How to Shoot a Nerf Gun Accurately – (In 5 Easy Steps)

I can guarantee that most of us have nerf gun memories. Nerf gun is not only a thing of the past, as we speak the company is currently improving technology for new fighters – which is impressive.

Growing up the only major problem I had when firing my nerf gun is the accuracy. Even though nerf guns can be fun to play with, they can be hard to shoot accurately. This is why I have put together this guide to help you how to shoot a nerf gun accurately.

How to Shoot a Nerf Gun Accurately

How to Shoot a Nerf Gun Accurately

1. Learn How to Properly Shoot and Reload the Gun

When it comes to shooting accurately figuring out how to properly shoot and reload the gun is the main step because you will not be able to shoot anything if you aren’t capable of firing and reloading your gun.

There are instructions on the packaging that provide you with all the details on how to properly use your nerf gun.

However, if you have a mechanical blaster, you will have to pull back on the bolt until you hear a clicking sound. Then, you should load a dart in the muzzle or cylinder. If it uses magazines, then you will have to pull back the slide and load your magazine into the magazine well. Now it’s time to push the slide or bolt forward and pull the trigger to fire your darts until the magazine or cylinder is empty.

2. Find a Target

What you can do now is find a target to fire your darts at, you can even make a nerf target yourself. You can do this by using a soda can, a dartboard or anything that you can shoot at with your dart gun.

3. Practice Shooting and Reloading As Often As You Can

Once you found a target that you are comfortable with, you will need to fire as many shots as you can as fast as possible. This will help you to learn faster and develop better skills when you play with your friends.

4. Try Different Scenarios

You can improve your shooting skill by hiding behind something and going up for a second to fire at your target and then duck again. Another thing you can do is rest your back to the back of a wall and practice peeking around and firing quick shots.

You should always pay close attention to civilians while you are practicing with your nerf gun. Learn to aim through, over or even under a crowd of people so that you don’t hit anyone and only hit your target.

5. Use the Wind to Your Advantage

Try your best not to shoot facing the wind at all costs and always try to circle your target until you notice the wind is hitting your back, then shoot. The wind will help the dart to fly harder, farther and straighter.


Who doesn’t love nerf guns? From kids, teen and adults, everyone has their epic nerf gun battle memories with their siblings. Always hitting your target while firing your nerf gun will make you feel like a ‘badass’. However, by following these steps you should be able to reload your nerf gun quickly and shoot your target accurately without facing any difficulties.

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