Best Night Vision Glasses For Driving in 2020 – Top Rated Reviews

Driving during the night time can be quite challenging for some people; it takes patience and most of all care in maneuvering the steering wheel. There are lots of challenges that people face on a daily basis when driving during night.

You will certainly experience tiredness, sleepiness and most of all the glaring lights from other cars that will point straight into your face. When this happens you may sometimes feel a bit of pain in your eyes due to the different angles of reflection from each car passing by.

This is why we highly recommend investing in night vision glasses for driving. These glasses usually come with polarized yellow-tinted lenses that help to reduce glare and blue light from passing vehicles which will eventually help you to see better at nights.

To save you time from researching and shopping around, we would like to introduce to you some of the best night vision glasses for driving. Not only will these glasses provide a better visual, but they will also make you look more beautiful as well as handsome.

Best Night Vision Glasses For Driving

Night Vision Glasses NameRatingsPrice
BLUPOND Night Driving GlassesEditor's ChoiceCheck Price
Lumin VectorBest Value For The MoneyCheck Price
Fiore HD Night Driving SunglassesAffordable PriceCheck Price
Duco Night Vision GlassesPopular BrandCheck Price
Yen Jean Night Vision GlassesRimlessCheck Price
Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator Most ExpensiveCheck Price

1. BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses – Editor’s Choice

Best Night Vision Glasses For Driving
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When it comes to choosing the best glasses on the market, there are many different glasses to choose from which can be time-consuming. However, BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses is considered to be one of the best you can find for the money.

It offers an anti-glare HD vision so that you can conveniently use it during night time as well as your outdoor activities. It even has a yellow tinted HD lens that makes it possible for you to experience an HD clarity effect and optimum visibility.

With these amazing glasses, your eyes will be protected against the sun’s rays. By simply using this BLUPOND might glasses with UV400 protection, your eyes are spared the damaging effects of nighty eight percent of all UV radiation which is impressive.

Other than preventing glares from your eyes, these night vision glasses have good construction as well for full stability in every use. It’s made of durable materials with quality coating in it, they are impact and shatter proof, making them almost unbreakable. The only downside is that these glasses are not designed to be worn over prescription glasses.

With these high-quality night vision glasses, you’ll have four different colors to choose from, like gold, titanium, and brown. You will even get a sunglass cleaning kit, car clip holder and microfiber clothe free.

Being one of the most affordable night vision glasses you can find on the market, it is surely packed with a lot of features and specifications that you might not have expected for this price range.


  • Can be easily clip on
  • Impressive nine-layer lense
  • Provides full eye protection
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Durable and high quality
  • Comes with a complete kit


  • Not designed to be worn over prescription glasses
  • Size runs a bit small


2. Lumin Vector – Best Value For The Money

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There is no doubt this is one of the best night vision glasses that you can buy on the market for the money. It will improve road safety with outdoor night vision and its excellent UVA and UVB protection. This will prevent your eyes from straining as you drive, plus help to keep you safe as well.

Compared to other glasses online, these glasses are specially designed for driving at nights, and there are many different models available. These glasses will also help to improve your vision even during heavy rain, heavy fog or a cloudy day.

Overall, the design is sleek and stylish so you can easily wear it for a long time. Wearing this reliable pair, you don’t have to worry about any unexpected traffic accidents no more since you will be able to see clearly because of the night vision glasses you are wearing while driving.

This pair of glasses is the only thing you will need while driving at night. The glasses are easy to clean. On the other hand, the lenses are great and feature the best engineering. This is because they comprise various layers which gives them superb performance and durability.

What I dislike about many other glasses is the fact that they go too far and they filter out too much light. But with the Lumin glasses, you’ll have the ability to receive the right amount of protection in order to reduce glare while ensuring drivers can see clearly as day time.

I strongly believe that these glasses are worth every penny especially if you are tired of blight light from passing vehicles straining your eyes. You should definitely try these glasses and enjoy your time driving at nights.


  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Easy to use
  • Made of solid materials
  • Let you see much better during poor weather
  • Stylish and sleek design


  • The lenses are not polarized


3. Fiore HD Night Driving Sunglasses – Affordable Price

night vision glasses
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If you are searching for a premium HD night driving glass for an affordable price then you can check out this amazing Fiore glasses. They come with shatter proof lenses that offer an incredible vision in the night.

When it comes to the material, its frame is made of plastic that also provides comfort wear that you will be comfortable for sure while driving. It is extremely light compared to the metal frame and the yellow plastic is non-polarized, and there is also a spring hinge that helps to improve its performance.

Otherwise from using these glasses to drive during nights, this pair can be your premium sunglasses with its UV features to protect you from sun rays. The lens has a 2.43” width, 1.95” height and 0.61” bridge which is good enough to give you the perfect view of what is ahead.

With these glasses, you will have many different designs to choose from which gives you the ability to choose one that best suits your needs. Also, you should keep in mind that the design provides superb features like UV400 protection which is fantastic.

The rubber nose pads on the vision glasses improve the comfort allowing you to wear the glasses for a longer duration. In terms of quality, the Fiore HD sunglasses is so far one of the best on the market with compelling features.


  • High-quality sunglasses
  • Affordable price range
  • Multiple designs to choose from
  • It offers maximum protection
  • It’s pretty lightweight


  • It’s non-polarized


4. Duco Night Vision Glasses – Popular Brand

night vision glasses
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Duco is a popular brand when mentioning eyewear. These night vision glasses from the company are the top choice in our review. Investing in this pair of glasses is a great choice for those who are suffering from night time glare.

