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Logitech G602 Review – A Well Known Wireless Gaming Mouse

Numerous PC gamers are in love with the wireless mouse because of its ease of use and responsiveness. If you are looking for making your gaming life amazing then you should look for the best available gadgets like a wireless mouse. Logitech G602 will be the best suggestion from us. This tech gadget will really be going to make your gaming experience like never before.

What does a gamer expect from a mouse while playing the game? It should give the best responses to its move. When clicked it should respond immediately without any noticeable time delay. For that, it should have top-notch sensors installed in it that should incorporate the PC seamlessly. Here in this writing we are going to provide you legit information and providing Logitech G602 review and will let you know why gamers prefer this wireless tech gadget.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech is a well-known tech company known by almost all game lovers around the globe. All enthusiastic gamers accept that Logitech is the king of the wireless gadgets realm. With every latest updated gadget – this company continuously improving its technology to provide the best gaming experience to all gamers.
This wireless mouse uses battery – Logitech G602 uses two AA battery that will give you the long-lasting time of usage. You may want to continue reading to know more:

 Logitech G602

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Specifications of Logitech G602

  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • Wireless Gaming Experience
  • 11 Programmable Controls
  • Delta Zero Sensor Technology
  • In-Game Sensitivity Switching
  • Performance/Endurance Modes
  • Intuitive, Comfortable Design

Features of Logitech G602

  • Resolution: 250 – 2500 dpi
  • Max. increasing speed: >20G
  • Max. speed: up to 2 meters/second (80ips)
  • USB information design: 16 bits/pivot
  • USB report rate: Up to 500 reports/second
  • Dynamic coefficient of grating – Mu (k): .09
  • Static coefficient of grating – Mu (s): .14*
  • Buttons (Left/Right): 20 million ticks
  • Feet: 250 kilometers
  • Performance mode: as long as 250 hours
  • Endurance mode: as long as 1440 hours
  • Wireless range: 3 meters
  • Warranty: 3 years

Performance of Logitech G602

During our Review and observation of using this Logitech g602 wireless mouse, we found that the mouse was responsive, exact, and precise in both Performances and contains innovative modes. However, the thumb catches felt undefined.

 Logitech G602

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  • It is a quick gaming mouse
  • Nice and up-to-date structure
  • Easy to discover batteries with long utilization
  • High-quality mechanical catches
  • Powerful to use
  • Quite ergonomic in structure
  • Affordable cost
  • It has installed memory


  • Not excellent with FPS games
  • Lacks shading zones and different embellishments

About the Logitech G602

The mouse works fine when it comes out from the box. And, you should download the Logitech Gaming Software that will allow you to change DPI settings for the mouse. With this product, you can set 5 distinctive DPI settings between 250-2500.

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One of these is a “Move” setting also known as a “low DPI Rifleman” button on numerous other mice. The surveying rate ranges are 125, 250, and 500. I keep it at 500. I likewise never found the requirement for 2500 dpi–1600 to 2250 was fine for me in all games going in classification from FPS games like COD and Battlefield 4 BETA to third individual shooter games like Warframe and MOBA games like SMITE and DOTA. This is the most balanced wireless mouse I have ever tried. The Delta Zero sensor totally dominates the Twin-Eye.


The Logitech G602 is amazing that reveals different features that may benefit everyone. The Brand Logitech dominates many top-class brands in battery life and sensor accuracy.  I can say that I am too fond of this amazing gadget and suggest this mouse for first-individual shooter games.  The ease, opportunity, and exactness of the G602 are surprising.

The catchy design is smart if somewhat obliged and the product is wonderfully simple to utilize. So you don’t have to look for any other tech gadget which has its own mess. Grab it instantly! what else you are looking for when you had this amazing gadget that will surely make your gaming life easy and amazing. Moreover, your Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse going to rock soon.

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