HTC Vive Trackers All You Need To Know

HTC Vive Trackers: All You Need To Know

Starting from 2016, that was the first time when HTC launched the VIVE VR headset that came with wand controllers with trackers. Later in 2017, they came up with the universal Vive Tracker. What it brought was the steam virtual reality tracking system for almost all of the objects for the virtual world. Right after the announcement was made, the product was shipped all over the globe so everyone can have their hands on it. It gave high hopes built-in game support and the buyers were not disappointed. In fact, the design of this universal Vive tracker was very reasonable so the public was pretty happy about it. 

After trying the HTC Vive trackers, the reviews totally show that the virtual reality experience goes to another level with this product. 

What Comes in the HTC Vive Tracker Box?

  • HTC Vive tracker universal tracking puck
  • USB Dongle (2.5 GHz)
  • Cradle for USB
  • Micro USB cord
  • Description Booklet

Is HTC Vive Tracker a Reasonable Purchase?

If you can afford it, we think this HTC Vive tracker can be a great addition to your Vive virtual reality system. We can understand that the justification for the price can be hard. It surely costs a lot for just an accessory that works with a whole system. But, we think it’s totally worth a shot if you love the experience and you can afford to buy them.


HTC Vive Tracker can be a great purchase if you want to get the most out of your Vive virtual reality experience for your home and you don’t care much about the price. Getting the complete set of Htc Vive trackers can totally improve and enhance the HTC Vive relish. 

  • It is a versatile set of trackers
  • You can easily learn how to use them
  • Totally improves the VR experience

  • The price can be a little overboard
  • Peripheral and software support is limited

What is the Vive Tracker All About?

If we compare this device to the HMD Vive and the controllers that came with it, this one has the same SteamVR tracking sensors. The HTC Vive Tracker is a round device in a small size. It might look the same as the size of the head of Vive wand in pictures but actually, it is a bit smaller than that. It is 9.96 cm in size while the wand head is 11.6 cm.

Htc Vive Tracker

The best part about the HTC Vive tracker is that it comes with 18 sensors that sense the axis position for X, Y, and Z-axis, and thus it makes the whole virtual reality show an actual reality. 

To make sure that the trackers are giving the best performance, they have placed these sensors on top of the tracker. If you look at the tracker from other angles, you can actually see the surface sticking out at places. It shows the placement of the sensors for high tracking fidelity. HTC claims that the position of sensors allows them to track the 270 degrees of the field view. Overall, the Vive Steam VR sensors are doing a great job and give a top-notch field view.

Setup of the HTC VIVE Tracker

The fact that makes HTC a user-friendly company is that you can easily set up all the devices and systems by HTC. Just like others, this HTC Vive tracker can easily be processed and set up. When you first open the box, the charging of the trackers is low. But, you can find a USB cable with a USB dongle in the package to charge your HTC Vive trackers. If you open up the instruction booklet, it suggests you use the cable that comes with the HTC Vive controllers for charging your HTC Vive trackers.

The cable that comes in this box works best for housing your receiver onto the dongle. In fact, both of the cables are alike so you can use whichever you feel convenient with, it won’t matter. You can also get the cable matters USB extension cable if you lose one or need an extra pair. 

After charging your HTC Vive trackers, you are ready to pair up your tracker with your HTC Vive Pro VR System. All you have to do is to attach the USB of your tracker into a USB port on your computer. If you want the trackers to deliver the optimum performance, you should keep the tracker at a distance of 18 inches from your PC.

You will have to start the SteamVR client. Now turn your Vive trackers on and a green LED will appear after blinking for a second. If a blue light appears, you will have to turn the device off and try pairing it again until a solid green light appears. After the HTC Vive tracker is paired, your software will track its position and you are good to go. 

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