightforward installation
  • Modest price for included features
  • The construction feels adequate rather than impressive
  • Sticker mount only
  • USB cable footage download failed on the test unit


Easy Installation:

Once adhered the AUKEY Mini Dash Camera is straightforward to get rid of from the mount for storage. I only do that once I need to park in direct sunlight. While it says the operating temps can go as high as 167 degrees Fahrenheit 75C I still don’t think sitting within the sun on a hot summer day is sweet for it.

One thing I noticed when watching it from outside of the car is that the quality gray 3M adhesive does stand out a touch so I’ll attempt to find the black variant just to possess it better blend into its surrounding.

Now it’s time to power it up. Also if you didn’t format the micro SD card as I did you’ll be prompted to try to do so, which only took seconds to finish.

Even though the screen is merely 1.5 inches the text and menu icons are sharp and really legible which makes it very easy to navigate through all the settings and ensure the resolution, loop timing, etc.


Now it’s time to ascertain how good the footage looks. Needless to mention, it’s night and day compared to my old dashcam. Putting the footage from each side by side it’s a transparent win for the Aukey in every respect. Simply trying to read a car place is near impossible on the old cam but clear on the Aukey. There is another dash cam of aukey is DR02 which also make footage more clear and bright.

In the middle of a rather overcast sunny day, the camera performs at its best with the clearest image and skill to read tags from an honest distance away.

In near twilight conditions, the image isn’t as crisp as within the daytime but still enough to read road signs like this one.

Driving around on a moonless night it’s not exactly what a call night-sight but with the sole source of sunshine coming from headlights and therefore the occasional streetlight and may still see ahead alright.

Convenient Memory Management:

AUKEY Mini Dash Camera records continuously and it saves it in memory SD card and it never runs out of memory or mess around managing it.

Saving Files without mismanagement:

There is an internal microphone, but it’s off it merely acceptable quality. There’s no Wi-Fi either. These omissions have enabled Aukey to urge the worth so low.

AUKEY Mini Dash Camera saves files and can easily manage them accordingly.

AUKEY Mini Dash Cam Image 5

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Design and Features:

During this case, the display may be a sharp 960×240, 2-inch color model. The front 1080p, 170-degree field-of-view (FOV) camera, and therefore the interior/rear 1080p, 152-degree FOV camera, rotate only vertically.

Share Video:

CMOS image sensor with 1080p recording & wide dynamic range (WDR) captures clear high-definition video even in the dark.

The sound quality of the AUKEY Mini Dash Camera is also good and clear as well as images and videos.

Image quality:

The visual quality of this camera is extremely clear and bright. The results are very acceptable and capable. You can also enable motion detection and time-lapse.

Also, you can attach it to an advanced projector for viewing images you capture and videos too.

Daytime video quality:

Full HD resolution shines particularly during the day, creating very clear images that provide you with all the detail you’ll want of your daily driving happenings. In general, the colors look good, though we did notice a rather unnatural blue tint on bright days when driving towards the sun.

Nighttime video quality:

This AUKEY Mini Dash Cam is with good resolution and quite crisp detail. It also tends to form the foremost of any light around, so we had a really easy time reading license plates on about the fastest moving cars.

AUKEY Mini Dash Cam

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