Best Crossbow Under $1000 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Searching for the best crossbow under $1000 can be a bit challenging. If you are looking around for the best crossbow on the market then I am happy to say that you’re at the right place.

Here you’ll find unbiased reviews of only the best selling and top rated crossbow money can buy. Our review guide will help you make an informed decision about the best bow that best suits your needs.

If you are considering buying a crossbow for the first time or if you’re looking to upgrade from an entry-level crossbow to something with better performance, here are my reviews and pick of the top three crossbows available on the market.

Best Crossbow Under $1000

Crossbows NameRatingsPrice
TenPoint Turbo GT CrossbowBest Value For The MoneyCheck Price
EXCALIBUR Crossbow Micro 355 3355Beginner FriendlyCheck Price
BARNETT TS390 Crossbow 390Fastest CrossbowCheck Price

1. Tenpoint Turbo GT Crossbow – Best Value For the Money

Best Crossbow Under $1000
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One of the best crossbow on the market under $1000 is the Tenpoint Turbo GT Crossbow. It has won the Game and Fish Reader’s Choice award, and it absolutely deserves it. This crossbow comes with everything you need to get start hunting right out the box.

This crossbow model comes with a 3X Pro-View 2 scope that improves the capabilities of this model. The crisp and bright optics delivered, plus the multiple aim points, which allow you to shoot at different distances without immolating the ease of use or comfort.

This is very powerful and it’s also a preferable choice for many hunters. With a shooting speed of 360 feet per second, and the kinetic energy developed is 107 ft lbs. This superb crossbow has won a lot of hearts in the past and it’s still competing has one of the best even to this day.

The Turbo GT also has an impressive scope that improves the accuracy of spotting a target. This crossbow is best for both beginners and professionals. Assembling this crossbow is relatively easy as well.

With a draw weight of 175 pounds, this crossbow is sure to make an impact, although you may not want to use it for a big game.

Weighing 6.5 pounds, this crossbow is lightweight compared to other models on the market. You should keep in mind that the weight is calculated without the accessories.

The price is a bit more on the expensive side compared to other models, but the competition cannot offer the same excellent durability and efficiency as the Tenpoint Turbo GT Crossbow.

One of the main things you’ll fall in love with is how easy this crossbow is to handle and you will also appreciate how fast the arrow travels once released from the bow.


  • Easy to handle
  • A wide range of accessories
  • 360 feet per second allows it to take down big game
  • Has excellent durability


  • There are no noise and vibration suppressors available with the purchase


2. Excalibur Crossbow Micro 355 3355 – Beginner Friendly

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Here is another high-value crossbow on the market when it comes to hunting. It also comes with a distinct camo design and it has the possibility to offer you all you need in terms of performance and value.

It is a really compact, reliable and solid recurve crossbow with tremendous arrow speed up to 355 feet per second. On top of that, this crossbow is as accurate as they get.

It’s one of the lightest crossbow available and has a fantastic power to weight ratio. Because of the shorter power stroke and small size of the Excalibur Micro 355 (only 33.5 inches long), it has a high draw weight of 280 pounds which is impressive.

If you are a beginner and looking for the best hunting experience of your life, then you’ll want to go with the  Excalibur Crossbow Micro 355 3355 for sure.

It’s quite comfortable to hold, you can get a pretty decent grip since there are several rubber grip inserts. The Excalibur has its own anti-dry fire system called Guardian. The Guardian anti-dry fire system makes it extremely easy to de-dock your crossbow as well.

It even comes with two scopes that you have to choose from, but for the best Tact-Zone scope, you will need to pay a little extra. This scope is specifically designed for crossbow use featuring clear reticle marked in 10-yard increments from 20 to 60 yards.

It’s pretty light, short, compact and accurate, Excalibur Crossbow Micro 355 3355 is everything a hunting crossbow should be. When it comes to choosing the best crossbow on the market, this will always be one on my list. The only problem with this bow is that it doesn’t include a sling.

The Excalibur Crossbow Micro 355 3355 package includes a Tact-Zone 30mm scope with red-green illumination and scope caps, four arrows with solid, quick-detachable quiver, Guardian anti-dry-fire mechanism, ambidextrous cheek piece, noise suppressors, field points and a rope cocker.


  • Delivers fast and powerful shots
  • Very good choice for beginners and professionals
  • Excellent material
  • Includes Tact-Zone 30mm scope
  • Camo finish


  • Can’t cock with the safety on


3. Barnett TS390 Crossbow 390 –  Fastest Crossbow

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The next awesome choice you can make is to invest in this high-performance Barnett TS390 Crossbow. The look and feel of this crossbow are breathtaking and it gives out a feel of a very expensive machine, but the Barnett TS390 is one of the best crossbows under $1000.

It’s totally worth the value for the money, at 187-pound draw weight, the crossbow shoots at a speed of 390 feet per second (using a 380-grain arrow), which is faster than most crossbows in the same price range.

If your goal is to drop big prey with maximum precision, this crossbow is the one you want. The Barnett TS 390 features a CNC machined aluminum flight track, an adjustable ventilated stock, and a fiberglass composite Step-Through Riser to produce a light and fast-handling package.

It also features a premium 4×32 illuminated scope that allows for fast, clear target acquisition, while string dampeners attenuate sound and vibration.

In the box you have everything you need to get the crossbow set up and ready to fire, all instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

With this superb quality crossbow, you’ll get a rope cocking device premium 4×32 illuminated scope, two 22″ headhunter arrows, side mount quiver, and lube wax.

The Barnett TS 390 crossbow has a high price tag but for the technology and materials used it is a good value for the money, with proper care it can last a lifetime.


  • It’s pretty lightweight so you can hold it for a long duration
  • Produces a high speed of 390 fps
  • Comes as assembled
  • Comes with the latest safety equipment
  • It’s extremely accurate


  • The quiver may be slightly annoying to use
  • You will need to wax it after 10 shot


How to Choose the Best Crossbow Under 1000?

When choosing the best crossbow on the market there are some important factors you will need to take into consideration before investing such as handling, speed, and durability.

The buyer should also be aware of the fact that the accessories that come with the package are quite important like the rope cocking device and padded slinger.


This is very important when it comes to buying a crossbow. The handling of the crossbow is influenced by many different factors such as the weight, size and even the quality of the draw. So when you’re buying a crossbow make sure it is right for size and strength.

However, these days you don’t have to worry because these modern crossbows are extremely easy to maneuver. The best thing to do when buying a bow is to consider your own physical limitations.


Another important factor when buying a crossbow is speed. If you are looking for extremely fast and powerful shots, you should definitely go for a compound bow. Having a crossbow with high speed also helps to improve the power in which the bolt hits the target and is also a very important factor in hunting.


For the money, you should also make sure you get a crossbow with decent durability. It is important to know that every small part of the crossbow plays an essential role when it comes to overall durability.


The list consists of the best top rated crossbow available on the market today. Choosing the best crossbow can be a bit challenging which is why you should consider the factors and work with one that best suits your needs. I’m positive our reviews and guides will quickly help you make an informed decision about which crossbow is the best. We wish you the best with your hunting journey.

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