How To Shoot A Crossbow Accurately – 5 Step By Step Guide

One of the problems of most archers is the inability to shoot the crossbow accurately either for hunting or for the tournament. Shooting the crossbow does not just entail loading the bow and shooting aimlessly without precision and guidance to the proper shooting of the crossbow. Before I go into the basics, you need to understand how this mechanical device that shoots projectiles also known as “bolts” works.

The hunting community is filled with a lot of hunters with several backgrounds and opinions to hunting; however, you need to stand out in order to top the game on how to shoot a crossbow accurately. And that’s why this article will give you a piece of detailed knowledge on how to shoot a crossbow accurately.

How To Shoot A Crossbow Accurately

How To Shoot A Crossbow Accurately

Step 1

The most important thing is to use the right bow that fits you. Using a bow that doesn’t match the user tends to disrupt the accuracy on shooting the crossbow. When you purchase a crossbow, ensure that the crossbow is not too heavy, too long, or weighty for you to hold, if not you will not get that accurate shooting. Therefore, what you do is to test drive several models of crossbow before you find that perfect one that fits. You need a crossbow that you are comfortable with so as to land that shooting accuracy.

Step 2

Now that your bow fits, make sure to use the right bolts. You need to be careful with the quality and design of your crossbow bolts. Follow the recommended bolts for a particular crossbow by the manufacturers. They know better and the specific type of bow, the length, grain weights for various models of a crossbow. To maintain your accuracy in shooting the crossbow, try to use only arrows that have been recommended by the manufacturers for that specific crossbow. However, you can spin test the arrow to check for its straightness and the shaft to make sure it’s not damaged, before using it on your crossbow.

Step 3

Do you know how to cock the bow that you have bought? To cock the bow of a crossbow requires some patience to learn. You can either cock the bow manually or do the crank-operated method. You have to choose the method that best suits you to always achieve that accurate shooting.

The manual cocking of the bow entails pulling the crossbow string back equally across both sides of the barrel while putting your foot in the stirrup at the front of the bow until it is cocked. You can even improvise by using a rope cocking tool to center the string well which will make the manual cocking process lot easier. To use this rope, you must position the cocker first, put your foot into the stirrup and pull the rope cracker’s pull handles up until the crossbow is cocked. When it is cocked, you can store the rope cocker until when it’s needed again.

The crank-operated method is much easier than the manual but takes longer time and is not advisable when you are in a hurry. Some crossbow cranks are separate devices into the bow while some are integrated. When you want to crank cock a crossbow, engage the crank, turn it till the string is cocked. Afterward, put the crank back into its holder.

Step 4

Now let’s load the crossbow and aim the target. After cocking the crossbow, position an arrow in the barrel of the crossbow, while arranging the cock vane of the arrow in the barrel channel to put it in place. Nock the arrow tightly into place. Remember your crossbows are equipped with a sight pin arrangement that helps you aim. It’s like an optical scope with a reticle, then sight in and get ready to shoot. Note that your thumb should not be wrapped around the crossbow forearm to avoid injury.

Step 5

Finally, you can shoot. Once your target is on sight, squeeze the trigger of the crossbow just like a rifle, keeping the target aligned in your sights. When you squeeze the trigger tighter, you will notice the top of the trigger release as the bow fires and the bolt flings to meet the target.


If you follow these steps carefully you should be able to shoot a crossbow accurately even if you are a beginner. Now the chunk of work lies in your ability to keep practicing to enhance your skills in shooting the crossbow accurately. Hunting takes time and needs a lot of commitment to perfect the act of accurate shooting.

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