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Best Shower Speaker To Enjoy Music in Your Bathroom 

Bathrooms are a place where you spend most of your day so don’t you think it should be somewhere you can enjoy the most. They are supposed to be a relaxing place and what is more relaxing than music. Music is like a therapy and enjoying it in the bathroom will make your trip to the bathroom even better. Ultimately you will have to get the best shower speaker that is waterproof.

This way you will be able to enjoy your time without worrying about what you’re getting into your speaker. There is research that shows that an average man showers for eight minutes a day and 3 times a week. These eight minutes can be the best time of your day if you add a little twist. If you calculate it, it makes 20 hours per year. You would not like to waste your 20 hours scrubbing your body and having a stressful time. 

How to Choose Your Best Shower Speaker?

Before you select the best shower speaker you must keep a few things in mind depending on your preference. There are different features in different speakers some have FM radio or podcast and some can allow you to listen to music. If you are a fan of podcasts you should make sure that the speaker that you are choosing is the right one for you.

If you select a speaker carefully, it can be the best shower companion. This way you can have an exciting shower time. You cant take your Alexa smart speakers with you in the bathroom. To help you out, we have selected the best shower speakers for someone who doesn’t have time for research but wants a quick option. We provided the basic information along with the unique features of each product so that you know what you’re getting your hands into. 

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How Can You Incorporate a Shower Speaker in Your Daily Routine?

There are people who feel curious but always reluctant to get to speak into their showers but we encourage you to have a great time there. You might be curious about the shower but reluctant to take a speaker in the shower. But, we encourage you to get a waterproof speaker and make the best out of those eight minutes. There are people who use waterproof speakers in the showers but that is not the right way to indulge them into your daily routine. 

Reasons Why Everyone Loves Shower Speaker

We love how portable and durable Bluetooth speaker devices that can fit itself into different parts of your house and your leisure routine. You can easily stream into your favorite audiobooks, albums, and podcasts while working your way around the house and taking a shower. So if we have to spend as much time in our bathrooms why not make it more productive and relaxing.

You are not specifically looking for a waterproof speaker because there are other factors like portability that we need in the best shower speaker.

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AYL Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If you are looking for one of the smallest but the best showers speakers, the AYL shower speaker is for you. Although it has a very small size still it has five watts of acoustic power in a compact body. We were surprised by the fact that even though the speaker has a loud volume it still has prominent audio at a low frequency. 

Compact Body

There is a heavy-duty rubber strap attached to this speaker that will help you hang it to the wall or just use it to carry it around. There are many mounting options in a row of threaded holes. It is an ultra-light and compact speaker that supports 3.5 MM Jack. You also get a Bluetooth wireless connection or use an aux cable. 

  • It has decent sound quality.
  • The body of the speaker is compact and tough.
  • There is a 3.5 mm jack along with Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • There are a high-quality rubber strap and mount thread.
  • If you push the volume to the highest, the sound can be distorted.

SoundBot SB510 HD Shower Speaker

The speaker is specially designed to be used in the shower with the suction cup that will help it hang to the tiled wall easily. There is a wide variety of fun colors to pick from so you can keep your bathroom aesthetics in mind and choose one.

Great Battery

Obviously, it is a waterproof and splash-proof speaker. You can listen to the speaker for over six hours with great battery timing. You will not find anything spectacular about the audio quality but it is a great and cheapest Bluetooth speaker. 

  • Cheapest Bluetooth speaker option available in the market.
  • It has a suction cup that safely mounts it on the shower wall.
  • You can easily control the playback.
  • The brand will provide good customer support.
  • There aren’t any volume controls in the device. 

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