Holy Stone HS700D Drone

Holy Stone HS700D Drone: Captures Beautiful Memories

Holystone HS700D is a successful drone by Holy Stone. Holy Stone is a big producer in the drone market; The Holy Stone HS700D is a great beginner’s drone and also has an affordable price and decent video quality.

Holy Stone HS700D drone

The Holy Stone also comes with a Follow Me mode which is very useful. As we had advanced, the Holy Stone HS700D has the same design as before. Design-wise it is just the same as the HS700 or very similar to the HS720.

Although HS720 was also very good this has become the most used drone. Its features are amazing and have proved to be the best in all. Holy Stone has been successful with its drones and is one of the top-selling brands on the drone market. This model is also compatible with GPS. The features of this machine are mentioned below.

Features of Holy Stone HS700D drone

Camera: The Holy Stone HS700D drone has a 2K camera with a Wi-Fi connection and GPS connection. It has been estimated that it can go as far as 1000 meters without a video connection and 800 meters with a video connection. The camera has a FOV angle lens up to 110° which gives you a nice look at your videos.  You might want to read my review on Best Drones Under $600

Battery: Holystone drone has a powerful 2800 mAH batteries.. The Holy Stone HS700D also has dual GPS + 1 axis gimbal, for anti-shaking and image stabilization to make your video much more smooth. The battery is rechargeable and it allows you to fly up to twenty-two minutes.

The battery is situated at the bottom inside,  a cover that gives access to the battery. You can also always buy separate batteries for it and change them whenever the first two run out. without recharging it. Separate batteries are available everywhere with the drone.

Follow Me mode: Holystone drone has the ability to connect through Wi-Fi with a Follow Me mode and dual GPS frees your hands, while the Holy Stone HS700D drone automatically follows you, and capture all the videos and photos automatically.

With the Follow me mode you can free your hands to take ideal selfies, the drone will follow you automatically. And you can fly in a directed way that draws in the Holy Stone app if tap fly mode is on. Any beginner can fly under control and have more fun outdoors. Drones with 1080 HD cameras are worth buying because their lense can focus on every little detail of the real-life moments.

Holy Stone HS700D Review

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Gimbal for stabilization

The Holy Stone HS700D also has a 1 axis gimbal.  So, this feature helps the drone to safely stay in the wind and automatically return home when under power or weak or lost signal.

Along with the camera gimbal, the HS700D drone is also equipped with an optical flow system.  Therefore, it allows the drone to automatically detect changes in the air pressure system and adjust to maintain its stability and flight control.

You cannot just rely on the stabilization feature and if you want smoother videos you will have to fly slower and gently and avoid flying in windy conditions. This is very important you should be very careful in windy weather.


The Holy Stone HS700D is made up of very elegant and modern design. It has high-quality plastics and its color is really cute. You will love its slight brown color that does not go out of style. It can fly up to 1000 meters with a connection but without video, 800 meters with video connection.

The dimensions of the Potensic drone are 15.2 x 15.2 x 6.1 inches and weighs 4.35 pounds. Moreover, it has a really decent size,  all the adjustments and controls will be made from the controller. Also, it has a screen with a live video. Additionally, it also comes with a Smartphone attachment for it to fly in FPV.

Holy Stone HS700D Drone Camera


With the help of an assisted GPS location system, you will be able to locate the HS700D position precisely at any time. When the drone has lost signal you can press a return key and it will fly automatically back to you.

Custom flight path feature helps you to program the drone to fly around a path, you only need to set the waypoint on the Holy Stone APP, the drone will fly in the way direct it to move.

The headless mode allows you to fly your drone without worrying about the direction the aircraft it is facing, the forward stick is forward, and the back stick is backward. One button landing and takeoff, with one button you can take off or land the drone. It has an altitude hold function. Therefore, the aircraft’s height and location are accurate on the reading meter. For example, whenever it is in mid of its flight to capture stable video or photos, you can see accurate results.

Holy Stone HS700D Drone Features Review

  • It provides you with a long battery time.
  • GPS Connection allows you to stay connected all the time.
  • Good for beginners and experienced users
  • Cost-effective with more stable features
  • Wi-Fi connection and FPV support is the best advantage that this drone has.
  • Its battery does not work much in windy weather which makes it unfavorable to use in hazy weather.
  • You cannot adjust the camera angle during mid-flight.


Holy Stone HS700D drone is very user friendly and easy to use. It is a great design for those who want an advanced drone at a reasonable price. Furthermore, it’s a great option for beginners and more experienced flyers who want to upgrade. The HD700D has all basic drone features along with,  good flight, battery, and modes.




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