Best Hoverboard For Beginners in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are a beginner searching for the best hoverboard to buy for your money, then luckily you’re at the right place.

Hoverboard riding is one of the most exciting and thrilling things you could ever do. However, the downside is that it can become dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. So to save you from harming yourself and make sure you have a fun experience, we have decided to do hours of research as well as testing to help you make the right decision by choosing the best hoverboard for beginners.

As you can see this review article is for all the newbies out there. If you are in a hurry then you can check out the comparison chart below, but if not, you should definitely read the complete reviews of the best hoverboard one by one.

Best Hoverboard For Beginners

Hoverboard NameRatingsPrice
Swagtron T580Best Scooter For BeginnersCheck Price
Swagtron T6Best Off Road HoverboardCheck Price
TOMOLOO HoverboardBest For Kids and AdultCheck Price

1. Swagtron T580 – Best Scooter For Beginners

Best Hoverboard For Beginners
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In terms of features and ease of use, we strongly believe the Swagtron T580 is the best buy for the money. This is one of the most popular hoverboards on the market and this lightweight board is certainly made with care, ensuring that the users get the best possible experience while riding it.

During my time with the Swagtron T580, I really enjoyed it and I can guarantee you will too. The construction is pretty solid and I did not feel like it was going to break, in addition to that, I really like the fact that you can easily access the hoverboard through the app.

This is considered to be one of the safest hoverboards out there as well, in addition to being UL 2272 certified, the board has an incombustible outer casing that helps to protect hoverboard from short circuit or prevent it from catching fire.

When you purchase this high-quality scooter, you get the chance to choose between three riding modes. If you are a beginner then it is best to go with the learning mode while intermediate riders can go with standard mode and if you want, you can go the next level by choosing the special advanced mode.

This scooter is pretty easy to handle that even kids can become experts within a short time frame. All you have to do is step on the non-slip footpads and lean forward or backward. It has a gyro sensor that will detect your movements and respond accordingly.

The hoverboard supports a weight of up to 220 lbs. When it comes to features, this device has all the features that you would want from a hoverboard. One of the best parts is that you will have the ability to connect your hoverboard with an app; this will allow you to check the navigation, battery life and control the music while you are cruising down the block.

The hoverboard doesn’t have any downside, the only problem most people have is the fact the board can only travel 8 miles on a single charge compared to other board on the market.


  • It has UL2272 certification
  • It’s beginner-friendly
  • Can be connected to your smartphone
  • Offers IPX4 water protection
  • Solid built construction


  • Can only travel 8 miles on a single charge


2. Swagtron T6 – Best Off-Road Hoverboard

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Here is another amazing Swagtron hoverboard that you can certainly invest in if you are a beginner. They make the best hoverboard you can find on the market as we speak. In terms of weight capacity, this hoverboard is a great choice for those on the heavy side on the weight scale. It is capable of holding up to 420 lbs.

This is known to be the best off-road hoverboard, doesn’t matter the terrain it could be grass, mud, sand and even snow, I can guarantee that this hoverboard won’t let you down. All of this is due to the fact that this hoverboard has two 10 inch inflatable rubber tires.

It comes with dual 350 motors, which means power is no problem for the Swagtron t6. With that being said on a single you can easily go up to 12 miles at a speed of 12 miles per hour, which makes it on the list with some of the fastest hoverboards on the market.

The board comes equipped with Bluetooth. All you have to do is download the Swagtron app on Google app store and you are good to go. Once the app is being connected you can control the speed of the board, the battery power level and the number of miles you have traveled so far.

There are three different riding mode that comes with this hoverboard. The learning mode, standard mode or advanced mode. The learning mode helps you to get to know the basics of the board, the standard modes open up the top speed for the rider while the advanced mode gives you the ability to do everything including providing more control over the board’s direction as a result of you leaning.

You can easily switch between modes by simply holding the power button for a few seconds to cycle through. As you can see this is one of the best scooters you can get on the market today. The frame is also made from ABS acrylonitrile butadiene styrene – plastic and aluminum which makes the hoverboard extremely durable.


  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy to operate
  • Has a weight capacity of up to 420 lbs
  • 12 miles of range
  • The Best brand available on the market
  • It’s UL2272 certified


  • A bit expensive


3. TOMOLOO Hoverboard – Best For Kids and Adults

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This is also one of the most popular hoverboards you can find on the market. This hoverboard is packed with a lot of features and functionality which makes it top the list has one of the best hoverboards available for beginners.

One of the features we admire the most is the fact that you can easily connect it with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once connected you will be able to control the lightings and music while you cruise down the street. Like all the other hoverboards on this list, the TOMOLOO provides users with smooth and responsive riding experience.

If safety is your number one priority, I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the UL2272 certification of this model. It also has a maximum speed up to 12 km/h and a maximum climbing angle up to 30 degrees with a weight limit of 220 lbs which is the average weight limit for most hoverboard.

Same as the Swagtron T6 mentioned above, this hoverboard is capable of working on any terrain for off-road purposes which means you won’t face any problem riding through grass, mud, gravel or even sand thanks to its 350 Watt motor and wheels rated IPX56 waterproof.

Most people fall in love with this hoverboard and I can certainly see why. It stands out with its incredible design and latest technology. It’s also great in terms of safety, beginner-friendly, app control and quality speakers. I highly recommend getting your hands on one of these beauties.


  • Smooth safe and stable ride
  • Impressive design, with customizable LED lights
  • Integrated Bluetooth speakers
  • UL2272 safety certified
  • IPX56 waterproof hoverboard
  • Great battery life
  • Amazing self-balancing


  • It’s a bit on the heavy side


Hoverboard For Beginners Buying Guide

Before looking to buy the best hoverboard on the market for beginners, there are a few factors that you will need to consider. These factors include:


You should first make sure that the hoverboard is extremely safe before investing in one. Few years back hoverboard easily catch fire because of overcharging that cause the batteries to overheat. There are also a few cases where people have reported of fire occurring because of faulty batteries. But these days because of the UL 2272 standards, hoverboards tends to be pretty safe to ride.

Battery Life

The battery life of the hoverboard is very important because having an hoverboard with amazing battery life you will be able to reach your destination and back with ease. Most hoverboard on the market battery life tends to last for about an hour or so, even though it varies on the mileage covered, speed and time of usage.

Maximum Speed

Speed is also a safety concern especially if the hoverboard is being operated by a beginner. If you are a beginner it is best to start riding at the slowest speed possible to prevent injuries from happening. The recommended maximum speed for a beginner hoverboard is around 8 to 10 mph. Since you are new to riding, you should definitely start at 8 which is the safe zone.

Training Mode

This is a huge bonus if you have a hoverboard that comes with training mode since you’re a beginner. This make the hoverboard much easier to control and you will be able to learn at the slowest speed.


Choosing the best hoverboard for your needs as a beginner can be quite challenging. This is why we have put this list together so that you can easily decide on the one that you think is worth the investment.

If you are going to buy a hoverboard for yourself or for your kids, you have to make sure it is very safe and has all the features that you desire. But don’t worry, because all the hoverboards on our list have everything you need to get started right away.

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