Best Hoverboard For Teenager 2020 – Top 3 Reviews & Guide

If you are on a mission to find the best hoverboard for teenager then I’m happy to say that you’re at the right place. Finding the best hoverboard can be quite difficult and despite the fact that there are lots of different types to choose from, only a few of them are actually worth your time.

Luckily, we have spent hours putting this review article together to prevent you from wasting your money on useless hoverboards that will likely break in a few weeks.

The list below consists of some of the best hoverboard for teenagers on the market. These hoverboards will provide you with a fast, smooth and comfortable riding experience and because safety is all parent’s number one priority, we have only list hoverboards that are safe to use.

Best Hoverboard For Teenager

Hoverboard NameRatingsPrice
TOMOLOO Self-Balancing ScooterEditor's ChoiceCheck Price
Razor Hovertrax 2.0Best Value For The MoneyCheck Price
Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1Great For BeginnersCheck Price

TOMOLOO Hoverboard with LED Lights – Editor’s Choice

Best Hoverboard For Teenager
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This is one of the most popular as well as best selling hoverboards on the market that will provide your teenager with the best experience ever. It is considered to be the best hoverboard for teenagers because of its features and affordable price.

This hoverboard has a lot of features and functionality. One of the most epic features of this self-balancing scooter is the fact that you can easily connect it with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Once your smartphone is connected you will be able to control the lightings and music. There are five different RGB LED lights to switch back and forth to base on the music you decide to play.

If you are worried about your children’s safety, I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the UL2272 certification for safety and it is rated to operate in temperatures ranging from 32 to 104 Fahrenheit, so you will never have to worry about the hoverboard overheating causing fire.

The hoverboard also features non-slip footpads and is self-balancing which will help to keep kids safely in place while they are cruising down the street. The tires are 6.5 inches and have been upgraded from previous models for durability and to provide a smoother ride on most surfaces.

You will have a maximum speed of 10 miles and a mileage up to 12 miles on a full battery charge. The maximum weight this hoverboard is capable of carrying is 265 lbs, so it’s a great choice for kids, teens, and adults.

With all these features, we strongly believe this will make a great hoverboard for a 13 year old or older, and they will certainly enjoy customizing the lights as much as they would enjoy riding it.


  • Self-balancing
  • Impressive battery life
  • High quality and well built
  • It’s attractive and unique
  • It’s very easy to ride
  • UL2272 safety certified
  • Bluetooth capability


  • Wheel size is a bit small


2. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 – Best Value For Your Money

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Another high-end hoverboard on the market for teens is this Razor Hovertrax 2.0 hoverboard. If you know Razor company, then you know when it comes to high-quality products they mean business.

This hoverboard comes packed with every feature you would ever want and the company also claimed that this hoverboard is the smartest hoverboard in the world.

The feature that I find really interesting is the EverBalance Technology which provides the user with great balance, easy mount, and a smoother ride with its auto self-balancing gyroscopic sensor. The hoverboard is capable of supporting 220 lbs and you will be able to ride for about an hour and it also features a battery pack that automatically turns off once it reaches full charge.

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has been rigorously tested to conform to the UL 2272 safety standards. Each scooter undergoes a series of tests to ensure that the battery and board do not pose any threat to the riders. The board comes with two 350 watt dual motors, that will provide you with a cruising speed of more than 8 miles an hour.

Another amazing feature that comes with this hoverboard is that you have two riding modes to choose between, one is for training purposes which is great for beginners and the other is for experienced riders. This board is pretty easy to operate, you ride it as simply as you would with any other conventional hoverboard.


  • Very strong and durable
  • UL2272 safety certified
  • 350-watt dual motors
  • Self-balancing scooter
  • Very easy to control
  • It has two riding modes
  • Comes with LED lights


  • A bit heavy
  • It has a short battery life


3. Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 – Great For Beginners

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If you are a beginner and you’re looking for a hoverboard that’s safe and easy to maneuver, then I highly recommend checking out this Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1. This hoverboard comes with a lot of unique features which makes it one of the best on the market for kids, teens, and adults.

