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The Best Gaming Glasses to Aid You in Those Long Gaming Sessions

Most people might think, why would gamers need glasses? Well, have you ever had a long gaming session and then when you try to go to sleep, you just can’t? You stay awake in your bed for a good amount of time before you finally embrace those dreams. Or maybe you may have experience watery or painful eyes after gaming for long periods? All these problems are caused by a “Blue Light” that is emitted through almost every digital screen you see. In this blog, we will talk about the best gaming glasses to aid you in those long gaming sessions.

Now some monitors do filter out these lights; it’s still impossible to eliminate all blue light sources while gaming. So what should one do to avoid that annoying eye strain? Get a pair of best gaming classes. Gaming glasses come with an amber-tinted lens, which helps to block the blue light from harming your eyes. Gaming glasses are also not that expensive, considering they solve a lot of problems including eye strain, headaches, lack of sleep, and fatigue, and most of them work pretty well too. So let’s dive in and see the best gaming glasses out there. 

Our best choice for professional gaming glasses – Intercept by Gunnar

If you have been into eyewear before, you may have heard the name of Gunnar as they produce a lot of high-end glasses you see on the market. If you are looking for something that offers a premium look and gets the job done effectively, then the Intercept by Gunnar will deliver it. Size won’t be a problem for most people since the Intercept by Gunnar comes with a broad frame and a complete rim. Polycarbonate has been used to make the frame which makes sure the glasses don’t lose their shape even after repeated use. 

Best Gaming Glasses

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Effective in blocking out blue light

The Intercept will be able to keep eye-strain and headache away from you as it blocks up to 65% of high-energy blue light. If you also sit in a place where the wind is a common occurrence, a place heavily filled by fans or water coolers than you may face problems such as watery eyes. Intercept minimizes those air currents effectively, giving you the comfort you need. Moreover, problems such as distortion and haze, also affect you no more, which is great to have at this price range.  

Improve your competitive gaming using magnification

The place where the Intercept by Gunnar shines is the small magnification it provides. It may seem a small difference, but the visual boost can make the difference between leading your team to victory or suffering defeat at the hands of the enemy. It helps magnify your game play, if you have gaming headset, keyboard , keypad and other essentials, you will surely enjoy having a pair of glasses as well.

The glasses also has it’s fair share of disadvantages. First being the large Gunnar written on the side of the glasses, affecting its aesthetic look. Another disadvantage is that you can’t wear a headset while wearing glasses. Well, you technically can, but it would be uncomfortable.  


If you can work around these shortcomings, the Intercept by Gunnar is a solid pair of glasses that offer premium quality and are priced at a range where other glasses don’t fare so well. If you got the cash for them, they are completely worth grabbing. 

J+S Vision Blue Light Shields

Best Gaming Glasses

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Well if having a headset on while gaming is something you need than the J+S Vision Blue Light Shields is the right pair for you. These glasses also look the part, sporting a sleek and modern frame.   

The J+S Vision Blue Light Shields are great at filtering high energy blue light since almost up to 90% of this light never reaches your eyes. The good thing about the J+S Vision Blue Light Shields is that although they filter out most of the blue light causing harm to your eyes, they leave the low energy blue light, so the colors of your game remain intact. Most gamers suffer from the blue light but don’t look for solutions since most of them destroy the picture integrity. 

Also make sure to have a great gaming laptop as it can help you tremendously during your game play. The time of blurry displays are gone that can negatively effect your eye-sights. You still have to wear a glasses for the well-being of your eyes.

Keeps the picture intact

J+S Vision Blue Light Shields excels here as it keeps the picture as it is supposed to be and still gets the job pretty well done. This might be a problem for those people who don’t want the low amount of blue light reaching them, which makes these glasses perfect for gamers but not for office use.   

Money-back guarantee

The J+S Vision Blue Light Shields comes with a one year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you will take no loss if for some reason these glasses don’t work out for you.  

ANNRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

ANNRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses not only focus on removing the blue light but also focuses on style as it comes in almost six different styles. Each style is available in either clear or black and out of the six, three styles are meant for men and three for women.  

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So if you think best gaming glasses always look way over the top, and you need something which gives you more options to choose from then the ANNRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a good pair. These glasses block 90% of high-energy blue light, and they come with a slight yellow tint.

If you loe playing games, you may also check out some gaming accessories such as gaming race wheel.

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