These glasses also offer clear vision during bad weather as well as foggy weather. It is considered to be one of the best night vision glasses having a TR90 frame that gives you the flexibility needed in eyewear accessories.

The performance, construction, and durability are incredible. So far this is the only pair of night vision sunglasses on our list that comes in more than one size. It is a high-quality glasses that fit comfortably on the majority of faces, ranging from small to large size.

If you are afraid of spending on these glasses because of breakage then you don’t have to worry because with these glasses comes a lifetime breakage warranty. Now, you have peace of mind knowing that you have driving glasses you can rely on.

Base on testing and user’s review, we highly recommend getting your hands on one of these high-quality night vision glasses.


  • Fits well on the face
  • Comes with a lifetime breakage warranty
  • You have multiple sizes to choose from
  • Lenses are of high quality
  • TR90 frames are durable and lightweight
  • UV400 protection


  • Would be better with glare reduction instead of contrast boosting


5. Yen Jean Night Vision Glasses – Rimless

yen jean night vision glasses
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Yen Jean is a rimless night vision glasses ideal for driving especially in the dark or during night time. The advanced technologies used in the brand’s night driving sunglasses are quite impressive.

This is considered to be one of the best-rated night vision glasses for both men and women. Its lens is incredible with an anti-glare feature that every driver needs the most. Besides using for night vision while driving, this pair can be your premium sunglasses with its UV protection feature.

It’s made from a high-quality metal frame that offers effective protection against the UV400 rays. It even has a yellow coating that is capable of blocking the night time glare caused by blue light. By using these awesome glasses you should have proper safety while driving as well as other activities including fishing, climbing, golfing, etc.

As you can see these sunglasses are extremely thin and lightweight, making them really comfortable to wear. It also boasts of its metal frame that is incredibly flexible and built to survive random drops without easily breaking apart.

The dimensions of this pair of sunglasses are 65mm lens width, 39mm lens height, 12mm bridge and 135mm for the arm. The package comes with everything you’ll need such as the case, sunglasses and a cleaning cloth for maintenance.

If you are driving at nights these glasses will certainly present everything in your path much clearer than without them. In fact, you can also wear these glasses during the day time, because the lenses provide UV400 protection.


  • UV400 protection is awesome
  • Affordable price range
  • The design is sturdy and durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear


  • Not as good during the day as some others on our list


6. Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator – Most Expensive

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Last on our list is the Eagle Eyes. These are also by far the most expensive night vision glasses on our list. But, they do offer great features for those extra dollars which means they are worth the investment.

These superb glasses have a long history of using cutting edge technology to manufacture some of the highest quality sunglasses available on the market. In terms of technology, Eagle Eyes does not use all of their technology in disposal, but still manage to perform at a higher rate than most other competitors out there.

If you are a stylish person, then it is one of the best night vision glasses for you. They also come with stainless steel frames which means these glasses are extremely durable and shouldn’t break apart with a single drop.

The only downside is that Eagle Eyes is not polarized. This is the second sunglasses we have look at so far that are not polarized. Instead, they come with high-quality lenses having an anti-glare coating that prevents street and car light from hurting your eyes.

This is the perfect fit if you are a stylish type of person and looking for a night vision glasses that comes with a sleek design.


  • Dual scratch-resistant layers
  • The anti-reflective coating that helps to reduce glare
  • Micro-infused layers


  • Most expensive on our list
  • The lenses are not polarized
  • Not the most durable


Best Night Vision For Driving Buyers Guide

When purchasing the best night vision glasses one of the most important features you should take into consideration is the polarized lens. The reason being is that the main problem with night driving is the glaring light coming from passing vehicles.

There are a few features that you must keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best night vision sunglasses. Below we list a number of important factors that you should keep in mind.


This is by far one of the most important factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the best night vision glasses for driving during night time. Durability has to do with how solid the lenses and the frame of your glasses are.

Both these parts should be durable enough to prevent your glasses from breaking apart when falling to the ground. The durability of the lenses and frame will all depend on the material used to create the glasses. You should definitely consider this factor before you waste your money on low-quality sunglasses.

Polarized Lens

When shopping for the most effective night vision glasses, the most important feature is the polarized lens. Polarization is an effect to reduce the amount of glare reaching your eyes. Wearing polarized glasses will also help to lower the chances of eye fatigue.

This is why you will need to ensure that the glasses you are purchasing are polarized.

Lens Tint

Depending on the brand that you purchase your sunglasses from, you may get your glasses in either yellow or amber lens tinting. Most glasses usually come with a yellow tint on their lenses. However, the biggest downside is that not all lenses have the right amount of tint.

This is why before buying your night vision glasses you should definitely try on each one of them to see if the lenses did a great job with the yellow tint. Having too much tint on the glasses may not be a good idea since everything around you would look completely yellow making it difficult to see properly.

Instead of improving your vision during the nights, it will confuse you on the color of everything that you’re seeing while driving.

While we highly recommend amber tint for dusk and dawn since it offers less distortion than yellow tint lenses. We strongly believe that yellow tinting does a better job.


The cost of the product is another factor to consider before you make a choice. You will certainly find a lot of different night vision sunglasses on the market and without the knowledge, you will find yourself buying the most expensive ones that do a terrible job. This is why you should always be careful when choosing.


There is no doubt that driving at nights without wearing night vision glasses for proper safety can be a very difficult task. So, it is important that you should invest in one of these high-quality night vision glasses to ensure your safety while driving during the nights.

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