Riding this high-quality hoverboard is pretty easy because of its 250 Watt dual motor which can speed up to 8 mph and is fast enough to turn any corners without the need of slowing down the board. It is an exceptionally good-quality board that will give your teenage kid an amazing experience.

This self-balance scooter features a bump and scratch-resistant hardshell frame that is capable of supporting up to 220 lbs. With this, you don’t have to worry about overheating since it has UL certified built-in battery that can charge within one hour and gives you a riding range of up to 12 miles.

The Swagtron Pro T1 has two riding modes: a learning mode for people who are just starting out and a standard mode for those who have more experience. The front of the board has LED headlights that help illuminate your riding path, so you will be able to ride in peace after dark.

If you want a hoverboard that your entire family can ride, the 6.5-inch wheel size is the perfect fit for you and thanks to its one year warranty, you don’t have to worry if you face any technical issues with your new board.


  • Safe Stop Technology
  • A great choice for beginners
  • Easy to maneuver
  • LED headlights
  • One hour charging time
  • Learning and standard ride modes
  • Lightweight, safe and stable


  • No app control


Best Hoverboard For Teenagers – Buying Guide

There are a few factors that you will need to consider when it comes to choosing the best hoverboard on the market for your needs. These factors include:

Training Mode

I think it’s a huge bonus if the hoverboard you’re planning on investing in as training mode. This makes the hoverboard a lot more beginner-friendly which is great for newbies, also giving them the chance to learn all the basics at a slow speed.

Battery Life

You should definitely keep the battery life in mind when picking the one that best suits you. The battery life should be enough to get you from one destination to another and base on experiences a good battery should be able to last between 1 hour to 4 hours on a full charge.


This is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying a hoverboard, you should also keep safety in mind. A few years back, hoverboards easily catch fire because of people overcharging them causing the batteries to overheat. There were also many cases where the fire caused by default batteries, this is why when you are choosing a hoverboard you should check to see if it’s UL certified.

Having a hoverboard that’s UL 2272 certified will have no risk of overheating because UL hoverboard has gone through a number of testing to make sure it is safe to use. All hoverboards listed above are all certified by the UL so you don’t have to worry.

Hoverboard safety for kids:

  • For < 8 years old, the safe speed range will be 5 to 6 MPH.
  • For 8 to 12 years old, hoverboards with the max speed of under 10 MPH is just fine.
  • For 12 years old, going at a speed of 10 to 13 MPH should be just fine and safe enough for them without being too slow which may lead them to lose interest in riding.

Size of the Tires

The size of the wheels will determine the ease of use of the hoverboard. There are three different wheel sizes to choose from when it comes to buying a hoverboard (6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch). The most common wheel size is the 6.5 inch. It is the original size and most popular choice by far and since you are looking for a hoverboard for your teen we consider this one to be the best choice.

Weight Capacity

You should bear in mind that going over the weight limit will not make your hoverboard unusable. It just means that it will be slower than normal speed or even make the scooter struggle especially if the pavement is sleek or at an incline.

The average weight limit for most scooters out there is 220 lbs and this should be sufficient enough for most teenagers.


The price is a lot of people’s number one priority when it comes to choosing the perfect hoverboard for their little one. The price tends to vary because it depends on the brand, size and a few other factors of the board such as where it was made; we notice that the hoverboard that was created in the USA has a high price value than the ones from China.

A hoverboard is packed with a lot of unique features to ensure that you have a fun experience so you can’t expect it to be cheap.


There you go, the list above consists of some of the best hoverboard you can find on the market for teenagers. Base on testing, we strongly believe the TOMOLOO Hoverboard with LED Lights is the best buy for the money. It has a lot of features that will keep your kids smiling at all times. You should also take the time out to buy safety gear so that your little ones stay protected.

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